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Counterinformation bulletin made by
apdo. 3141 50080 ZARAGOZA=20
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*** ECOLOGY ***

21.1 TARRAGONA. 13 people untoxicated by a chlorine escape from a chemical=
21.1 CALDAS (Pontevedra). A group of pleople shut themselves in Town Hall a=
gainst construction of a reservoir in the area.
21.1 ZARAGOZA. Demo (4,000) against constuction of a ring road in the town =
wich will pass though a forest.
25.1 MADRID. Audiencia Nacional (High Court) order to stop the construction=
of Itoiz reservoir, but to make reallity the sentence set up a 24.000 mill=
ion (it=B4s not a mistake) pesetas bail wich opositors to reservoir must p=
28.1 BILBAO Demo(400) against installation of a rubbish incineration plant =
in Erandio.
29.1TOLOSA(Guipuzcoa). Demo against construction of High Velocity Train lin=
29.1 GRANOLLERS(Barcelona) Toxic cloud because of a fire in a chemical fact=
1.2 Electric highway Arag=F3n- Cazaril(France) is stopped in french side. T=
he works in spanish side go on.
11.2 MADRID. Demo against a rubbish incineration plant wich will be install=
ed in Valdeming=F3mez(Madrid).
11.2 ELCHE(Alicante). A group of antitaurinos gathers in front of bullfight=
ing site. They are beaten up by police while they are sitting down, a young=
boy is arrested because of he asks for cops their identification number. A=
fter go to hospital to be saned ecologists went to police station to know h=
ow was the arrested boy, and there was a new agression by police and anothe=
r arrested one.
15.2 IRU=D1A/PAMPLONA. Ecologist group Solidarios con Itoiz go up to Diputa=
cion de Navarra (regional government building) roof and hang up a banner ag=
ainst Itoiz resevoir at the same time 600 people gathered supporting the ac=
tion. Police dispersed them (4 arrested people).
17.2 IRU=D1A/PAMPLONA. Demo (15.000) against Itoiz reservoir.
11.3 BANALCAZAR (Cordoba). Gathering (10.000) against installation of a nu=
clear waste deposit inthe area.
11.3MADRID. A pet shop is attacked against explotation of animals.
20.3 LA LAGUNA(Canarias). Demo (500) against construction of a road. The wo=
rks are stopped by an ecologist camping installed since may 95 in work pla=
30.3 BILBAO. March (some hundreds) against Erandio incineration plant.

*** LABORAL ***

Between January and October of 1995 1,157 workers died in 493,894 working a=
15.12.95 OVIEDO (Asturias). Trial against 2 workers of the corporation Duro=
-Felguera charged with placing barricades during the conflict that workers =
sustained against mines closing. A gathering of 100 people took place.
3.1.96 LA CORU=D1A. Gathering against dimissing policy in the corporation S=
anta B=E1rbara. Strong riots with the police. 12.1 clashes with the police =
break out.
18.1 OVIEDO (Asturias). Duro-Felguera workers placed a burnt barricade in t=
he center of the town demanding the application of the agreetment of giving=
a new job to fired workers and warning they will begin new movilitations i=
f it is not applied.
26.1 ZARAGOZA Demo (200) against Reforma Laboral (new oppressive laws to w=
orkers) and workers explotation.
27.2 GIJON (Asturias). Trial against three young people charged with taking=
part in the riots during La Naval conflict in 1995. They were condemned t=
o 6 months arrested. Workers of La Naval celebrated an assembly on 26.2 an=
d after that they demonstrated dow the town in solidarity with the judged =
ones. During the trial a supporting gathering took place at court door.
2.3 DONOSTIA/SAN SEBASTIAN. An unemplolyed people group "kidnapped" a bus =
protesting about the overtime at the public transport corporation.
23.3 MADRID. Demo (5,000) against public sector dismantling, called by CGT=
(Workers General Confederation, leftist trade union) and CSTE (Public Educ=
ation Workers Union).


