(Eng) Sept. 21: Rally For RADIKAL At Dutch-German Border

Robert (101607.2566@CompuServe.COM)
18 Sep 96 19:57:56 EDT

Hi All!

Following the discussion on the a-infos -d list about
contents of this newslist and of what news it should/should
not carry, we were unsure weather to forward this. Radikal is
not an anarchist magazine. It is an underground autonomous
magazine, although some articles in some issues are

But I think what matters here is the fact that the german
state is trying to censor a publication on the net. If they
are successful, who knows what might be next. Already,
people publishing the "Anarchistische Internetzeitung (AIZ)"
(Anarchist Internet Newspaper) from a university server in
the german town of Jena are to be exmatriculated for this
"illegal publication" to fight "misuse of the internet by
anarchist groups" although their internet-newspaper only
carries classical anarchist texts written by protagonists
of the movement.

So if you can, join this rally to fight attempts by the
state in Germany to silence uncomfortable critique.

(for A-Infos Germany)

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Subject:Sept. 21: Rally For RADIKAL At Dutch-German Border

Solidarity With RADIKAL!

A call has been issued for a solidarity rally this Saturday,
September 21st, on the Dutch-German border. The banned publication
'Radikal' will be openly sold at the rally to protest the
German government's Internet censorship.

Since August of this year, an investigation has been underway by
German federal police against "unknown persons" for spreading
Radikal wordlwide via the Internet. These comrades are being investigated
under Paragraphs 129a, 140, and 130 of the German penal code.

Radikal was first put onto the Internet by the Amsterdam-based
Solidaritygroup Political Prisoners (SPG). In December 1995,
SPG stated the following: "We have decided to take this action
to show solidarity with the persons being charged in the so-called
Radikal Trial. We seek to promote the free and uncensored discussion
between leftist groups and persons, without interference by the
German state."

Germany has blocked Internet access to the Dutch provider XS4ALL,
where Radikal has a homepage on the Web. To protest this censorship,
some 40 mirror sites have since been created.

The rally on September 21st is designed to draw attention to the
German government's attempted censorship of the Radikal and the
Internet. The rally will also express solidarity for all those
charged in the Radikal Trial, especially with Glosch who is
still in jail and with Mattes who is still on the run.

For more info on the rally, contact tank@xs4all.nl

Solidarity With RADIKAL!
Mattes - Don't Let Them Catch You!
Drop The Charges Against RADIKAL!


Create One, Two, Many RADIKAL Mirror Sites!!


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