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Subject: zaginflatch
Date: Fri, 11 Oct 1996 19:14:00 +0100


Zagrebacki Anarhisticki Pokret

zap / ark , gajeva 55, 10 000 zagreb, croatia


ZAGINFLATCH is a newsletter made by a few outsiders who find
themselves in a vision of the world which seems so distant and
non-serious to the majority. This vision involves social self-
organization, on all levels of human existence. A society where
there is no oppression, and where interhuman relations are based
on principles of nonviolence and solidarity.

Regarding that, this peace of paper is dealing with the
events whose goal is to make our beautiful planet a more bearable
place to live. Human/animal rights, ecology, alternative, anti-
imperialism, multiculturality, tolerance. Thousands of small
steps which all lead towards self-realization. We of course
support all these efforts, and we try to include them in our
articles. At the same time the above mentioned group of
outsiders gathered around ZAP (Zagreb Anarchist Movement) is
trying to play an active role in the process of making of these
small steps. Our (non)success can be judged only by those who
contacted us or eventually cooperated with us in such an attempt.
If there is anybody who wishes to get active, that would be nice.
Feel free to contact us.

When reading this newsletter one can notice that we write a
lot about punk and hardcore scene. That is true, but there are
more reasons for that. One of them is that this scene really
represents the alternative, that is this part of the scene which
we cover. So, an alternative to industry, alternative approach
towards life, and the fact that there is a huge interest for this
newsletter within this small movement. Besides that some of the
authors are either still active within the punk scene or they
grew out of it. So, to make things clear, our goal is not to
write about punk because it is our "territory", but simply most
of the information we receive come from that realm of life. We
would be happy to see that this kind of resistance is represented
in all structures of every day life. Unfortunately that is not
the case over here. Naturally we can't and won't deny that there
are many "positive" efforts made by various civil movements, and
non-government organizations. It is quite the opposite, such
efforts really please us. We try to support any kind of any
positive thought which appears on the horizon...

Zaginflatch/Necemo i nedamo (it's English version) publishes
periodically, although not very regularly. It is still free but
donations keep it going. We are very grateful to everyone who
has supported us financially or in any other way, in the period
of our existence. Necemo i nedamo/Zaginflatch is given away for
free among various alternative circles, and we also try to reach
the people who usually don't have a chance to see such
literature. Circulation of the last issue was 1500, and some 600
were sent to other parts of ex-Yu. . . The reason for that is our
effort to break through the informational blockade, and we like
to think that by this we stimulate communication, because hate
has caught deep roots among the people here. We believe that
such small scale attempts are a ground for bigger deeds.

Zaginflatch has a considerably smaller circulation and it
goes only to the groups, people and magazines interested in it.
We are continuing with our work... zagreb anarchist movement.
June 1996.



We have recently changed our address. Now it is ZAP/ARK;
GAJEVA 55; 10 000 ZAGREB; CROATIA. Although we will be able to
receive mail on our old add. as well, at least for some time.
Our e-mail add. is

What's new within ZAP...

* In the last issue we wrote about our wish to organize a
meeting of ex-Yu anarchists, somewhere in Hungary. We contacted
some people, and we are still waiting for their reply... Info
Shop is still open. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, from
20 o'clock onwards people can come to our address and dig into
huge quantities of alternative literature. From books, to
fanzines, from newspapers to magazines and pamphlets. All this
can be found in there. Note that we are still in need for your
donations in material, so please try to continue supporting us in
this way. Our info shop will be closed during summer period, and
will reopen sometime early September. This is partly due to
space problems which we have.

* We still have a couple of benefit T-shirts left. They are
benefit for our zine Comunitas, and they cost 15 DM ppd. The
text on the shirt is antinationalist, but it is in Southslavic

* In the last issue of Zaginflatch we simply skipped "the
news" that somewhere in November we did a video projection where
we showed two films. Dunkerland Sandwich and Undercurrents
entertained around 20 people who enjoyed a couple of hours of
fun. We are looking forward to future possibilities, but we are
gonna have to get some material first...