Between January and August 1995 Justice and Home Ministry penalized to 100 =
cops because of murders, attempts, rapes, drug selling, sexual abusses, etc.
n rotary hunger strike demanding the regrouping of all of them in Galicia p=
31.12.95 MADRID. Demo(500) against prisons.
9.1 MADRID. A cop is condemned to 30 days arrested because of he beat up a =
badly ill prisoner who couldn't move from his bed.
9.1 ALBACETE PRISON (Albacete). 5 PCE(r) and GRAPO political prisoners star=
t a hunger strike (the rest of PCE(r) and GRAPOpolitical prisoners join to =
hunger strike next day) demanding the regrouping of all of them in one pris=
on and the concession of art.60 of penitenciary rules (it gives freedom to =
badly ill prisoners).
10.1 SEVILLA. The four young boys judged because of incidents in Expo-92 in=
auguration day in 1992 are condemned to 1 year, 1 year and 2 months, 1 year=
and the fourth one is acquitted.
14.1 OIARTZUN (Guipuzcoa) Demo (some hundreds) against construction of a su=
perpolice quarters. Police dispersed demostrators.
14.1 BARAKALDO. Some hundreds people demostrate against construction of a s=
uperpolice station.
14.1 GIJON (Asturias) An arrested boy dies when he falls down through court=
16.1 Antirrepressive Assotiations request the reopening of investigation ab=
out a prisoner's death, who was found hunged up in an isolated cell. The pr=
isoner was beaten up by jailers on numerous occasions, and was marked becau=
se he wounded a jailersome years ago. This prisoner could be siucided by j=
30.1 VIC (Gerona) Solidarity act with Catalonian independentist prisoner Jo=
sep Must=E9.
1.2 PCE(r) and GRAPO political prisoners give up the hunger strike because =
they agreet with Prisons Department to start negotiations to obtain their =
4.2 ZARAGOZA. Homage act to V. Basanta killed by police in 1977 when he was=
painting in a wall: "work yes, police no".
15.2 PCE(R) and GRAPOpolitical prisoners start again the hunger strike beca=
use of Prisons Department non-fulfillment of negotiation ageetment.
16.2 International Prison Observatory (UNconsultive organism) publish a rep=
ort about Spain prisons wich denounces tortures and ill-treatment to prison=
ers. The report demands the conccession of art. 60 and end of FIES( Special=
pursuit to prisoners files, wich include "conflictive" prisoners and allow=
s isolate these prisoners indifinitely).
16/17.2 MADRID. Comandos de Resistencia Antifascista (Antifascist Resistenc=
e Comandos) make 46 sabs against banks, public buidings, etc. in solidarity=
with hunger striker PCE(r) and GRAPO political prisoners.
17.2 Supreme Court send 5 cops to prison for 1 year tese cops killed an arr=
ested man when they spayed him with toxic gas and forced him to stay in the=
cell till he died. They are convicted by negligence.
20.2ZARAGOZA. The 2 ASAPA (Asociacion de Seguimiento y Apoyo a Pres@s de A=
ragon) charged with slander because of a repor about situation of Daroca p=
rison (Daroca, Zaragoza) wich this Assotiation published and in wich they d=
enounced ill-treatment and drug dealing by jailers. They are acquitted. The=
Judge order in sentence open an investigation about Daroca prison.
28.2 VIZCAYA. Protest day against authoritarism in schools. Lots of moviliz=
ations, among them a demo(1,500) took place in Portugalete.
28.2 SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA (Coru=F1a). PCE(r) and GRAPO political prisoner=
s' relatives shut themselves in Defensor del Pueblo (public institution to =
help people when theyare in conflict with public administration) offices in=
Galicia demanding regrouping of prisoners.
28.2 MADRID. Gathering(60) in front of Ministry of Justice demanding regrou=
ping of PCE(r) and GRAPOpolitical prisoners.
14.3 DONOSTIA/SAN SEBASTIAN. 4 young people charged with sabs to corpotrati=
ons wich constructed Leizaran Higway between 1988-1990 are condemned to 3 y=
ears, 2 years, 7 months and 7 months imprisoned. It's the second trial agai=
nst them, in the first one they were acquitted.
16.3 MADRID. 15 PCE(r) and GRAPO political prisoners' relatives shut themse=
lves in Telemadrid (a TV broabcasting station) to denouncing informative bo=
ycot to prisoners hunger strike.
26.3 PCE(r) and GRAPO political prisoners (40 in total) end the hunger stri=
ke because of the agreetment with Prison Dept. wich gives favourable report=
s for concession of art. 60 to 2 seriously ill prisoners menbers of these o=
rganizations and other commitments.
28.3 BILBAO. Demo(1,000) through university campus against repression in un=


