** CALL for TEN DAYS OF TRUTH [Please Forward] **

Mike Ewall (mxe115@psu.edu)
Thu, 19 Sep 1996 16:03:56 -0500

>>From: gioliver@vassar.edu (Gideon Orion Oliver) via Ben Manski
> Refuse the Politics of Cruelty!
> Build Ten Days of Truth
> October 21st - November 1st
> It's All One Attack...
> ...and it is coming down in a landscape where forces like Newt
>Gingrich, Rush Limbaugh, and the Christian Coalition are not just tolerated
>as sane, but actually set the terms of debate. Their platform includes
>gutting affirmative action, slashing funds for education, gay-bashing,
>passing anti-immigrant legislation, building prisons, ending welfare,
>censoring the arts and media, and criminalizing African American youth.
> In the past, student leadership and imagination have contributed
>greatly to many social change movements. And today students have resisted
>by speaking out, walking out, and organizing to demand relevant,
>non-eurocentric, accessible education and otherwise protesting the politics
>of cruelty. But the Right's program for social control is becoming more and
>more realized every day, and student opposition must become more
>comprehensive and more organized. It is time to raise resistance to a whole
>new level.
> During October, the atmosphere around the elections will spark
>debate around key issues nationwide. October is a time when voices of
>protest must be heard, when people in colleges and universities, high
>schools and whole communities unite to unleash a spirit of resistance.
> Don't Be Someone Who Just Lets It Happen!
> As a part of an entire Month of Resistance, Refuse and Resist! is
>calling on students and teachers who will not lie down as the Right tries
>to impose a culture dominated by white supremacy, male supremacy, and
>fundamentalist Christian morality to take a stand by organizing teach-ins
>during October 21st to November 1st.
> During these Ten Days of Truth we will expose the heartless,
>scapegoating politics of the Right and work toward bridging the divide
>between whites and people of color, between immigrant and native born,
>between gay and straight, between women and men, between student and
>teacher. We will do this by using our greatest weapon against the politics
>of cruelty: the truth. The plan is to take the national stage in October
>by making campuses from New York to San Diego light up with visible,
>diverse, coordinated activity. These Teach-Ins will be more powerful
>because they are a part of a nationally organized effort and part of a
>national Month of Resistance where thousands who are disgusted with the
>current climate -- youth, lawyers, writers, doctors, clergy, artists,
>students and many others -- will unite to speak out in a voice of
> A successful campaign will include teach-ins at schools, community
>centers, youth programs, coffee shops, and every scene that students and
>youth run in. It also needs town hall meetings, forums with knowledgeable
>speakers, protests, cultural events and heightened consciousness-raising.
>People everywhere can announce themselves as resisters with speak-outs,
>demonstrations, raves, concerts, film showings, poetry readings and
>anything else that educates and inspires. During these Ten Days of Truth
>let's give accurate information that challenges public misconceptions.
>Let's listen to opinions and encourage honest debates. Let's integrate
>knowledge with action, and unite with people everywhere under the
>conviction that we can change things.
> * DISTRIBUTE this call far and wide.
> * SUPPORT this effort by sending stamps, calling cards, and money.
> * CONTACT Refuse & Resist! for an organizing pamphlet with facts,
> resources, and positions on key issues; statements by
> prominents to be publicized; and guidance for setting up
> a teach-in.
> * GET WORD OUT to all who oppose the politics of cruelty through
> stickers, flyers, posters, and zines.
> * SPEAK OUT with letters to school or local newspapers, and
> announcements on tv and radio.
> * Contact gioliver@vassar.edu for more information. *