A new D.I.Y. record has seen daylight. Two Slovenian bands
WASSERDICHT and SCUFFY DOGS joined their energy in an effort
which makes a difference on our regularly passive scene. We like
this a lot... Maybe this was not much of an information to some,
but you have to understand that not many such things happen
over here, so we are very happy to see that work like this one is
done... contact them at: MEHTSUN M&M / SKOLIBROVA 6 / 62270

HOCU? NECU!, SMUDOS i MORTUUS, all from the city of
Kraljevo, have new recordings, and their tapes should be out
really soon. You can contact them at PopadiC Aco / R.
Vilotijevica 6 / 36 000 Kraljevo / Yugoslavia.

Totalni Proma{aj, another punk band from Kraljevo, has
released their debut CD, for a Japanese publisher. The same
publisher prepares a CD compilation on which will appear some
more YU bands... A group of active people started doing some
pamphlets and posters, which they spread in the streets. So far
400 copies were made, but new quantities are announced. Also new
materials should appear. For info on what is new in Kraljevo
write to HOCU? NECU!

DEAD IDEAS a HC band from Belgrade, SR Yugoslavia, had a
tour over Slovenia. They played as many as 6 concerts all over
the place, and it was really good. The most wonderful thing was
to see in live the people we are in contact for some time, but
weren't in position to meet due to the war situation. We managed
to break down the communication blockade at least for a couple of
days, and had a good time at the same time! We should also say
that situation in Metelkova (Ljubljana) is better than it used to
be and that Pekarna (Maribor) is still doing fine. Those two are
the only two free zones in ex - Yu, and regarding that they were
army barracks progress is evident. As someone nicely noted: If
all army barracks would be like this two, people would fight to
go to the army... while we speak about the army, UNIJA 47 the
only Cro conscientious objector's group is still having problems
with registration, and a new law should be brought regarding
civil service. General hope is that this one will be at least a
bit more flexible one than the old can contact UNIJA 47

A compilation tape, WAR IS DAILY LIFE REALITY was released
in Austria. This is a peace initiative which was started by a
naturalized Austrian, who originally comes from ex -Yu. Many
excellent punk / hc bands from all over ex - Yu come together,
and appear on the tape + booklet. Get it from SID, P.O. BOX 38,

FECAL FORCES PRODUCTION (Boris Milakovic, Sv. Duha 30, 34
000 Pozega, Croatia) have released two new tapes. One of them is
an international benefit compilation + booklet, for anarchist
peace front. The other one in "Fecal Attack" vol 2, with 34
Croatian bands. Mostly all bands are hc/punk.

VERBALNI DELIKT is another young anarchist punk band which
has a tape out. It's 15 songs of engaged noise. Write to Fistric
Robert, V. Dosena 13, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia.

Shit in Split. Sometime in the middle of March, in one of
the rare Split's cafes which is open to counterculture, a punk
week was to be held. Together with an exhibition, 7 days of fun
were promised, and this would save the local punk scene, as they
don't have any places to hang together, and meet at.
Unfortunately, some fascists managed to break in the premises and
destroyed the whole inventory. They even burned everything what
had anything to do with punk.

A benefit action for the help to the children who have lost
their parents in this bloody war came to it's end. One guy, Sasa
FIGHT BACK De La Rossa, decided to do something for the kids who
have suffered the most, and today live in hard conditions in
"osijecki dom", so he released a benefit tape + booklet. After
one year of selling he managed to collect enough money to get
some things which the children needed. Then he delivered these
things directly to them, avoiding middlemen. It's so nice to
hear that there are still people who actually care...




After Dayton and Paris agreements, there is a huge pressure
on Bosnian refugees to return to their homes. Croatia is not an
exception. On a dead end road, near Kupljensko some 12000
refugees found shelter, while running away from the BIH army.
These refugees are mostly Muslims, but they were against the
government in Sarajevo. After a huge attack, most of the
inhabitants of north western Bosnia escaped to Krajina (part of
Croatia held by Serbs). They couldn't stay there, and Croatia
didn't want them so their only choice was either to return to
Bosnia, or to live in the no-mans-land between Krajina and

After Croatian military attack and defeat against Krajina,
the refugees consequently ended in Croatia. They weren't allowed
to leave the area of Kupljensko, and soon afterwards special
police built a fence around the camp. All humanitarian aid
coming to the camp has to be approved by the Croatian authority,
and they approve only the essential needs. With time, number of
the refugees has fallen, and people decided to return to Bosnia
rather that stay and live in Kupljensko.

Five kilometers of improvised tents, enormous concentration
of people, not enough food, bad hygienical conditions and police
pressure made them return to Bosnia, despite the fear for their
lives. Some people were actually killed after return, and many
were mistreated.

