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CONTENTS: Supplement 69

1. (L&R) LOVE & RAGE: NY Antiracists Arrested In
Confrontation With Boneheads

Aren't Racists!

3. (BA) BLACK AUTONOMY: FBI Harassment Of Seattle's
Black United Front

4. (LAWE) Palestinian Homes Under Attack While Jewish
Settlements Strengthened

5. (ATS) ARM THE SPIRIT: NYC Squatters Face Imminent

6. (R&R!) REFUSE & RESIST!: New Web And E-Mail Addresses

7. (REUTER) Five-Year Jail Term Sought For Neo-Nazi Gary

8. (AP) Two Klan Members Plead Guilty To Burning Black

9. (REUTER) Mexican Army Patrol Attacked In Guerrero

10. (AP) Bomb Hits Paris Cult Bookstore

11. (REUTER) Top Spanish General Faces Indictment In `Dirty
War' On Basque Rebels


{Editor's Note: from "Love & Rage: A Revolutionary Anarchist
Newspaper," Volume 7, Number 2, June/July 1996. Subscriptions:
One year, six issues; (fast) $13, (slow) $9. Mail to: Love &
Rage, 1929 S. 5th St., Minneapolis, MN 55455}



By Matt Black

On Sunday, April 27, three people were arrested at the
Meadowlands Arena in New Jersey after a confrontation with
boneheads at a soccer game. Among those arrested was Dan
Sabater, a member of Red and Anarchist Skinheads (RASH) of NY and
the Love and Rage Federation. Dan is facing charges of
Aggravated Assault and Felony Possession of a Weapon (a 3-inch

Members of RASH regularly go to soccer games in the New York
area. As is usually the case, there were about 30 skinheads at
the game. As people were leaving the game, members of RASH
noticed a group of 5-6 boneheads, some of them wearing swastikas.

Dan and others approached the boneheads to verbally confront
them about the swastikas. During the discussion, the boneheads
Sieg Heiled at the RASH folks, and then threw some punches. A
fight broke out as RASH folks defended themselves from the

The brawl was resolved as the boneheads beat a hasty retreat
towards the parking lot, licking their wounds. A few minutes
later the RASH folks went to the parking lot and got in their
van. As they were waiting in traffic, the police stopped them
and made them get out. The boneheads drove by and identified Dan
and other people to the police, at which point the police
arrested Dan and two others. In addition to the criminal
charges, 10 people are banned from the Meadowlands permanently.
Meadowlands Security worked with the police to make the arrests.

RASH plans to fight back in three ways. First, they have
hired an attorney and are waiting to find out what charges are
finally leveled at the arraignment. Second, they plan to use
this opportunity to expose the attempts of boneheads and other
white supremacists to develop an influence within the growing
professional soccer scene in the US.

Finally, they plan to expose the racist hypocrisy of the
management of the Meadowlands in banning the display of
"inflammatory" insignia, such as an Irish flag (which was the
subject of an argument with gate attendants on the same day), but
apparently not including such symbols as swastikas. They are
also fighting the bannings.

RASH are still working out their overall legal and political
strategy. They need your support to help pay for legal and
organizing costs. They are also seeking support from soccer
support organizations. Write for more information or to send

PO Box 365
Canal Street Station
New York, NY 10013




These days, it seems everyone thinks all skinheads are racist.
Thanks to the mass-media (looking for a sensationalized story to
sell papers and air-time), and the increased growth of the racist
right's organizing efforts in North America, our subculture has
been stolen and demonized.

The original skinheads first appeared in England in the late
1960's, growing out of the "rude-boy" and "hard-mod" movements.
White, working-class culture united with that brought to the UK
by Jamaican immigrants, ans skinheads were the result. The
original skins were black and white, and listened to ska music (a
faster, more danceable predecessor to reggae), as well as soul
and blue beat.

These skins had a tough, clean style which expressed their
working-class backgrounds, wearing Doc Marten workboots, Levis
jeans, donkey jackets, and suspenders (called "braces"). At
dances they would wear flashy suits, and mixed freely with West
Indian youth, whose music and culture they admired. Racial
violence by skinheads was near non-existent at this point. How
could there be when the skinhead style grew out of black culture,
and skins listened to black music?! (for this reason, we call
neo-nazis "boneheads" because they are an abomination to where
real skinheads come from).

It is true that skinheads were often linked to violence (which
was frequently mindless). Skinheads frequently got into scraps
with other subcultures, the police, and towards the end, other
skinheads. This eventually led to their downfall, and by 1972 the
original skins were a rare breed.

