Nyungah letter To Amnesty International

Enigmatic Entity (dizzie@chaos.apana.org.au)
Sat, 21 Sep 1996 16:36:09 +1000

Heinz Schurmann Zeggel
Asia Pacific Region
Amnesty Intenational
1 Easton Street

It is concern of the Swan Valley Nyungah Community and the Nyungah Circle of

1. We would like to bring to the attention of Amnesty International and all
those concerned with Indigenous Peoples' lives, that Nyungah Elders are
becoming deeply concerned with our children being killed on public roads in
ways of Police Pusuit and High Speed chasing.

We are asking and calling on the Federal Givernment to have a Royal
Commission of Inquiry into the Police high speed chasing and our Children
being killed in car accidents. There is no repsect when the media covers
Police Chases when 13 and 14 year old boys are killed in Police Chases. 6PR
Radio Station in W.A. has a very bad attitude when speaking about this
matter on radio to the public in general. Far too many of our youth are
being killed on our roads and the Government State and Federal showing no
concern or interest over our children being killed.

2. We are also concerned with the Government's Budget cutting back on
Aboriginal funding, depriving the Aboriginal People of many forms of
How are we going to go for lawyers? Who is going to pay for legal
representation in the White man's Court of Law?
What organisations will be left to give assistance?

3. We are concerned with Police and the Govenrment's attitude
with the so-called rioting of Halls Creek Western Australia in ways of
Police attack and the white attitude in towns against Aboriginal people.
We fear all this is building up is leading to racial tension which would
lead to racial war amongst races.

We ask for support from Amnesty International and all Indigenous People in
all parts of the World to support and try to bring some form of Natural
Justice in what is being done to Indigenous People here in Western

Nyungah Circle of Elders.
c/o P.O. Guildford
Western Australia
T 09 2796706 or 015 983698 or 09 3425394 or 09 3679116 or 09 3843817