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Subject: Chile -- Sept 12, 1996

The following was posted on the marxism2 list. Does anyone have a more
complete (and, hopefully, first-hand) report? -- Jerry
From: Tom Condit <>
Subject: Chile -- Sept 12, 1996

Well, here is some news I just got second-hand. I'm not quite
sure of where to post it to, and details are sparse. Please
repost to the appropriate lists.

Police attacked and tear-gassed demonstrators in Santiago and
Concepcion, Chile, today September 12. This is the anniversary of
the 1974 military coup and death of Salvador Allende. Allegedly,
Chile is now a democracy, but only for those who choose approved
parade routes.

Later, guerrillas blew up the electrical system in Santiago and
plunged the city into darkness. This information comes from a
phone call to someone in California who then called me and asked
me to get it on the internet. The caller in Chile said that the
demonstration in Santiago was "large" but had no estimate on
exact size.

Tom Condit

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