On January 1st there are 14,000 insumisos, 263 of then are imprisoned.
5.1 BILBAO. March (400) to jail in solidarity with the imprisoned insumisos.
12.1 A teacher is disqualified to work as teacher because he is insumiso. M=
inistry of Education uses a law of 1964 (When dictatorship) to do it.
17.1 IRU=D1A/PAMPLONA. A group of insumisos chain themselves to goal posts =
a few minutes before match starts. Meanwhile supporters shouted pro-insumi=
sion slogans.
20.1 IRURTZUN (Navarra). 20 antimilitarist people chain themselves to town =
hall in solidarity with an insumiso from the town. After that 150 antimilit=
arist people demostrated downtown.
22.1 DONOSTIA/SAN SEBASTIAN. Antzuola (Guipuzkoa) Mayor is condemned to 6 y=
ears disqualified because he refused collaborate with conscription.
24.1 LAUDIO/LLODIO (Alava). Gathering supporting an insumiso from the town.=
7 insumisos chain themselves to Town Hall balcony. Cops dispersed them (S=
ome wounded ones). After regrouping, antimilitarist people demonstrated dow=
n town.
24.1 MADRID. 30 insumisos occupied Direcci=F3n General de Objeci=F3n de Con=
ciencia(Conscientious Objetion General Direction) office demanding freedom =
for imprisoned insumisos.
30.1 ZARAGOZA. 4 insumisos who broke their third degree situation on dec. '=
94 are acquitted.

1.2 SABADELL (Barcelona). 150 antimilitarist people occupied Town Hall dema=
nding solidarity from Town Council with an insumiso from the town who will =
be judged soon.
2.2 IRU=D1A/PAMPLONA. Imprisoned insumisos started a hunger strike demandin=
g the end of dispersal of political and conscientious prisoners.
4.2 BARAKALDO (Vizcaya). Demo (100) supporting an insumiso from the town ar=
rested the day before.
10.2 ZARAGOZA. 3 imprisoned insumisos are passed from third degree to secon=
d degree because the make an assembly inside jail.
18.2 BILBAO. pro-insumisi=F3n bike march.
19.2 SEVILLA. A group of antimilitarist people enter in Mor=F3n military ba=
se demanding a civil use of it.
22.2 MURCIA. 4 antimilitarist people are condemned to 15 days arrested and =
15,000pts. fined because of a nude protest they made.
25.2 MADRID. Demo (3000) for the seventh anniversary of insumision campaign=
in Spanish State.


10.1 BILBAO. EGHAM (Coordinadora de Gays y Lesbianas de Euskalherria, Euska=
lherria Gay and Lesbian Comitee) denounces UNED (Open Univ) handbook wich s=
ays that homosexual people are sexual delincuents.
23.2 Attending to statistics woman salary is 72% than man one. Unemployeme=
nt rate is 30.4% (17.9% in men) and activity rate is 25.3% (men: 52.7%).
23.2 BILBAO. A man is condemned to one year imprisoned charged with raping =
his wife. The judge reduced the condemn to one year because of realtionship=
and victim request.
28.2 MADRID. Members of COGAM (Colectivo de Gays y Lesbianas de Madrid, Mad=
rid Gay and Lesbian Collective) gathered in front of PP (Conservative party=
) office denouncing homosexuality treatment in PP ellectoral program.
8.3 International Worker Women Day. Demos in many towns. BILBAO some thousa=
nds. IRU=D1A/PAMPLONA (2000). MADRID (1500). ZARAGOZA (1500). And many mor=
9.3 MADRID. Gathering(50) in front of Australian Embassy denouncing Tasmani=
a laws wich send homosexuals to prision for 25 years. Gathered people trie=
d to give a protest release but doorman impeded it.


