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Sorry this isn't getting up here in as timely a fashion as I'd have
liked. I've been recovering, having to take care of some personal
business, and my ISP's mail server has been having indigestion for a
couple of days.
The Sunday morning meeting of the Pacifica National Board was enlivened
by the participation of the Paid and Unpaid Staff along with a number of
WBAI listeners.

The open portion of the meeting was on Sunday and lasted from 9:00 AM to

The National Board had some discussions and accepted the budgets of
the stations.

Board Chair Jack O'Dell brought up the motion by the WBAI Local Board to
reverse the policy of trying to bust the WBAI Union by removing the
Unpaid Staff from the Collective Bargaining Unit. National Board Vice
Chair, and WBAI Local Board member, Cecilia McCall spoke for it. Then
Roberta Brooks and Pat Scott took turns to speak against it. They
simply said that it wasn't right and that it wasn't done anywhere else.
The same reasons/non-reasons they've been giving all along.

What took place on this issue next was _ nothing! That was it. They
moved on. I still do not know what that was. No vote was taken, no one
else said another word on the subject and they moved on. This leaves
the matter as it was and certainly told me that the Pacifica National
Board has de facto decided to vote in favor of the union busting policy
of Pat Scott.

The National Board said it would next meet in Berkeley, CA from January
21 to 25, 1997, and it would meet again from June 12, to 15, 1997, this
second venue TBA.

They then went to the public comment portion of the meeting.
There were 30 speakers who got 2 minutes each to say what they

The public portion went a bit over an hour and everyone who signed up
got to speak. The place really came alive.

Listeners brought up the gag rule, ACG, spending any money at all on
union busting firms, the purges at KPFA, the formats of some of the
other Pacifica stations, national programming, and lots more.

One Paid Staff member pointed out that WBAI had had a million dollar
membership drive, followed by a $700,000 membership drive, and then
said, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!"

I told them that we'd fight them to the Supreme Court on this, and
anywhere else that we had to fight them. One of the producers of "Union
Summer," which is airing on Pacifica, told them, among other things, to
internalize their politics and stop trying to bust our union.

There were some quite emotional presentations from various people
during the public portion of the meeting and folks said many good

The good news is that no one needs to rely on my memory on this.
It was all video taped. There was some confrontation on this. At one
point I saw Pat Scott go stand directly in front of one of the video tapers, and
Scott even appeared to lean against the woman at one point. There
was also some thing with Mark Shubb coming into physical contact
with this woman at one point. I don't know if there was shoving involved or if it
was an uncoordinated stumble, it happened behind a pillar from my
perspective. But it all got taped.

In closing, Pat Scott gave the tired line of only having spent $1,000 on
ACG, and that the AFL-CIO has never heard of ACG being union busters.
Mark Shubb got up and said that they had to get rid of those people
whom they'd gotten rid of at KPFK. He talked about the format of KPFK
and KPFT not being dominated by music, and said that some folks had
to be fired because they'd screamed at and acted badly towards the
Program Director. He then went on to say that he'd never paid any
money to ACG. Of course there had been that guy whom ACG had
recommended, and, gosh, that guy may have worked for them in the
past, but, oh well, they're no longer using him either.

The meeting ended and a number of National Board members came
up to us and said they were uncomfortable with what Pacifica was
doing vis-a-vis the union and they liked what we'd said, etc. Too bad
none of them had said anything during the meeting.

BOTTOM LINE ------> The Pacifica National Board came to New York
with a giant problem hanging over it. They have the power to solve that
problem. They didn't. I have to assume that they are quite comfortable
with the union busting going on and that they require significantly more
moral suasion before they'll stop their attacks on us. So be it.

Aftermath - On Saturday night Pat Scott said that she was going to talk
to various people at WBAI and try to reach a compromise on the Unpaid
Staff issue with them. I told her that this was illegal. Roberta
Brooks laughed at this (apparently she has never heard of Section 7,
sub-section 8(5)d of the NLRA). Scott and Brooks also said that it
might have been solved by WBAI management's attempted meeting
with whomever would show up after one day's notice in May to discuss
all of this. They didn't want to hear about it being illegal to go behind the
backs of the culy elected union representatives.

Pat Scott was told that she'd have NLRB charges filed agains her if she
indeed carried this plan out at WBAI. We also put out a Bulletin to the
Staff of the station letting them know what had happened and also
letting them know that Pat Scott would try this. We gave them
instructions to report the details of any such attempt to the Shop

At a meeting with the assembled Staff at WBAI on Tuesday morning
Scott announced that she'd seen this "memo" from the Shop
Committee and would not attempt to discuss Contract negotiation
matters with the Staff.

Having people not break the law is a small victory, but it's a victory.