(Eng) Repression Against Anarchists In Italy

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Just a short note: The two adresses mentioned at the
bottom of this message are those of two small anarchist
publications in Germany.

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Subject:Repression Against Anarchists In Italy

Statement From 'Geist der Freiheit'

(Translated by Arm The Spirit)


Increasing Repression Against Anarchists In Italy

In the night of September 16/17, 1996, there was a series of 50 house raids
against the anarchist scene in Italy. Charges were filed against 20 people
and they were arrested; charges were also filed against 9 people already in

The charges are membership in a subversive organization and the even more
ridiculous notion of "bombings directed against persons".

Earlier this year, 4 anarchists were jailed for two bank robberies, which
they did not commit, based on the testimony of a state witness. The friends
of these persons were also affected by this latest wave of repression. The
husband of prisoner Jean Weir, Alfredo Bonano as well as the partner of
prisoner Antonio Budini were arrested.

On November 7, 1996 in Trient, proceedings will begin into the two bank
robberies. Many of those people affected by this recent wave of repression
were involved in solidarity work around this trial. The anarchist-hating
state prosecutor Marini, in addition to "normal" means of increasing
repression, wants to see to it that hardly any people are able to attend
the trial in Trient.

Publish this information! Come to the trial in Trient!
Anarchy and Freedom! For a world without prisons!

For more information on the charges against Jean Weir, Christos
Stragopulos, Antonion Budini, and Carlos Terresi, contact:

Die Lunte
Haus 33
Dogmagstr. 33
80807 Munich

For more information on the repression against anarchists in Italy, contact:

Geist der Freiheit
c/o IL Moskito
Alte Bergheimer Str. 7a
69115 Heidelberg

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