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Luis Prat (prat@chem.ucsb.edu)
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10/14 BOGOTA. The Prosecutor in charge Luis Eduardo Montoya ordered a
disciplinary investigation against the Mayor of Buenaventura regarding a
project to build a plant to process european garbage.


10/13 BOGOTA. The Constitutional Court canceled the right to strike in the
educational, medical, sanitation and potable water sectors.


10/14 LA JAGUA DE IBIRICO (Cesar). The Venezuelan Guard gave 700 peasants
eight days to vacate their homes and fields under penalty of destruction,
because according to the venezuelans, they are in their (Venezuela's) territory.


10/10 PITALITO (Huila). Soldier Pablo Emilio Bernal Ortiz, 19 years old, who
had 5 months of military service, shot himself in the head while on guard at
the Magdalena Batallion.


10/13 BOGOTA. According to the official Directory of Equality for Women,
during the last two years in Colombia women have taken 120,066 of the
165,498 new jobs, which means 72.5% participation as compared to men.


10/12 BUCARAMANGA (Santander). Commander of the Army, general Harold Bedoya
praised retired general Farouk Yanine, arrested and accused of promoting
paramilitary death squads. "He is the general that did the most for the
country and thanks to him we have the Magdalena halfway pacified" said Bedoya.

10/13 VILLAVICENCIO (Meta). The president of the Committee for Human Rights
of Meta and militant in the leftist movement Union Patriotica, attorney
Josue Giraldo Cardona was assasinated by a hitman.


10/11 BOGOTA. Presidential counsel Carlos V. De Roux was named by the
government to negotiate the release of 60 soldiers captured by the
Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia.


10/8 BOGOTA. Mayor Antanas Mockus' administration defends the need to speed
up development works in the city, without regard for the fate of numerous
families that would be evicted from their homes built on occupied land on
the margins of the Bogota and Tunjuelito rivers and other hydro-reserves in
the capital.


10/14 BOGOTA. A bread factory being built outside of Bogota will provide
bread to the 11 McDonald restaurants in Colombia and the 60 McDonalds in

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