15.11.95 GIJON(Asturias). 2 nazis are sent to prison for 2 years, 2 months =
and 1 day charged with attack to 2 young boys in 6.8.94.
22.12.95 MADRID. A young girl was attacked by 2 nazi girls, the victim sear=
ched help an 8 antifa people fight with nazi girls and the others nazi boys=
who were with them, in incidents an antifa boy was stabbed and beaten up w=
hen he falled down to the ground. Some minutes after 50 antifa people go hu=
nting but no nazis were in the zone.
29.12.95 MADRID. Gathering (200) protesting about fascist agression to 2 yo=
ung people made by 25 nazis.
January ZARAGOZA. A young boy who was agressed by nazis in a pub and denoun=
ced the owner because he didn't help him, he didn't call an ambulance and h=
ided the agressor nazis, was condemned by offences.
8.1 ZARAGOZA. A nazi is condemned to 28 days inmprisoned because he beaten =
up a chinesse girl.
12.1 MADRID. Santiago Botana is released on bail (500,000 pts.).
19.1 MADRID. A nazi is stabbed to death by fascists.
19.1 MADRID. 5 nazis beat up some young people an threaten one of them with=
a gun wich put on his head. 2 nazis were arrested. 21.1 donostia/SaN SEBAS=
TIAN. Antifa gathering in front of football stadium to welcome Real Madrid=
fascist hooligans. Police dispersed gathered people.
24.1 ZARAGOZA. Antifa gathering(200) protesting about nazi agression to an =
24.1 SEVILLA. Clashes between fascist holigans and antifa supporters of cit=
y football club. 2 nazis are sent to hospital and other one are stabbed (is=
badly wounded). 6 antifa people are arrested.
27.1 GIJON. 2 young boys are attacked by a naziskin, he cut their face and=
arms, apart from be beaten up.
10.2 MADRID. Social Centre "La Guindalera" was attacked by fascists with a =
fore bomb, no seriously damaged.
17.2 MADRID. A homeless man is attacked and stabbed by 3 nazis, the homeles=
s man defended himself an wounded a nazi. 3 nazis were arrested.
17.2 MADRID. La Audiencia Nacional (High Court) refused to extradite Otto R=
emer (well-known german nazi) to Germany claiming the crime ("incitement t=
o racism") it's not a crime in Spain.
17.2 MATARO (Barcelona). A young boy is stabbed to death by a group of nazi=
s in a disco door.
23.2 MADRID (Cup d'etat in Spain 15th. anniversary) Gathering (300) protest=
ing about impunity of fascist agressions.
25.2 EL VENDRELL(Tarragona). Extreme right-wing party AUN (Alianza por la U=
nidad Nacional, Alliance for National Unity ) opened an office in the city =
and made an election meeting with its leader R. Saenz de Ynestrillas. An an=
tifa demo(500) was convoked that ended in meeting place (strongly protected=
by Guardia Civil -one of the different police corps in Spanish state-). Wh=
en fascists went out they were welcome with shouts a some stones, police sh=
ot to antifa people gumballs, but cops didn't charged to demostrators.
26.2 ZARAGOZA. A young boy in stabbed by 4 nazis, he is badly wounded.
5.3 LANGREO (Asturias) demo(500) against fascist threats to some high schoo=
l students.
10.3 MELILLA. 500 legionnarys (spanish army military corps) demostrated to =
avenge a comrade's death in a fight the day before, they go through muslim =
suburb attacking every muslim people and buildings the see. Police followed=
them and do nothing.
15.3 BARCELONA. 34 membrers of "los Centuriones" motorcyvling gang are arre=
sted charged with drug-dealing, firearms tenency and beatings. They are con=
ected to "Hell Angels". Their office were full of nazi propaganda. 14 of th=
em were imprisoned and were released on bail some weeks after.
20.3 ZARAGOZA. Trial against an antifa boy charged with agression to a nazi=
, instead contradictions in nazi declaration and that it was a police-judic=
ial farse, he was condemned to 1 year imprisoned.

