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Fri, 20 Sep 1996 03:07:31 -0400 (EDT)

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Something funny on the aol news net. Enjoy!
I hope you'll be able to read it. I copied it from the internet and pasted it
into the body of this message. The print seems to be half the size of what
I'm printing now.

Not amused by a prank pulled off by a computer hacker, the Central
Intelligence Agency Thursday pulled the plug on its home page on the World
Wide Web. The unidentified hacker transformed the Web site into a crude
parody. ``Welcome to the Central Stupidity Agency,'' it read. A picture of an
unknown man replaced that of CIA Director John Deutch and fictional links
offered ``News from Space'' and ``Nude Girls.'' The text also read ``Stop
Lying.'' CIA officials say the home page was not linked to mainframe
computers containing spy secrets or other classified national security
information. Officials say the site, visited about 120,000 times a week, will
be restored when CIA technicians are confident they can protect it from