The pressure on the refugees was and still is enormous. The
police has orders to kill everyone who tries to leave the camp
illegally, and so they did. Also, they managed to kill a little
girl while wild driving through Kupljensko. Recently, a squad of
special police escorted financial police, and together they
clashed in the camp claiming that there is illegal trade going

The truth is that some people tried to organize little
stores in order to survive. They arrested everyone near the
stores, and many people were sent back to Bosnia... The tragedy
of Kupljensko still continues, but now in Bosnia, since all
refugees had to leave it in the meanwhile. Note that this is a
rather old article.


* An antifascist demo was held on 9.5. in Zagreb. From 600
to 700 people gathered to demand the return of the old name of
the Square of Victims of Fascism (today - Square of Croatian
Great Man). It was fun to see so many old people, together with
some youngsters, standing for one cause.

* Annual 1st May celebration was shit. It seems like the
syndicates are afraid of something. We wonder what it is...

* A CARTOON about human rights should be made this year. It
will particularly cover the problems of rights of refugees, and
will be a maximum 15 minute story about teenage refugees. For
more info on this situation see article Kupljensko -- dead end

* ZAGREB CYBER PUNK. ZG HC PUNK is a home-page on internet.
http://wiskey.hrt."mdrazic. Yeah, you guessed, it's all
about hc/punk in Zagreb.


torpedo, an anarchist group from Smederevo became a regular
guest in our newsletter. They almost regularly translate and
publish various pamphlets on basics about anarchism. So far 5
different releases were made, and some new are in the state of
development. in one of their regular releases, torpedo -
newsflash, in english, they plan to publish a list of all known
ex-Yu anarchist groups. Being as active as they are, torpedo
deserves your support. We feel that we have to mention that
torpedo strongly opposes the way ZAP functions, and they even
mentioned us in the context of contrarevolution. We are often
accused for being to liberal. Although our groups have big
differences, we still communicate a lot. Main topics of our
ongoing discussion are formal against informal use of language,
and exclusiveness which by some working class has over
revolutionary fight ... you can reach them at: MILAN DJURIC / M.
VELIKOG 12/10 / 11300 Smederevo / YUGOSLAVIA.


10.12. International Day of Human Rights.

Together with Antiwar campaign and in collaboration with
many other NGO's which care about human rights and civil
alternatives, we organized a celebration of this date. After an
open forum where different organizations presented their work and
afterwards a discussion, we all together went on the streets
where we put some stools. This part of organizing was
particularly interesting to us because we like personal contact
with people on the streets. Although we were denied a permit
(ZAP wouldn't ask for it, but other NGO'S are more formal so we
did a compromise), this part of the event was held, and it was
more or less a success. Yeah, to some of you all this might
sound like a very small effort, but for us and for the local
scene it doesn't. It is important as there are no street events
and protests at all. There is a strong need to develop such
tradition over here, and to break the frame of passivity which
holds people down. Some bigger things are in process of


MIRAMIDA - training for young volunteers, about which we
wrote before, was delayed. It was finally held in the last week
of February, and was a success. There was also a next training
in Gornji Vakuf (Bosnia), but there aren't any reports from it.
New training is to happen from 2.-7. 6. Miramida is a project
which has roots in Project Pakrac, a very explicit and important
project taking part in peace building in ex Yugoslavia, from

For more info write to PROJEKT PAKRAC / TRG HRVATSKIH


LOESJE is an international group who's field of action is
postering. Originally, Loesje was founded in the Netherlands,
but today they have followers all over the place. Slovenian
branch is one of the most active ones. What they actually do is,
make posters and place them on urban walls. The posters are
mainly engaged, and often not as direct. Usually they use word
games and other similar and funny methods, to get your mind
going. Members of the group are very young, and know each other
very well. That's an advantage, don't you think?



A group of people from Britain, are collecting aid for Tuzla
in Bosnia. After several visits to Tuzla with IWA, some people
decided to organize their own group, and give the aid directly to
the people who need it, and to avoid so-called humanitarians. At
the moment Antifascist aid for Bosnia are collecting money and
other goodies. You can write to ZAP, and we will forward the


Zagrebacki Anarhisticki Pokret
Zagreb Anarchist Movement
GAJEVA 55, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia

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