Toronto General Strike Pictures

Jesse Hirsh (
Fri, 25 Oct 1996 14:14:43 -0400 (EDT)

As I write this there is a general strike going on in Toronto Ontario
Canada. The people are taking to the streets to protest corporate greed,
government cutbacks, and the destruction of our environment.

Early this morning protestors took over the downtown core and spent the
morning celebrating their humanity as the streets were filled with

The police showed up in full force as riot squads and police cavalry
began herding and surrounding the protesters.

However in the nick of time the popular cavalry came to the rescue and
300 cyclists broke up the police barracades. Roaming throughout the
downtown core the critical mass of cyclists were the popular cavalry that
threw the police into confusion as the protest was not only mobile, but
now circling the police themselves.

Throughout the morning the cyclists circled the core, stopping for
'die-ins' at all major intersections. The mass of cyclists continued to
grow and still roams the city as I type.

Before we return out to the street party, we've downloaded some pictures
so the rest of the world can see what's happening:

We'll update again later in the day and as the weekend continues...

"and behind the most creative aspect of that insurrection looms a band of
reality hackers, merry pranksters, ontological anarchists, psychedellic
warriors, and intelligence agents; the bastard progeny of Toronto's own
McLuhan: The Media Collective"

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