Chicago 5/96 framed for Convention "riot"

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From: Aron Kay <>
Subject: Chicago 5/96 framed for Convention "riot" (fwd)

Subject: Chicago 5/96 framed for Convention "riot" (fwd)

The defendants have a new court date-October 25. They need help and
support. The defense committee can be reached at 312-486-8085

Chicago was the scene this summer for the Democratic Convention and the
protests that accompanied it.Chicago was also the scene for protests
against the Vietnam War which resulted in a police riot.
Anyway, protests were sponsored in Chicago by Cures-Not-Wars, the
Festival of Life Coalition and the Not-On-The GuestList Coalition.
Activists Ben Masel, Rob MacDonald,BonnieTTocwish,Rev.Ron Schupp and
Michael Durschmid are under indictment for 4 counts each of felony mob
The Chicago cops allege that those offenses occured during the
Not-On-The-GuestList March and Rally, which started with a march from
Wicker Park, culminating at the United Center, where the Convention was
being held. The rally happened on August 27.
There were no arrests reported and NO reported outbreaks of violence at
the rally..
Anyway the above defendants known as the CHICAGO 5/96 do have a trial
date in Chicago for October 1. If you are into supporting them, contact me
at .
Thank you
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In the aftermath of the 1968 Democratic National Convention, the
Conspiracy Seven trial put Chicago and its police procedures in the

Five protesters arrested during last month's return of the convention
to Chicago hope felony indictments announced against them
Friday--stemming from the ``Not on the Guest List'' march that
week--will do the same.

``We neither engaged in violent acts nor encouraged anyone else to,''
defendant Michael Durschmid said on the steps of the Harrison District
Courthouse. ``If anything, the Chicago Police Department should be on
trial. But the truth will out.''

Durschmid and his co-defendants evoked images of 1968, when Chicago
police responded with billy clubs to taunts from protesters.

Durschmid said their arrests were a ploy to stop a Festival of Life
march they had planned for the convention's last day, when President
Clinton arrived at the Democratic campout.

Friday's indictment alleges Durschmid, 36, of Glen Ellyn, and four
others hit police officers with various items during their march
through Wicker Park.

Free on bond, the five were identified as ``participating in a
melee--throwing debris and rocks at police,'' said Marcie O'Boyle, a
spokeswoman for Cook County State's Attorney Jack O'Malley, who
announced the charges.

Besides Durschmid, charged with two counts each of aggravated battery
of a police officer, two counts each of aggravated battery on a public
way and two counts each of felony mob action were Robert McDonald, 33,
of the Northwest Side; Bonnie Torwich, 26, of Hickory Hills; Bennett
Masel, 39, of Madison, Wis., and the Rev. Ronald Schupp, 44, of the
Northwest Side.

``The Five Protesters,'' as they call themselves, showed up Friday for
what they expected would be a preliminary hearing but were told they
had been indicted instead. They face an Oct. 1 arraignment.

``The state, in a very unusual move reserved for extreme murder cases,
chose to bypass a preliminary hearing and go straight to a grand jury,
where defendants have no voice,'' said defense attorney Jeff Haas.
``This is strong indication they know a judge would likely have thrown
this case out.''

O'Boyle said she could not say why the case went to a grand jury.

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