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Arm The Spirit (ats@etext.org)
Fri, 6 Sep 1996 16:35:10 +0200

Dear cyberspace comrades,

Responding to a call from the Solidaritygroup Political Prisoners
(http://www.xs4all.nl/~tank) in The Netherlands, Arm The Spirit has just
established a mirror site for the banned German resistance magazine
"Radikal". According to SPG, the German authorities are planning to block
all access by German Internet subscribers to the Dutch provider xs4all.nl
because of the fact that a web page for Radikal had been established there.
Both zipped and tar compressed versions of the Radikal page can be
downloaded there, so if you or your group would also like to set up a
Radikal mirror site, please do so! We must show the German authorities that
any attempts by them to crack down on left-wing communications structures,
including those on the Internet, will be met with redoubled efforts on our
part to propagate the free flow of left-wing news and information.

Whether or not the German authorities are actually able to block all access
to the Amsterdam site remains to be seen, but we decided to act right away
and establish a mirror site. It can be found at our web site at

In brief, Radikal is a paper "by and for the autonomous left" which has been
consistently published in Germany since the 1970s. Since being banned under
Germany's repressive anti-leftist laws, the magazine has been published
cladestinely. Topics in the magazine include political prisoners,
communiques and discussions from and about armed struggle organizations,
historical analyses of patriarchy and fascism, updates on anti-fascist
activity in Germany, critiques of and solidarity with the PKK and the
Kurdish national liberation struggle...and usually some "practical" tips,
such as how to safely use computers for political work and what devices can
best hinder the rail transport of nuclear waste, etc.

Arm The Spirit are proud to have translated and distributed several articles
from Radikal in the past, and we look forward to doing so in the future. At
present, some of these can be found at our ftp site in the Autonomous.Left
directory; we hope to covert some of them to HTML format in the near future.

For an uncontrollable resistance media!
Create one, two, many Radikal Mirror Sites!!

Arm The Spirit, September 3/96

Subject: Radikal: German State tries to forbid left-wing newspaper.

Urgent action needed.

Today 2-9-1996, our ISP XS4ALL got a phonecall that the German
Authorities are planning to force German Internet Providers to
shutdown all traffic from and to XS4ALL. This because of the
Radikal-pages on the xs4all WWW-server.

We are calling for people to mirror this site. Our goal is that in
the shortest possible time Germany will cut off all IP-traffic
comming from and going to all other countries (We aim to make
Germany cut off all IP-traffic in the shortest possible time), so that
they will isolate and senzor their own "digital highway". Help
germany to isolate itself. Download a copy of this site
and make a mirror.


We, Solidaritygroup with Political Prisoners, have started this site
after the attack from the german goverment in summer'95 in solidarity
with the people who were jailed after a brutal raid then, and because
we find it important that the Radikal can be distributed without
(german) governement interverance.

Attached is a letter of Felipe, chairman of XS4ALL, and a short
text taken of a statement by some Radikal groups where they tell
what the Radikal is.

SPG-Amsterdam (2nd september 1996)


First reaction of Felipe, chairman of XS4ALL:
Date: Monday, 02-Sep-96 01:15 PM
From: Felipe Rodriquez
Subject: Radikal website(http://www.xs4all.nl/~tank/radikal/index.htm)
forbidden in Germany


Today XS4ALL heard from a colleague provider in Germany that soon the
access to XS4ALL will be closed for german internet users. This is
because of the webpages of the magazine 'Radikal' that are on XS4ALL.


This magazine is illegal in Germany because so-called TERRORISTS are
said to be part of the organisation and because the magazine is said to be
calling for radical actions against the german government.

The only way for them to block access to this site, is to block out
XS4ALL completely, we expect this to take place shortly.

Xs4all is not planning to ask Radikal to find another provider, neither
from the Dutch gouvernment nor from the German government have there
been formal requests towards Xs4all.

People who feel the need to donate webspace to Radikal can contact
tank@xs4all.nl, spreading the information makes it harder to block
specific sites such as xs4all.


This is a E-mail from the db-nl mailing list, sent by Felipe Rodriguez,
chairman of xs4all.nl


++++ stop the execution of Mumia Abu-Jamal ++++
++++ if you agree copy these lines to your sig ++++
++++ see http://www.xs4all.nl/~tank/spg-l/sigaction.htm ++++

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