squat in Warsaw

Sun, 29 Sep 96 13:55:04 CET

Hi, I'm from the Polish Anarchist Federation/Warsaw section.

Last week we have entered into a two-storey unused building that has
been empty for over 15 years. This building is in part owned by the
warsaw university, and this is why we have first tried to obtain it
legally, we have founded the Students Autonomous Action and written a
lot of stupid papers to the dean of the university, etc.., for 2 years.

In the meantime we have squatted it from time to time, but without
the proper determination, and not for longer periods than 2-3 weeks.
A couple of months ago some other people have burned one of the best rooms
in it, so we decided there was no time to lose, and anyway we will never
probably be allowed officially to make a "student" club out of it.

(In fact, not even 1/4 of us are students!-)

Another stimulation was a recent visit of our comrade from Finland,
to whom we had to admit shamefully we have no squat in Warsaw.
What's more, there has never been any regular squat in Warsaw, so what
we're doing is really important.

For now, we have installed locks, protections on windows, we have bought a
gaz heater and gathered a lot of materials to make a barricade upstairs.

As probably there will be another "visit" by (in)security agents on monday,
(we have already had one last thursday) we will lock ourselves upstairs
and put a banner outside, while a demonstration will be organised in front
of the house to descourage the agents. We have printed tracts and petitions
to the university dean and so on.

Keep your fingers crossed!

anarchist feder@tion

I will inform you as soon as anything important happens.