A-Infos Bulletin No. 1 from Poland

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22 Sep 96 16:42:06 EDT

News from Poland
Nr. 1 - August '96
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A-Infos is a bulletin of informations produced by anarchists groups or
individuals (members of an organization or not). Those who produce it are
committed to sum-up political, social, ... and anarchist current events of their
country, in the form of brief news (which can be easily translated) so as to
take contacts easier and spread information better.
A-Infos is meant for being published in anarchist papers, magazines... People
involved in producing A-Infos meet once yearly.

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This bulletin is presenting the situation of anarchist groups in Poland. It was
prepared by Collective "Social-Activity" - Polish Anarchist Federation
Information Office in co-operation with Anarchist Collective "Black Wave" and
"RED RAT". Our adresses: Anarchist Collective "Black Wave", P.O. Box 21, 81-040
Gdynia 25, Poland; "RED RAT", P.O. Box 39, 65-182 Zielona Gora 5, Poland.


Hi! After two years of pause we decided to publish a bulletin of Polish
Anarchist Federation (FAP) again. It will contain news about anarchist activity
in Poland. Int the next issue we will show the situation of polish anarchist
movement, in this one there are some latest news. This issue is being sent to
A-Infos adresses, to ABC and to all anarchist groups we know. Because of the
financial problems we ask You for marking if you want to receive our bulletin.
We also ask you for help in distributing the bulletins ideas and news contained
in it. This paper is free, but if you can send us IRC (or SASE) stamps, we would
be very glad. Please, send us your publications which could be kept in our
anarchist library.

What is the FAP?

Federacja Anarchistyczna (FA, the Anarchist Federation) is an eclectic movement,
a federation of various anarchist groups and individuals from all Poland. There
are both individuals and collectivist, both eco-anarchist and
anarcho-syndicalists, both "right-wing" and "left-wing" anarchists in the FAP.
Last May, the XIVth Congress of the FAP took place in Slupsk.


1. May 1996
The all-polish demonstration against system took place in Poznan. 800 people
came to demo. Tens anarchist transparents were showed, more than 3000 leaflets
were given to people. Anarchists and other people went to monument of bloody
victims of workers' rebellion (June 1956), flowers for all people who died in
fight with communist regime were put down.

11 - 12 May 1996
The XIVth Conference of Polish Anarchist Federation was organised in these days
in Slupsk. Representatives of 29 groups appeared on the conference. In the first
day all groups had to introduce themselves. After that we discussed problems
connected with good relation to media. Next subject was green anarchism. We also
spent a lot of time talking about Anarchist Black Cross which has just been
brought to being. Than we resolved the anti-Communist Manifesto in which we
decided not to co-operate with communist party and Marxist groups. On the
conference we also discussed equipmental and financial problems of Polish
Anarchist Federation. The next day we were talking about voting "NO" to
prognosticated constitute referendum. Also an idea of making the network of
anarchist newspapers for youth was being discussed. We had a talk about
boycotting planned for the next years pope visit and Eucharist Congress in
Wroclaw. Next FAP congress will take place in October in Poznan. The adress of
FAP inquiry office has been changed; Collective "Social Activity" from Slupsk is
responsible for inquiry office's work. Anarchist Collective "Black Wave" from
Gydnia is responsible for contacts with abroad (English language) and "RED RAT"
from Zielona Gora is responsible for contacts with abroad (German language).

25 May 1996
The first meeting connected with all-polish help to prisoners took place in
Cracow. The statute was held down, printing bulletins, problems with base for
organisation and financial problems were being discussed. Anarchist Black Cross
was brought to being (however we were making campaigns to free two anarchists
using ABC's name earlier). We are asking all ABC groups to contact us to quote
experiences and information.
ABC-Poland-Information Office
ul. Gontyna 1/2, 30-203 Krakow

8 June 1996
FAP from Rzeszow made a manifestation in Lancut. There was a meeting of 9
presidents of Middle-East-Europe countries (for example: Italy, Austria, Czech,
Ukraine) 20 people were manifesting: "NO for EU, YES for international
solidarity". Information about this action appeared in official media. UOP
(political police) was used after manifestation (they were afraid of
journalists). 5 anarchists were arrested. After some hour, after beating and
fools they were allowed to go home. They will probably have to pay a lot of

19 June 1996
We made "RIVERS DAY" actions in many cities in Poland against building 7 dams on
Wisla river. These actions are in some way the continuation of manifestations in
Czorsztyn. Many people agreed with us.

13 - 14 July
Anarchists from Olsztyn decided to stop the Cormorants Race. These car races are
always being planned accross cormorants areas. Such acts destroy environment and
it cause bird's death. Last year the action appeared to be very nice. We hope
the situation will be the same this year.

Anarchists from Poland help Chechenias
For two years Polish anarchists are organising help for fighters from Chechenia.
Two convoys organised in help with Anarchist Federation were the only ones which
reached the place of fights and gave meal, clothes and medicine to people. All
other convois organised by UN are stopped by Russians and things are being sent
to the "black market". Now the third convoi is organised by FA. Polish
Anarchists are supporting Chechenians who want to be independant, we are
organising manifestations at Russian consulates in Poland, informing actions. We
are also gathering signs under the petition to imperialist government in Russia.

Against Military Service
For some years Anarchist Federation makes actions gaainst obligated military
service and violence in army. Now there are many places where one can expect
help in receiving the replace service; many demonstrations are taking place.