*** EUSKADI ***

In 1995 621 Basque political prisoners (bpp) were moved from one jail to ot=
her. 62 people were arrested (all actually are free) and 85 bad treatment o=
r torture reports.
note: in previous bulletins we didn't include gatherings convoked by Gesto =
por la Paz(pseudopacifist collective made by Basque Government) asking for =
freedom for Aldaia (kidnapped by ETA) and for "peace" because here, in Span=
ish state, medias are bombarding people with any act, although it is small=
, and so we give preference to the informations hided by medias (without no=
ting that it is manipulate too). So from now we will include all informatio=
n we got.=20
8.1 68 gathering (4,204) convoked by Gestoras pro-Amnistia (GGAA) demanding=
freedom for Euskal Herria, incidents in Bilbao (1 person is arrested) and =
Amurrio (2 people are arrested). 46 gatherings convoked by Gesto por la Paz=
asking for freedom for Aldaia.
11.1 DONOSTIA/SAN SEBASTIAN. 15 members of GGAA occupied Germany Consulate =
protesting about extradition of Basque refugee Benjam=EDn Ramos.
13.1 BASAURI (vizcaya) a group of masked people threw 30 Molotov cocktails =
to a police station.
14.1 Bpp start a rotary hunger strike demanding the regrouping of bpp in E=
uskadi prisons.
19.1 LIZARRA(Navarra). Katxetas pub is burnt by unknown people. The pub is =
property of an Abertzale militant. Abertzale movement accuses Guardia Civil.
22.1 IRU=D1A/PAMPLONA. Gathering (600) demanding the freedom for Euskal Her=
ria. Police dispersed gathered people beating up them (4 badly injured peop=
le, 3 of them periodists, and 1 arrested one). Also clashes in GASTEIZ/VITO=
RIA (1 person was arrested), BARAKALDO (1 person was arrested) and SANTUTXU=
, 72 gatherings (5,000) in total. 48 gatherings (5,000) convoked by Gesto p=
or la Paz.
23.1 BURGOS. Demo (20,000) asking for freedom for Ortega (a jailer kidnapp=
ed by ETA on january 17th) and Aldaia.
24.1 Day against police violence, +75 gatherings (+2,000) are made in front=
of courts, police stations, newspapers offices, etc. in whole Euskadi.
26.1 BILBAO. Demo(1,500) against extraditions of Basque refugees.
27.1 URDAX(Navarra). 5 grenades are thrown to Guardia Civil quartters from =
a nearest mountain.
27.1 SOPELA(Guipuzcoa). Homage act (+2,000) to a Basque refugee recently d=
ead in Baiona (Iparralde, French state).
27.1 DONOSTIA/SAN SEBASTIAN. Demo(1,000) against extradition to 2 Basque re=
fugees. In the end there were clashes with police.

