So, ya thought Toronto was a big deal.......

Mon, 28 Oct 96 23:36:47 -0600

Brothers and Sisters,
Once again, the home of labour protests, Winnipeg MB., will be seeing a glimmering hope of
solidarity. Our Tory govt. has decided to seriously attack the unions, teachers and universities
in Manitoba this year. They, like the Harris govt. were not mandated to do this through election
process, and are making sure the people have no say in the matter. They have made a point of
ramming through about 70 pieces of legislation in about 3 weeks. As well, there was a gag order
put on the MLA's by the Whip in order to move quickly past the committee debate process. The Manitoban
people have said NO! This is why, on Nov.7, we plan to take over the legislature. Stay tuned for

|"Never let a man into |
| your cab, |
| your home, |
| or your heart.... |
|Unless that man is a friend of labour |
| ..and if that man is a friend of labour,|
|than you'd better listen to him, |
| because he's the only friend you've got.|