Discussion List
The Anarchist Workers Initiative (AIR) from Warsaw started with anarchist
discussion list. Its adress: Anarchistyczna Inicjatywa Robotnicza, PO Box 71,
O1-125 Waszawa 102, E-Mail: michaelk@plearn.edu.pl

Adresses of FAP groups and individuals

Green Anarchist
PO Box 21
15-661 Bialystok 26

Anarchist Federation - section Bogatynia
c/o Arkadiusz Lipin
ul. Chopina 16/15
59-920 Bogatynia

Anarchist Federation - section Ciechanowiec
c/o Dariusz Kupis
ul. Ralkowa 19
18-230 Ciechanowiec

Anarchist Federation - Czestochowa
c/o Tomasz Radecki
PO Box 1441
42-200 Czestochowa 9

Anarchist Federation - Section Trojmiasto (FAST)
c/o Jany Waluszko
ul. Stare Domki 6/9
80-857 Gdansk

Anarchist Collective Black Wave
PO Box 21
81-040 Gdynia 25

Association AN ARCHE
PO Box 639
40-958 Katowice 2
E-Mail: jaceks@silesia.ternet.pl

Collective Social Initiative
PO Box 27
66-470 Kostrzyn n. Odra

Anarchist Black Cross
ul. Gontyna 1/2
30-203 Krakow

Anarchist Federation - section Krakow
c/o Marek Kurzyniec
ul. Mlynska 4/97
31-469 Krakow

Anarchist Federation - section Kielce
c/o Maciej Wytrych
PO Box 1107
25-520 Kielce 21

Black Banner
PO Box 40
90-965 Lodz

Association Social Initiatives Group
PO Box 1457
45-716 Opole 7

Collective ROZBRAT
PO Box 5
61-966 Poznan 31

Anarchist Federation - section Rzeszow
c/o Pawel Janda
ul. Podwislocze 2/56
35-310 Rzeszow

Polish Anarchist Federation Information Office
Collective "Social Activity"
PO Box 65
76-200 Slupsk 12

Publication AKUKU
PO Box 20
96-500 Sochaczew

Collective Samodzielnosc
PO Box 417
81-705 Sopot 5

MAC PARIADKA - Monthly Anarchist Magazine
PO Box 67
81-806 Sopot 6

Group Social Activity
PO Box 43
41-219 Sosnowiec

Polish Anarchist Federation in Germany
Siederstr. 3
59457 Werl

Anarchist Federation - section Wroclaw
c/o Piotr Zuk
ul. Niklowa 7/13
53-435 Wroclaw

Anarchist Federation - section Zielona Gora
PO Box 39
65-182 Zielona Gora 5


Politicans like arranging somebodys life, every moment they are devising a new
plan to save manking (it means to fill their pockets and satisfy their
There is no end of their craving for power. Social resistance is the only thing
that can prevent a government from totalitarianism. Authorities always tend to
have a monopoly, to control the whole social life.
It is clearly visible in Poland, where we have had a state-mafia system since a
long, long time (so called "connections"). Because of passiveness and naivity of
people, elites are still unpunished. Even if they do a harm to the country and
the citizens they can be considered national heroes.
Every authority is born of our passiveness when instead of doing some work
ourselves, we leave it to the others who mediate between us and the rest of the
world. They are priests, capitalists, policemen, bureaucrats or soldiers. We
have to maintain them, in exchange. They can live without working so they try to
be even more needed. For instance: a soldier multiples wars not peace, a priest
tangles the truth, a richman takes over our common goods. They pretend to
relieve us from some duties, for example a soldier defends us against our enemy
but who will defend us against the soldier?

In our opinion, freedom and democracy are not administration of majority. In a
free, open society, where everybody cares for himself, minority groups should
also have a right to take decisions about their lifes. If they respect a common
law not trying to impose something on the others, it is inadmissable to impose
something on them. If we accept discrimination against minorities now, in future
we may become some minority. The policeman used against a Jewish man or an
anarchist may be used against "an honest citizen" as well. We cannot demand from
people from minorities to pay for school or TV, if it is majority who take
decisions about programmes, not taking account of other people. That is the
reason why we should make a participation in common undertaking totally free,
including the right to refuse a participation and choose the other way.

Methos of Activity
There are many ways of tearing ourselves away from under state restraint:
boycotts, straiks, demonstrations, paying no taxes, an objection to military
service. It is also creating new mechanisms instead of authorities based on
constraints, what gives a society new possibilities to work in an effective way.
Every sign of social ativity beyond state structure is one step to free society.
In a situation right now, we declare non-violent struggle, but we do not exclude
the right to self-defence.

In every country there is a group of people interested in the propagation of
nationalistic tendencies. In the period between the two wars, Polish merchants
were very anti-Semitic because they feared Jewish competition. The talk about
the Polish nation was just a way of maximizing profits.
The slogan "Let all power be in the hands of the Poles" is the slogan of those
who are greedy for power and argue that their supposed racial purity gives them
the right ot be the leaders. This is obviously an absurdity. A government isn't
good because it is made of Poles. Anarchists don't give a damn about the race of
their rulers and neither do they care if they are circumcised. We don't want
Poles or Eskimos to rule us and to steal from us.
It has lately become fashionable among youth to be a nationalist. It is really
pathetic that such such an ideal of lobotomized freedom should have so much
influence on young people who ought to be expressing their independance more
than anybody else. To be a nationalist is to take part in the dirty game of
politicians trying to control the population. When you add to this the violence
displyed by by skinheads, you have a genuine kind of fascism, which certainly
doesn't serve the nation, but totalitarian power. Anarchist is the struggle
against authority in the name of individual and collective freedom