27.1 Demos supporting ppv IRU=D1A/PAMPLONA (1,000), BERMEO (Vizcaya) (800),=
LAUDIO/LLODIO (Alava) (300), BERGARA (Guipuzcoa) (400), and many more.
27.1 BILBAO. Some thusands people (15,000 officially) demostrated convoked =
by Gesto por la Paz.
29.1 DONOSTIA/SAN SEBASTIAN. Gathering(400) to welcome a bpp recently freed=
. Gathering(1,000) supporting bpp.
31.1 72 gatherings (4,729) convoked by GGAA. 45 gatherings(4,855) convoked =
by Gesto por la Paz.
SABS: public properties (buildings, phoneboxes, vehicles,...) (14). Banks (=
19). Vehicles property of cops (6). Copcars (11). French car shops (1).
ACTS: (road cuttings, placing of barricades, gatherings,...) (+100).
1.2 LEZO (Guipuzcoa) Bpp J. Trcet is moved to his father's funeral, 200 peo=
ple gathered in cemetery supporting him, cops beat up and dispersed gathere=
d people. Some time after a protest demo is made wich ends with clashes wit=
h police. That evening a protest demo(500) is made after it clashes with po=
lice occur.
2.2 MADRID. 3 guardias civiles (members of Guardia Civil) are condemned to =
3 months arrested and 2 months of job suspended because of tortures to some=
arrested people chasged with being members of ETA.
3.2 Acts supporting bpp in front of Euskadi prisons. Gatherings in front of=
izcaya) (100), IRU=D1A/PAMPLONA (600).In the evening there are gatherings s=
upporting ppv in IRU=D1A/PAMPLONA (600), BEASAIN(Guipuzcoa)(450), GASTEIZ/V=
ITORIA (400), SANTUTXU (300) O=D1ATI (Guipuzcoa)(400) and many more.
5.2 Some gatherings(4,082) convoked by GGAA and some others(3,853) convoked=
by Gesto por la Paz.
5.2 Belgium Minister of Justice refused to extradite 2 Basque refugees clai=
med by Spanish state. They are freed.
6.2 DONOSTIA/SAN SEBASTIAN. ETA kills PSOE leader F. M=FAgica, the members =
of ETA who kill him ranaway to Adoain(Guipuzcoa) and police occupied the to=
wn searching house by house.
8.2 ANDOAIN (Guipuzcoa). Demo (some thousands) against police state placed =
from 6.2.
1.2 Demos supporting bpp ARRASATE (Guipuzcoa) (1,000), TOLOSA(Guipuzcoa)(50=
0), ORDIZIA (Guipuzcoa) (200).
12.2 BRUSELAS (Brussels). Herri Embaxada (Basque independentist political p=
arty Herri Batasuna office in Brussels) suffers a failed attempt of burning=
. Abertzale movement accuses Spanish government.
12.2 Some tens of gatherings (3,200) convoked by GGAA, incidents in some of=
them. Some tens of gatherings (3,000) convoked by Gesto por la Paz.
13.2 IRU=D1A/PAMPLONA. A group of masked people threw 30 Molotov cocktails =
to a police station in the center of the town.

