New Pacifica Disclaimer for KOOP Radio

Comrade Odekirk (
Tue, 10 Sep 1996 10:47:50 -0500

Howdy folks,

This is a new disclaimer being read at KOOP Radio in Austin Texas regarding
the Pacifica issue. KOOP takes no sides on this issue but would like to give
our listeners all the facts. This is being read before and after Pacifica
News everyday. There is a longer disclaimer being read after the programs
just before Pacifica also.

Pacifica is currently in a labor dispute with its unionized workers. It has
hired a consulting firm which the AFL-CIO lists as a union buster. Pacifica
has filed a motion with the Labor Relations Board to exclude 90% of the
union. The workers have accused Pacifica of union busting. Pacifica denies

For more info,

Call the United Electrical Workers at: (412) 471-8919

Call The Pacifica Foundation at: (510) 428-9196


C. P. Odekirk