esperanto (lingvoj@lds.co.uk)
Fri, 18 Oct 1996 13:42:52 +0200


Those occupying the *Occupied Cinema* in Vi'a Laietana, faced with imminent
expulsion declare: that the order given by Judge Jose' Alfonso Tello (No. 23
Barcelona) and delivered on 16th October, wherein we are given a period of
three days to abandon the cinema represents an order coming from superior
sources and is in contradiction of previous resolutions which have been
favourable to us.

Once again the supposed autonomy of the judicial body has been trampled
underfoot by political and economic interests. This is not an isolated case.
Many people who have been evicted have been targeted in recent months
throughout the state and the police have been involved in a violent manner:
Banyoles, Madrid, Zaragoza, Terrassa, Bilbao, C=F3rdoba and even here in
Barcelona. All this shows that the determination of the state to carry on in
a warlike manner, against all those who have been involved in liberating
these establishments for some time, is now coming to a head using all the
tools available to it (misinformation, legal and repressive acts...).

It is clear that those houses and occupied areas which question the very
foundations of the system (private property, the dependence and submission
of institutions to the established order) do not fit in with the state's
plans. And so it is that power is frightened of these occupations because
they evade control and pose a practical solution to a real problem - that of
housing - and provide an autonomous area where people can come together away
from the voice and brainwashing of the system.

We are facing up to its lies. We are not begging. We demand our right to
have a roof over our heads and to be able to follow our own agenda. The
escalating repression against the occupations is simply a manifestation of
the police state which becomes daily more visible. We, for our part, will
respond with all our rage. We will fight to defend every place that we have
taken over. We have many plans afoot and cannot afford to give them up
simply because of some legal manoeuvre which nobody really believes in.

Demonstration Friday 18th October at 8.00pm
Portal de l'Angel
Alert in the cinema as from Saturday 19th October

For more information: http://www.pangea.org/~atcorne/cine