13.2 ANDOAIN(Guip=FAzcoa). Demo (1,000) against Guardia Civil town occupati=
on, wich subtituted national police.
15.2 MADRID. ETA kills judge F. Tom=E1s y Valiente, member of State Council=
. that evening some gatherings against terrorism are made in some towns of=
Spanish state.
18.2 LOGRO=D1O. 3 bombs exploded in the center of the town and anoter one i=
n a service area in Logro=F1o highway. ETA claimed the responsability for=
the attack.
21.2 jon Id=EDgoras is imprisoned as responsable of Basque independentist p=
arty Herri Batasuna (because of broadcasting an ETA video in wich this arme=
d organization exposesa negotiation proposal to Spanish state Government) =
in election campaign. The video is known as Alternativa Democratica (Democr=
atic Alternative).
SABS: public properties (buildings, phoneboxes, vehicles,...) (20). Banks (=
20). Vehicles property of cops (2). Copcars (7). French car shops (1).
ACTS: (road cuttings, placing of barricades, gatherings,...) (+150).
1.3 HERNANI(Guipuzcoa). Demo (700) in memory of a recently dead Basque refu=
gee. Police charged to demostrators and clashes break out. 2.3 Groups of ma=
sked people placed barricades and fight with police, a cop car ran over a =
girl, a boy is arrested and beaten up, in clashes a boy is badly injured.3.=
2 Demo (1,200) against police repression.
4.3 IRUN(Guipuzcoa. A chief in antiterrorist police department dies in a te=
rrorist attac. ETA claimed responsibility for the attack.
5.3 IRUN(Guipuzcoa). Demo against ETA protesting about the terrorist attack=
on march 4th. In demo itinerary a gathering against police repressionan de=
manding independence for Euskadi was carried on, so police dispersed gathe=
red people to clean the itinerary of anti-ETA demo.
6.3 MADRID El Tribunal Supremo (High Court) condemned 12 young people charg=
ed with beating A. Susaeta (a cop) up in 1994. Sentence rise the penalties=
between 2 and 4 years, in a previous trial they were condemed between 3 an=
d 6 years imprisoned.
6.3 IBARRA(Guipuzcoa). Herri Batasuna office is burnt in a terrorist attack.
9.3 DONOSTIA/SAN SEBASTIAN. Demo (80,000) supporting police and protesting =
about terrorist attack of March 4th.
9.3 ZALLA(Vizcaya). Demo (700) against state terrorist struggle against ETA.
11.3 BILBAO. Gathering (500) protesting about King and Queen of Spain visit=
and demanding independence for Euskadi.
11.3 49 gatherings (5,763) demanding freedom for Euskal Herria. 66 gatherin=
gs (4,154) against terrorism.
15.3 HERNANI(Guipuscoa). demo (1,000) against police repression, increased =
for last weeks.
16.3 IRU=D1A/PAMPLONA. Demo (+4,000) demanding bpp regrouping.
22.3 BAIONA (Iparralde, French state). A bomb explodes in local Inland Reve=
nue office. Iparretarrak (IK) (abertzale independentist armed group in Ipar=
ralde -French Basque Country-) claimed responsibility for the attack.
22.3 Examination to Spanish state by UNHuman Rights Comission shows it's wo=
rried because of torture practice, especially to Basque arrested people. A =
UNreport is released in wich point up tortures suffered by some arrested pe=
ople in 1994.
22.3 Demos in GASTEIZ/VITORIA (+1,000) and LAUDIO/LLODIO (Alava) (400) dem=
anding freedom for Jon Idigoras.
23.3 BURLATA (Navarra) A french car shop is burnt by a group of masked peop=
le protesting about french state collaboration in repression. 4 young peopl=
e are arrested and charged with the attack.
25.3 After 5 shifts of rotatory hunger strike in wich have participated all=
bpp in spanish and french prisons, bpp start a rotary "chapeo" (prisoner d=
on't go out from his cell during all day) wich be for next 10 weeks demandi=
ng regrouping of bpp in Euskadi prisons.
25.3 OIARTZUN(Guipuzcoa). Police arrest V. Lasarte, member of ETA. Some min=
utes after know it a protest demo(200) take place in the town. In DONOSTIA/=
SAN SEBASTIAN a bus is placed in the middle of a street and in the evening =
after gathering for freedom for Euskal Herria, gathered people demostrtate =
and clashes with police break out. Almost 12 people are arrested and numero=
us people injured.
26.3 GASTEIZ/VITORIA. 3 grenades are thrown to police academy.
28.3 DONOSTIA/SAN SEBASTIAN. Demo (3,000) demanding freedom for Jon Id=EDgo=
29.3 BILBAO. Telecommunication antenna near the town is attacked with Molot=
ov cocktails, it is completely burnt and the town is let without TV, Radio =
and courts, police Dept., Red Cros services incomunicated for some hours.
30.3 GASTEIZ/VITORIA. Demo (25,000) demanding bpp regrouping in Euskadi pri=
30.3 BAIONA (Iparralde, French state). Gesto por la Paz try to make an homa=
ge to GAL's (terrorist group formed by cops and created and financed by Spa=
nish Government wich worked in the eighties)victims in impeled by victims' =
relatives who don't want be used by this pseudopacifist organization.
31.3 BILBAO. In protest of the night before police raid searching condemned=
people in Susaeta case a group of 50 masked people place 2 buses in the mi=
ddle of the street and wait for police who is wellcome with a stone, Moloto=
v cocktails an fireworks rain, wich makes police back. Masked people go to =
another zone and place 3 buses in the middle of the street, some cops witho=
ut uniform fire to masked people and they answer throwing stones, Molotov c=
ocktails and firework. Clashes continue for some hours.
SABS: public properties (buildings, phoneboxes, vehicles,...) (32). Banks (=
8). Vehicles property of cops (2). Copcars (7). French car shops (1).
ACTS: (road cuttings, placing of barricades, gatherings,...) (+160).


