Zimbabwe civil servants strike declared illegal

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^Zimbabwe civil servants strike declared illegal@
(Adds details, strike declared illegal)
HARARE, Aug 20 (Reuter) - The Zimbabwean government said a
civil servants strike that began on Tuesday was illegal and
ordered workers back to their jobs.
Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare Minister Florence
Chitauro said her government would only negotiate with the
Public Service Association (PSA) once it ended the strike that
hurt the southern Africa state's social services.
``As far as we are concerned, this strike is illegal and we
are ordering all those workers who did not go to work today to
report for duty tomorrow,'' she told a news conference.
``If they do not take heed to this call the heads of
ministries are required to take the necessary disciplinary
action according to the public service regulations,'' she added.
Earlier, PSA executive secretary John Makoni told reporters
``a lot'' of the country's 180,000 civil servants had heeded his
PSA union's call ``to go to work and walk out.''
The chairman of the Public Service Commission (PSC),
Mariyawanda Nzuwah, described the strike as irresponsible and
unacceptable, saying negotiation channels had not been
But Makoni said the government had left the union with no
option because it was not prepared to look at workers's demands
for increases of around 25-30 percent.
``We will not go back to work until the PSC and the Ministry
of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare reviews the
situation,'' he said.
Only senior officials were in Zimbabwean government offices
on Tuesday while many other civil servants milled around or
marched their work locations demonstrating.
Nurses at state hospitals around the country also joined the
strike, but the government filled some of the gaps with
personnel from the army and the local Red Cross medical
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