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Subject: Should Military Be Cut $50 Billion?
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Should Military Spending Be Cut $50 Billion In 1997?

To help get public debates about
cutting military spending $50 billion
let's reach 10 of our contacts
to be part of our 1-10 peace group for this purpose.

With enough 1-10 peace groups, we could get public
debates on the value of shifting $50 billion from military
spending in the 1997 budget to needed public concerns.

The Center For Defense Information (CDI)--a non-profit
group run by retired admirals and other military experts--
recommends such a military cut.

Key Focus: We should ask our candidates to focus now on
discussing the feasibility of shifting $50
billion from military spending to public needs.

Learn: CDI recommends yearly military spending be about
$200 billion. However, current 1997 military
budget requests by President Clinton and the
Republican-led Congress are over $250 billion.

For details on CDI's recommended military cuts see
CDI's April/May 1996 newsletter called "Defense
Monitor". (A sample newsletter cost $1.)
CDI's weekly TV show called, "Defense Monitor"
is broadcast in NYC as follows:
CUNY (Ch 75): Saturday at 6:00 PM
WNYC (Ch 25): Thursday at 6:30 PM
WNET (Ch 13): Saturday at 7.00 AM

Contact: CDI = Center for Defense Information
1500 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20005
(202)862-0700 Fax(202)862-0708

Imagine: Instead of Congress wasting $20 billion on 15
unneeded cold war weapon systems in 1997, consider
asking them to buy instead 10 million personal
computers for neighborhood learning centers.

Remember: If we each connect to 10 new others in a week,
then in 8 weeks 100 million people could create
much needed public debates on how to wisely cut
military spending. With a will--there is a way.

Nurture: Let's give copies of this message to our
candidates, friends, relatives, neighbors,
contacts and media. Or make up your own message.

By David Kaufman--Sept. 1, 1996--Create a 1-10 peace group.
To discuss being part of my 1-10 peace group,
send e-mail to: