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The Human Rights Actions Network - Derechos Human Rights

Case TUR 041096

The International Secretariat of OMCT/SOS-Torture requests your urgent
intervention in the following situation in Turkey.

Brief description of the situation :
The Association for the Prevention of Torture, a member of the network,
has expressed its grave concern over the deaths of 11 inmates and another
24 injuries, during a violent incident on the 24 September in Diyarbakir
E-type Prison, Istambul.

According to information received, the violence broke out during the day
when families come to visit. At 11:00 am, a group of prisoners on their
way to the visiting rooms, asked the guards escorting them if they could
fetch a bucket from prisoners of another cell. The request was refused and
apparently the head guard then appeared and began to insult the prisoners.
When the prisoners protested, some 50 to 60 guards surrounded and harassed
them. They were forced to stay where they were until 15:00 when Police
from the rapid intervention section and others dressed in military uniform
arrived. The Police demanded that those responsible for the incident come
forward. The prisoners complied, but protested that they had been insulted
and provoked by the Director and Vice Director. Following some confusion,
the prisoners were attacked, dragged into the visiting rooms where the
Military commander demanded that they apologise. When the Prisoners
refused, the military began to attack. Baseball bats, club and sticks
with nails through them were employed and the information stresses that
the head and backs of the prisoners were particularly targeted. It is
believed that the prisoners offered no resistance and those who died were
pointed out to the army by the guards.

14 of the injured were then transferred, chained up, to the special
hospital prison Gaziantep. The attacks apparently continued during the
journey and after their arrival. One prisoner who suffered light injuries
Kadri Gumus, was apparently chain beaten to death

The International Secretariat of OMCT notes that this is but one in a
series of events where the authorities are brought in to put down riots
and use the opportunity to punish inmates belonging to alleged members of
armed groups. 3 prisoners died in a similar incident in January 1996 and
two others on 4 October 1995. The lack of action on the part of the
authorities is contributing to an atmosphere of impunity in Turkish
Prisons that presents a grave threat to the physical and psychological
integrity of those detained.

OMCT recognises the need to maintain order but when dealing with like
incidents they should avoid the use of force, where that is impracticable,
restrict force to a minimum.

Action requested :
Please write to the Turkish authorities urging them to:

i. Take immediate measures to guarantee the physical and psychological
integrity of all the prisoners including access to appropriate medial

ii. open an exhaustive and impartial enquiry into the events, identify
those responsible, bring them to trial and apply the civil, penal
and/or administrative sanctions provided by law;

iii.Ensure appropriate redress to the victims and their families

iv. ensure in all circumstances respect for human rights and fundamental
freedoms in accordance with national laws and international

President S|leyman Demirel, Office of the President, Cumhur Baskanligi,
06100 Ankara. Telegram : President Demirel, Ankara, Turkey.
Prime Minister Necmettin Erbakan, office of the Prime Minister,
Basbakanlik, 06573 Ankara, Turkey. Fax : + 90 312 417 0476
Mrs. Tansu Ciller, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Foreign
Affairs, Disisleri Bakanligi 06100 Ankara Turkey. Fax : + 90 312 419 15

Geneva 4 October, 1996.
Kindly inform us of any action undertaken quoting the exact case number of
this appeal in your reply.

Ben Schonveld
Projects Manager

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OMCT is the l'Organisation Mondiale contre la Torture
The World Organisation Against Torture

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