1.12.95 EL EJIDO(Almeria). A school squatted in Septermber is evicted. Poli=
ce appears with firemen and order squatters go out, they go up the roof and=
firemen shooted water to them while cops take them down beating them up. 2=
young people who arrived to give a lawyer's letter to cops to stop the evi=
ction (because it was an illegal eviction) are arrested and beaten up. Ther=
e were 13 people arrested and charged with incredible crimes.
9.1 VALENCIA. Saudi Park (squatted on 2.12.95) squatters were evicted.
19.1 MADRID. Town Council try to evict a familly from the shack where they=
lived, but neighbours gathered in front of it for all day and impeded it.
27.1 SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA (Coru=F1a). Police evicted a squat (squatted 3=
years ago). 10 squatters go up the roof when cops arrived, after try to ta=
lk to cops, cops evicted squatters beaten them up, aswell as 80 people gath=
ered supprting squaterrs. 8 people were arrested.
23.2 AVILES (Asturias). Demo (500) supporting Centro Social "Gavilluetu". C=
ouncil wants to evicte it.
28.2 OVIEDO (Asturias) some people of Centro Social "Gavilluetu" squatters =
Assembly occupied the Town Hall protesting about threatening to eviction f=
or "Gavilluetu", at the same time a group of people gathered at the door. P=
olice took them out kicking them and arrested one of them.
16.3 BALAGUER (Gerona). Squatted an old building to make a Social Centre.
23.3TUDELA(Navarra). Squatted an empty municipal building to create a gazte=
txe. 26.3 Police evicted squatters and walled up the building, squatters "s=
quatted" a kiosk nad on the evening demostrated downtown. 30.3 Police evic=
ted squatters from the kiosk.

*** OTHERS ***

22.12.95 VALENCIA. Occupied History faculty deanery protesting about repres=
sion of greek anarchist movement and in solidarity with arrested people in =
Athens on 17.11.95.
13.1 ALICANTE. The Council forbides mendicity.
13.1 BILBAO. Demo (15,000) supporting public school.
15.1 It's known that Turkish army uses Spanish planes in Kusdish people rep=
15.1 MADRID. Prostitutes gathered protesting about a prostitute's murder so=
me weeks before.
19.1 LA CORU=D1A. A student boy has to stay shut in school library since 11=
.12.95 because he refuses to cut his hair.
20.1 Catholic Church will receive 19,000 million pesetas from Spanish state.
25.1 VALENCIA Gathering(30) in front of Mexico Consulate against visit of M=
exico president to Spanish state and in solidarity with zapatist revolution.
10.2 GIJON. A group of neighbours burnt a metadona delivery centre.
10.2 OVIEDO (Asturias) Human chain (500) demanding officiality for Asturian=
u language (Asturias autochthonous language).
16.2 SABADELL(Barcelona). Some masked people threw some Molotov coctails to=
PSOE office.
26.2 MADRID. A bomb is desactivated in Woman Institute office.
9.3 MADRID. Gathering (500) in front of Mexico Embassy to give 25,000 signa=
tures supporting EZLN, they couldn't be given because there were no person =
in charge inside the Embassy. On march 11th they finally could give the sig=
10.3 MADRID. Gathering (300) in front of USEmbassy demanding retirement of =
Helms law wich makes hard embargo to Cuba.
10.3 SEVILLA. VII March Against Hunger and Injusticie (20,000), called by M=
anos Unidas (United Hands).


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BELGIUM c/o Gernika, 65 Rue de midi, 1000 Brussels, Belgium.
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GREECE pob. 11251, 54110 Thessaloniki, Greece. (ingl=E9s).
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ain. (ingl=E9s, castellano)