(eng )anti-mac day

VAUGHAN RAYMOND SANDERSON (skater1@deakin.edu.au)
Mon, 14 Oct 1996 20:42:50 +1000 (EST)

FOr those of you who know and those who dont.

Wednesday 16 th of October is world anti-mc Donalds day.
If a protest is not already organsied in your city, there is still
plenty that individuals can do. Return there trash. Pamplet customers.
etc. The article in the next post has been on this list several times
before apologise for those of you who have seen it before, for any new
comers or anyone who has lost a copy, it may be of use at protests as it
is more concise and uses quotes where the original was erroneous in
parts and details have changed. I hope that anyone will let us know about
protests and if they used the article.

Some may like to modifiy it slightly as some of the expression is not the
best or is irrelevant.
It is anti-copyright.