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)By Keidi Obi Awadu / The Conscious Rasta
)This investigative journalist has become alerted to a disturbing pattern of
racial/ethnic targeting for special immunization projects occurring
throughout the United States. Reports are coming in from Memphis, Houston,
Atlanta, Chicago, Washington, Detroit, New York as well as right here in Los
Angeles that "mostly minority" communities are being singled out for special
"demonstration projects" designed to significantly increase the rate at
which inner city children are injected. Yet, in several instances it has
been discovered that the vaccines being administered are still in different
phases of experimentation. The question looms: Are Black and Brown
populations being singled out for wide-scale vaccine experiments or, worse
yet, population reduction strategies?
)It has been nearly three months since revelations in the Los Angeles Times
that some 1200 babies, nearly all Black and Hispanic, were used as guinea
pigs in a 1989-91 vaccine experiment conducted by the Kaiser Permanente
Foundation along with several local and federal government agencies and
research institutions. The unlicensed and experimental vaccine used in that
study, Edmonston-Zagreb high-titer dosage, was given without knowledge or
consent from the parents and had already been associated with a significant
increase in infant mortality when injected into babies in Third World
countries such as Senegal, Haiti, Guinea Bissau and others. A group has
formed, the Los Angeles County Coalition Against Racist
Child-Experimentation, to investigate the controversy, locate the babies who
were used as test subjects, bring the light of public scrutiny to the
episode and to press for criminal and civil claims against the principals
involved. To date the Coalition has been able to locate a mere 13 of 1192
children involved.
)A Memphis-based organization, the People's Wholistic Task Force, has
investigated a similar ongoing experiment which has followed the targeting
of certain Black neighborhoods as the epicenter of an outbreak of hepatitis
A. Investigation by the Task Force has uncovered numerous inconsistencies
and outright deceptions by the Shelby County Department of Health as well as
the manufacturer of the Havrix vaccine which has been administered to an
estimated 15,000 "mostly minority" recipients. Reports have come to the
attention of the Task Force of numerous reactions which include
miscarriages, severe rashes and hepatitis A disease. One independent health
professional has uncovered evidence that indicates that the county had
covertly administered two different dosages of Havrix at one educational
facility. The manufacturer denies such allegations but one official at
Smith Kline-Beechum, the maker of the vaccine, admitted in a recent headline
story in the Tri-State Defender that "The post-marketing study referred to
in that letter is being done in the Far East." This statement affirms the
facts that 1) U.S.-sponsored drug experimentation using Third World
populations is a common practice and 2) a "post-marketing study"
(experiment) is currently being conducted while the very same vaccine at the
heart of the controversy is being distributed on a wide scale there in
Shelby County. The question remains as to whether what is occurring in
Memphis is not in actuality a large-scale U.S.-based experiment to test the
safety and efficacy of a new Havrix formula.
)In Texas, a group calling itself the African Center of Well Being has
uncovered a situation remarkably similar to that in Memphis. Houston's
Black and Hispanic communities have been singled out as the epicenter of an
outbreak of measles. A July 24 edict from the director of the Harris County
Health Department rescinded all exemptions from injection for religious or
personal conflicts for students entering schools for the fall semester. To
date 18 cases of measles have been reported in the so-called "epidemic" - a
paltry sum hardly worthy of targeting the whole community for injection with
MMR vaccines whose known side effects include brain swelling, anaphylactic
shock, immune suppression, gastrointestinal disorders and other serious
conditions. The city of Houston Health and Human Services Department and
Houston Independent School District have targeted 75,000 school children for
injection before November 4th.
)As reported to this investigator, groups in Washington, Atlanta and Chicago
are conducting their own inquiry into the recent and intensive push for
injection programs which are targeted at specific communities. Researchers
in Houston forwarded a copy of a federal law which allocates money for
special "Demonstration Projects" designed to rapidly increase immunization
rates within "specified Target Communities". Those areas targeted within
the law, entitled "Academic Medical Center/Community Health Network
Childhood Immunization Demonstration Projects; Notice of Availability of
Funds for Fiscal Year 1996", are identified through such wording as
"proportion of racial/ethnic minorities", "Health Professional Shortage
Area", "Target Community - a geographic area (for urban areas having at
least 100,000 population) in which...a majority of residing children <2
[under age 2] years old are from Medicaid-eligible families". Population
growth rates appear to be a factor because the law specifically targets
areas in which the annual birth cohort is greater than 8000. Investigators
have nearly universally become alarmed at the targeting of poor minority
populations for special injection programs. A total of 29 different cities
are mentioned in the federal law which began this type of intensive
targeting in 1992 under an initiative called Immunization Action Plans (IAP's).
)There remains the question of what might possibly be in the vaccines which
could be cause for alarm. Other than the fact that all injections carry the
risk of a host of serious side effects which include neurological
impairment, immune suppression and psychiatric disorders, it has been
speculated that an anti-pregnancy vaccine is being covertly administered.
Over the past four years I have documented the appearance of such covert
administration of the hormone human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) within mass
injection programs conducted in such countries as Mexico, Cameroon, the
Philippines and South Africa. In most cases it was the tetanus toxoid
vaccine which was used as carrier of the hidden hCG hormone. One Washington
DC woman complained that she was being pushed to take the tetanus injection
during a recent routine medical examination. In Memphis the Peoples
Wholistic Task Force has documented cases of women miscarrying after
receiving the Havrix hepatitis A injection.
)Other concerns have been expressed as to whether these type of injection
giveaways are being used to dump old stocks of outdated or near-expiration
vaccine lots or to test the safety of new vaccine formulas in wide-scale
post-marketing studies.
)For those who wish to receive more information on the progress of this
investigation or who would like to conduct a similar investigation in their
own major urban center, they are encouraged to contact the Los Angeles
County Coalition Against Racist Child-Experimentation at their hotline:
(310)403-2921 or e-mail at consrast@ix.ntecom.com.