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stephen miller (stephen.miller@m.cc.utah.edu)
Thu, 24 Oct 1996 12:09:56 -0600 (MDT)

We'd Like to Give a Shout Out To.......

Rage Against The Machine

On September 11, at the much-maligned Rage Against The Machine
show in Spanish Fork, Utah, the Salt Lake comite in solidaridad con
Chiapas, along with our companeros from Autonomy House, ran a fundraising
and information table. This was a very successful fund-raising
opportunity made possible by the concert promoters Jason Farrell and Rob
Haworth, as well as by the members of Rage, especially Zack de la Rocha,
who has been active in promoting the Zapatistas' cause in the Los Angeles
area as well as in other locations.

Aside from our successes, the event was marked with police
presence sufficient to stop the riot that never once materialized. To
alleviate their boredom they conducted what should have been illegal
searches that caused many paying attendees to miss the first two acts.
When Rage performed "Fuck tha Police" during their encore, the cops
skidaddled in protest saying, "If Zack gets jacked, it's too bad we won't
be here to protect him." Needless to say, the crowd was no more out of
control when Johnny Law split than when he was around to intimidate
everybody in his silly Gang Task Force jumpsuit and thigh-strapped glock.

The event went so well that de la Rocha invited the comite to
carry on our fundraising and educational activities at their show in
Denver, Colorado. Despite efforts by the city of Denver in the form of an
over-zealous greed-head venue manager, we were able to raise more funds
through 'donations' in exchange for some rather nifty patches and
t-shirts. In addition, we handed out dozens of flyers encouraging
Coloradans to engage in the struggle for liberty, democracy, and justice
for the people of Chiapas. We also made contact with local Chicano
activists who embraced our efforts and encouraged us to continue our

Unfortunately, the cops in Denver are about as peaceable and
understanding as many of those in Utah. Despite having an "All Access"
Pass in hand, Rob Haworth was arrested for trespassing at the end of the
show. Because of the solidarity of the Salt Lake posse and the insistence
of the Rage band members and crew, Rob was released after only a half hour
of intimidation and with only slight nerve damage to his wrist. The
arresting officer gave him a ticket for 'disobedience' as the price for
not being hauled to the pokey for an evening.

All in all, it was quite a memorable event. Perhaps next time
Rage tours, we'll be Rage-heads following Zack across the continent to the
promised land of free back-stage food and more money for the courageous

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