(eng) anarchists arrested in italy

luc pac (lucpac@freenet.hut.fi)
Fri, 20 Sep 1996 11:06:46 +0200

On the morning of 17 September, 1996, around 300 members of the Carabinieri
special squads carried out raids and arrests against anarchists across Italy.

This act of repression is part of a campaign orchestrated by the Roman judge
Antonio Marini and the prosecutors Ionta and Vigna, a campaign which seeks to
prove the existence of a mythical subversive anarchist paramilitary
organisation. The first wave of raids occurred in February 1995, but at that
time the authorities found neither weapons nor bankrolls nor hideouts nor
documents concerning the 'gang', which lacked indeed even a name.

The actions of Tuesday 17 September were carried out by masked and armed
Carabinieri. The results were very serious: 29 arrest warrants and dozens of
people that have been officially informed to be under investigation.
Some of the accused were
arrested and immediately taken to the Rebibbia prison to await judge Marini's
pleasure; others are currently in hiding. It is still not known exactly how
many or who has been arrested - the latter have been denied the right to see
anyone, and have not even been able to talk to their own lawyers.

The charges are very serious and range from subversive association to robbery,
the manufacture of weapons and homicide. In practice this means accusing the
anarchist movement of all the unsolved crimes of recent years, without any
proof being offered. An indication of the climate of persecution surrounding
arrests is the judge's statement that "I want to arrest a gang of terrorists
before I retire".

Another very disturbing matter is the press release issued by the Carabinieri,
which talks of a non-existent subversive organisation structured on two levels:
the first, hidden and illegal, is said to be protected by a more visible
"second level", ideal for "camouflaging itself in the social milieu and
with other subversive cells in a dangerous, criminal brotherhood". It's clear
that this notion of a "second level" is intended to strike at all those
situations of widespread sociality and solidarity (like El Paso in Turin and
other occupied places throughout Italy) which have furnished and continue to
furnish support to all those who will not submit to the repressive apparatuses
of the State. The theorem of the "second level" is the mechanism through which
a very violent attack could be carried out against many situations of the
movement in the near future.

More news and communiques will be posted in the days to come.

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