The 4zzzfm Market Day Police Riot (media release)

will (
Sun, 20 Oct 1996 14:51:03 +1100 (EST)


Community Radio 4ZZZ condemns utterly the totally
unwarranted and brutal way in which police cleared
a crowd from a concert in Musgrave Park on
Saturday evening (19/10/96).

The concert was organised by and was a fundraiser
for Community Radio 4ZZZ.

4ZZZ spokesperson Jon Baird said, "Everything had
been peaceful all day until a storm broke and it
started raining. Many in the crowd left the park
but police decided they would clear the remaining
crowd members by force."

"The police, some on horseback and others equipped
with riot gear and batons and shields began
picking off members of the crowd and arresting
them in a violent manner."

"Police behaviour incited the crowd and the
potential existed for a major public disturbance",
Mr Baird said.

"In the wet and muddy conditions it was a wonder
more people were not seriously hurt by the police
tactics. However, two 4ZZZ staff workers were
injured by police and they were innocent
bystanders trying to restore order to a volatile

Mr Baird said the station would be considering
making a formal complaint to the Queensland Police
Service about police behaviour last night.

"The police almost created a full-scale riot out
of what was a peaceful, fun day for many young
Brisbane people."

"Contrary to subsequent police claims, there was
no melee in the crowd that required police
intervention. The trouble started when the police
arrived in numbers. The behaviour of the police
was totally unprofessional and over the top."

"4ZZZ would also like to know why military police
were involved in this unwarranted police assault
on a peaceful crowd."

Jon Baird for 4ZZZ 20/10/96 Ph. 3252 1555
contact: Brendan Greenhill <>