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Mon, 26 Aug 1996 12:09:56 -0500

>Date: Sun, 25 Aug 1996 09:14:45 -0400
>Subject: Chicago rocks and rolls
>Status: RO
>I'm writing this to make you jealous. The DNC has yet to start and already
>things are hopping here. Active Resistance is so cool I can't even tell you.
> There are more than 600 people signed up and the workshops have been quite
>interesting. Michael Albert was actually here for a while to facilitate some
>of them. Things will be going pretty hardcore at AR tomorrow and then will
>be somewhat winding down when the actual DNC starts on Monday, though there
>will still be a lot of "Free Skools." The part about Chicago that you'd like
>the most though is certainly Countermedia, the guerrilla media operation that
>is documenting the real events that are happening here. I've stumbled into
>becoming the primary print stringer for Countermedia, so I'm going to pretty
>much every protest and sending in wire service-type reports from them to go
>up on the web site (""). You
>should find some way to plug A-Infos directly into the Countermedia feed.
> Countermedia's main e-mail address is if you want to get
>in touch. The person to contact about computer stuff is Jerry (Gerry?).
>Spread the word about Countermedia to the ZMI list and on A-Infos, if you
>can. Things are just beginning here. I'll try to keep you up to date.
>Til then,
>P.S. So far the only person from our ZMI session who I've run into here is
>John from Seattle. Tsk tsk.

From: Steve Sewall <>
Subject: Announcing: Prime Time Civic Media Home Page.
Status: RO

Hi folks: In Chicago, students and adults are building the media of the
future. And we're launching a national movement to press the F.C.C. to set
aside weekly prime time hours for civic programming. Send us your links and
input at the URL below.

-Steve Sewall
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Chicago Il 60611 fax 312-661-1143

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