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Subject: International day of protest against corporations


It has the world's resources at it's disposal. It gobbles whole mountains
and forests, drinks rivers dry, spews toxic waste, and enslaves whole
populations. It has all the rights of a citizen, but few of the limitations.
It can cross national borders as if they were cobwebs. It is immortal, and
can therefore amass wealth and power beyond the capabilities of mere
mortals. It has powers that dwarf and control governments. It controls the
newspapers, radio, and television, and so it controls the "truth." It
controls humans' access to food, water, shelter, employment, and energy. If
humans struggle against its tyranny, it buys them out or knocks them down
with lawsuits, firings, harassment, and if necessary, murder.

Are we talking about some sort of selfish, ill-tempered GOD???
In a way, we are. We are talking about the CORPORATION.
Why do we allow an inanimate thing, just an idea really, to have so much
power over our lives and the fate of the entire planet?
People created corporations with ideas, words and laws, but the creation
has turned into a MONSTER. Some of us believe that it is now time to end the
monster's reign of terror, and that with a different set of ideas, words,and
laws, we can kill the monster, or at least put it in a good strong cage.

This is what the Earth First! campaign to END CORPORATE DOMINANCE is about.
Whether you are an environmentalist, a labor activist, a human rights
campaigner, a campaign finance reformer, or any citizen in a dispute with an
insurance company, bank, etc., your ideas, words, and actions can become a
part of this campaign. The key is to make our efforts directed to the root
of the problem, not just the symptoms.
Nobody has illusions that this battle will be easy. We just know that the
time to begin has come. Already, countless organizations are doing the work.
What remains is for the people of all these movements to join forces,
recognize that they are fighting the same beast, and to demand that
corporations release their control over the Earth and all its inhabitants.


October 29, the anniversary of Black Tuesday, was selected as a day of
action against corporations at the Earth First! Round River Rendezvous in
July. Across the world, groups will be planning demonstrations targeting
their least favorite corporate plunderer. Whether your group chooses MAXXAM,
Shell, Nike, Mitsubishi, Exxon, or Champion, whether your site is the
corporate headquarters, a neighborhood toxic dump or the CEO's private
residence, corporations around the world will feel our united rage! We will
be challenging their legal "personhood" status, burning their corporate
charters, and blocking the destruction at the scenes of the crimes.

If your group wants to participate in the INTERNATIONAL DAY OF ACTION TO END
CORPORATE DOMINANCE, please contact the EF! End Corporate Dominance Campaign
ASAP. Begin organizing your demo TODAY! To make this a coordinated campaign,
and for effective media notification, we would like to know a little bit
about each of our chosen targets. Please send a copy of your media notice (a
rough draft is fine) ASAP, and we will forward the list to each participant
for use at the protests. Lets be BOLD, CREATIVE and UNCOMPROMISING!
These protests will not be taking place in a vacuum. The challenge to
corporate dominance is coming from all over the world, from labor, human
rights, indigenous resistance, peace, social justice, and environmental
movements. In the US, teach-ins focusing on Corporations, Education and
Democracy will be taking place at over 100 locations during the third week
of October. October 29 demonstrations will be a perfect follow-through for
energy and ideas generated at the teach-ins. We are not alone, and our
actions will reinforce each other's campaigns, if we act promptly. LETS GET

Earth First! End Corporate Dominance Campaign
c/o EF! Austin
P.O.Box 7292
Austin, TX 78713
(512) 320-0413

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