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Subject: NYC Squats Evicted
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On August 13, three of the remaining Squats on East
13th street were forcibly evicted by hundreds of cops in
a sneak predawn raid. The raid came as no surprise to the squats
and their supporters since a negative decision was handed down by
the N Y State Appellate court on august 8. The Appellate court
reversed an injunction issued by State Supreme Court Judge Wilk
which prevented the city from evicting the Squats pending the
outcome of a lawsuit against the city by the squatters.
These evictions are only one phase of the current
"state of war" which exists in NYC and in the lower
east side neighborhood in general. This neighborhood in the city
has become a near "police state" with cops using every trick in
the book to rid the area of "quality
of life undesireables". That translates into a war on the
poor. The area has attracted many yuppies seeking
the "bohemian lifestyle" and has become rather gentrified. The New
York Times Magazine and New York
Magazine each had articles in the last year dealing with
squatter "chic". This wob is rather disheartened at what has become
of the neighborhood. I had lived there for many years before
moving to "Joisey" and have seen people like the squats and other
local activists make a
improvement in the area. Years ago, neighborhoods were
destroyed by urban renewal and roadbuilding---the lower
east side is now being killed by an incursion of gentrfied
money. As of yesterday, Sept 7, NYC cops were still
blocking access from east 13th street to all except those who can
prove that they live in the block. My friend dana and myself were
advised to take another route or risk arrest.

For the OBU
Bob Ratynski

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