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Subject: News From McLibel, London............

Subject: News From McLibel, London............
Date: Oct 11, 1996
From: McLibel Support Campaign, London

McLibel Support Campaign,

c/o 5 Caledonian Road, London N1 9DX,
UK; (tel/fax +44-171-713 1269).

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7th October 1996

The Judge ruled today that Helen & Dave must start their closing
speeches on 21st October. They will last for 5 weeks (until Fri
22nd November). There may be some days during that time when the
court does not sit to allow Helen & Dave a break and extra time to

It'll then be Richard Rampton's turn (for McDonald's) from 25th
November. He said today he only expects to take one week
presenting his submissions.


BELPER AGAINST McDONALD'S (BAM), UK -- Tel 01773-821326

McDonald's are trying to get permission to open a store in Belper,
Derbyshire (UK) on the A6 road. If they have their way, the
Golden Arches would be one of the first things that people would
see as they entered the beautiful Peak District. What's more,
they want to take over and radically restructure a historic,
listed building. This is all on a road and at a roundabout which
already have congestion problems.

Belper Against McDonald's is campaigning against the plan. Here
are details of their activities:

(1) Town Council meeting, Belper - 7pm, Tues 15th Oct.

(2) Sat 19th Oct - petition and info stall on Belper High St.

(3) Borough Council meeting, Ripley (when the final decision on
the plan will be made) - Wed 30th Oct.


Independent, UK -- 12th September 1996
'Viz' challenges McDonald's over TV money tips


"Don't waste hundreds of pounds on expensive carpet. Simply buy
two small pieces - attach them to the bottom of your feet and get
that quality carpet feel throughout your home." This is one of
the "money saving tips" in the current TV commercials for

"When out shopping, glue carpet tiles to the soles of your shoes.
They make Sainsbury's feel like your living room." This is one of
the "Top Tips" published by Viz magazine, the cult comic, in 1987
and included in a compilation book in 1994.

Lawyers representing Viz are now studying the McDonald's campaign
and have written to the burger company's lawyers expressing their

Viz's publisher said last night: "We're actually getting quite a
few complaints. Readers think we licensed the Top Tips to
McDonald's and have accused us of selling out. It's extremely
surprising to have anything you publish used by somebody else
virtually word for word. Our lawyers are in touch with their
lawyers. McDonald's didn't ask our permission or approach us at

Observer, UK -- 15th September 1996

Companies face increasing rows over how to choose worker


Employees who want to have a say in the running of their companies
will receive a fillip next Sunday when European legislation forces
large employers to establish 'works councils'.

There are fears that companies may try to pack the councils with
people who will never rock the boat, and keep out those they
regard as troublemakers. The International Union of Food, Hotel,
Restaurant, and Catering Workers' Associations says it has
experience of good and bad employers. It has welcomed the works
council set up by United Biscuits, but has denounced the
McDonald's employee forum as "consistent with McDonald's
single-minded hostility to trade unions" and one that "will serve
management purposes exclusively".

The union says the McDonald's meeting - which took place last week
in Vienna - was a "transparent public relations gimmick and an
insult to the intelligence of employees and the public". The
invitations sent to participating employees asked them to bring
T-shirts to swap with employees from other countries as part of a
'cultural exchange'.

Currently only part of the UK workforce will be involved, and then
at the discretion of employers. The directive, which comes into
force next Sunday, comes under the Social Chapter [of one of the
European Union treaties], from which the UK has opted out.

Daily Express, UK -- 17th September 1996

British beef will soon fit the grill - Burger King set to
end ban


Burger King is set to put British beef back on the menu.

Executives have drawn up plans which will give customers a
five-star guarantee the meat they are eating is safe.

It will be an enormous boost to farmers who have lost millions of
pounds since the mad cow scare flared in March.

The chain, which has been buying beef from the Continent for the
past six months, is set to change the way meat for its
flame-grilled products is handled.

The production process will be so tightly controlled that a single
burger bought in any of the company's 380 outlets could be traced
back, not only to the farmyard but to the cows whose meat went
into the meal.

Burger King is not yet ready to announce a date when British beef
will make its comeback, but an in-house trial is expected to start
within weeks. Timing is crucial and depends on customer
confidence. Another mad cow scare could wreck the plans.

But the company believes it is ahead of rival McDonald's, which is
looking at similar proposals.

The return would be backed by an advertising blitz, with leaflets
and posters explaining how Burger King can trace every burger and
offer a promise over safety.


September 30th, 1996

PetroCan and McDonald's invade Montreal's Mountain

McD's opened their doors several days earlier than planned, and
the corner beside the mountain is now bright yellow. sigh. We
demonstrated on Wednesday Sept 25 -- that went well, but the media
reports were unfavorable, as per usual. Many people in Montreal
can't seem to figure out why we continue to put on what seems to
them a futile fight to stop McD.

Part of the problem is the distribution of a message -- people
understand the anti-corporate thing, for the most part -- that
McD's takes money out of the community ("they see us as a MARKET,
not as a COMMUNITY"), and that their business is putting others
out of business ... but then, in the same breath as "I
understand", and "Good arguments", they'll say, "But we need the
business in Montreal -- things are so bad economically"... and
"why bother? they're SO huge!".

So... we still have lots to do regarding this issue. More
meetings are planned, as well as more demos and more leafletting,
but the site has gone pretty static for the moment -- "la rentree"
(early fall [autumn] -- back to school, back to work) is pretty
hectic for everyone. We have to get the media to understand that
it's an education thing -- that it's most important to get people
to understand what McD's are about and then get them to stop
eating there.

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