Check out this book
19 Oct 1996 14:13:28 EDT

I came across a very interesting book on politics and the media.
I've just started getting into it, but check out some of these
quotes! - Andy (Alex Berkman)

"Rulers do not require the total suppression of the news; it's
sufficient to delay the news until it no longer matters."

- The FAIR Reader, "An Extra Review of the Press and Politics in
the '90's", page 16.

"Peter Arnett, Pulitzer Prize-winning combat-journalist, was
reduced to reporting on Noriega's alleged pornography collection",
Newsday reported. "'They [the pentagon] got away with it again',
Arnett said of the initial press black out."

Quotes regarding the lack of objective coverage during the invasion
of Panama, The FAIR Reader, page 16.

"Two things that people should not watch are the making of sausage
and the making of war."

- an Air Force doctor to New York Newsday, January 14, 1990


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