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Tue, 1 Oct 1996 02:04:50 +0200

The following has just reached us from the BRAZILIAN ANARCHIST NEWS AGENCY.
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Dear M.,

I hope you are well and still shouting loudly for FREEDOM.
Thanks for your reply to my letter, I hope that we can stay in
contact and a thousand thank yous for the anarchist material you
sent me.

Here in Guatemala there is no real anarchist movement although
there are many groupings of a leftist nature promoted above all at
the University of Guatemala where I am a student.

It is a while since I last wrote to anarchist comrades in South
America on behalf of my fellow musicians and friends who have
the same fighting spirit as myself, we are trying to form a
movement here as always with its roots in anarchism although
with a strong ideological bent. In order to achieve this people like
you have helped us on the road. To do this has not been easy
among rock music lovers, because they are divided and the bands
do not collaborate and prefer to delve into the rubbish of Satanism
rather than focus on social questions. Not all of them of course but
Punk bands are few are far between and we do not have many
followers. Here the main bands for one grouping are Trash and
Black and Death and yet another group are into grunge. For this
reason we find ourselves forced to play in a style which is ill
defined but the lyrics are still the same: protest. I am no Satanist
nor of any other religious persuasion, for me religion is simply one
more way to enslave the mind, religion is rubbish.

Central America is 100% conservative and this is largely due to
the fact that the church has great power comparable to that of the
military, for this reason it is hard to break with the old ways. The
rockers have destroyed a lot but have chosen the wrong road of
Satanism. Thus, here, although elsewhere the anarchist movement
has been flowering for decades, we have hardly begun.

I know that in Brazil the police kill and beat up the children in the
street. Here it is the same story although it is the army which
massacres peasants and indigenous people. In the 80s thousands of
small farmers were massacred, thrown off their lands and became
the victims of the worse humiliations a human being can suffer. In
those days the government was in the hands of the military, today,
supposedly, we have a democratically elected government, but
there is no justice, nothing has changed and for that reason I am
trying to do something about it. I am trying to find a conscience in
the young people who continue to drug their minds with the
commercial rubbish they send us from North America and who
prefer to dress as Michael Jackson rather than draw on the rich
ethnic roots of our ancient culture which were well developed in
the whole of the continent well before the arrival of the Europeans.

As you can see our roads are running parallel, I believe in
anarchism but only one flag: FREEDOM.

Please carry on this correspondence and if you can help us find our
way we will be very grateful.

Onward to success,