Serving notice on capitalism

Luis Prat (
Tue, 27 Aug 1996 08:20:29 -0700

>From: Andrew Flood <>
>Subject: Serving notice on capitalism
>Priority: normal
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>Hi all,
>I recently attended the EZLN organised 'Intercontinental Encounter
>for Humanity and against Neo-Liberalism'. Some 3,000 revolutionaries
>from at least 44 countries travelled through police road blocks
>into the rebel held zone of Chiapas Mexico for a week of discussions
>to organise a new global opposition to capitalism. There is a
>lenghty report with photographs of this unique event at
>which should be of considerable interest to any and all of you
>engaged in the fight against capitlism and/or its local effects.
>Please forward this announcement to any mailing lists etc where
>you think it would be relevant. Links to the page would also
>be appreciated
>Check out for
>WSM texts on anarchism and Irish Politics.
>Updated to include material on the Paris Commune of 1871
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