Out of the punk rock explosion of the late 70's grew Oi!, a
street level movement of kids dedicated to bringing punk back to
its angry roots. Oi! bands sung about real issues faced by youth
in the UK, such as unemployment, prison, authority, etc., and
many bands had an obvious left-wing slant (such as SHAM 69, THE

Unfortunately, other people sought to cash in on the new
skinhead revival. Gary Bushell, a writer for SOUNDS music
magazine (the SPIN or ROLLING STONE of the UK) frequently played
up Oi!'s negative image of violence and aggressiveness while at
the same time making a hefty amount of money by promoting records
of right wing bands. This attracted a lot of scum to what was
once a positive, working class movement.

At the same time, due to outreach by the NATIONAL FRONT (a
fascist political party which at the time was at its height in
Britain), racist and neo-nazi skinheads also began to appear. A
mutation of the original racially-mixed skinhead movement, they
sought easy scapegoats to the problems of unemployment and
recession, blaming immigrants, blacks, and other minorities
instead of the conservative British government ( then under
Maggie "the vampire" Thatcher) Nazi skinhead bands such as
SKREWDRIVER and BRUTAL ATTACK, and organizations like BLOOD &
HONOR (a racist skinhead network) made the message popular and
accepted in the skinhead subculture.

Of course, the mass media helped the nazis along by giving
them exposure without debate. Interested only in selling papers,
the media refused to allow anti-racist skins a voice, effectively
silencing those who directly fought this nazi-resurgence on the
streets, and flooding the skin scene with right-wing scum.
Despite this setback, real anti-racist skins continued to fight
on for their tradition by organizing Oi! against racism concerts,
and physically fighting nazis out of the streets and shows.

Real skinheads hold certain ideals in common. We are all
working and lower-middle class. We believe in unity, pride in our
class and in ourselves. We enjoy music, dancing and a good night
out. Many of us like beer. We also seem to get into a lot of
fights. We are militant in standing up for what we believe in.
And WE HATE RACISM and fight it wherever it rears its ugly head.

People ask why we don't just give up being skins, since we get
attacked both by the right for being anti-racist, and the left
and general public who think all skins are racist. TO this, we
answer that skinhead is our identity. We believe in it. Its who
we are, and we could no more give it up than change where we were
born or the color of our skin. We are proud of what being a skin
really stands for (and not the racist shit preached by the right
and the media), and we want to create a culture that expresses
our ideals. In short, being a skin is our life, and we won't let
anyone take that away from us.

There is a growing section of the skinhead movement who are
not only anti-racist, but also strongly left-wing. Many of us are
anarchists, socialist, and anti-fascist. In addition to fighting
racism, we fight against sexism and homophobia (the verbal,
physical and psychological attacks on gays and lesbians). We
fight against war, against attacks on the poor and working class
(such as strike breaking, cut-backs, etc.), against imperialist
intervention, police brutality and prisons. We fight for a better
world based on our beliefs.

While many skins are nationalist, and proudly display the flag
of their country, we are against this. Being nationalist goes
against what being a skin means to us. Patriotism is a tool of
the politicians and the rich of all nations to make the working
class fight one another, instead of fighting their real enemies.
Nationalism has poor kids killing each other in wars, and blaming
foreigners and immigrants for the lack of jobs (instead of the
corporations who exploit us all). Patriotism has been responsible
for slavery and the massacre of millions of indigenous people.
Instead of nationalism, we promote pride in our class and
culture. We believe in uniting the international working class
against the rich bastard rulers who screw us over every day.

Many skins argue that we should keep our beliefs out of the
scene. To this we argue that being a skin means standing up for
what you believe in, and having pride in it. We hate the rich,
the police, the nazis and the politicians. We want change because
we're tired of being screwed over, and we want a better world.
Politics affects our lives, and we're sick of letting others
"crucify" us without a fight. We're proud of our beliefs because
they are a part of who we are and where we want to go. And we're
working-class skins who want a change, so our beliefs belong at
the shows, clubs, and dance halls.

Also, the nazis offer something to angry kids. These kids
often do not start out as white supremacist, but they are in a
process of rebelling against authority. The nazis offer
scapegoats, and a strong movement to be a part of. If we want to
stop the nazis and get our subculture back, we have to offer a
strong movement as well, preferably one which offers REAL
revolutionary solutions beyond patriotism and nationalism.

"Fencewalkers" are skins who refuse to take sides, but claim
to be into "unity". We argue that there can be no "unity" with
boneheads. In the coming battle you have to choose sides -- the
nazis or us. And you'd better know which side of the fence you
stand on!


for more information about RASH:

RASH Indy or Bishop:
3756 Rockville Road Box 24
Indianapolis, IN 46222 U$A


** Written 9:15 AM Aug 14, 1996 by
in cdp:misc.activism. **



Less than one week after Shenetha Stephens,18, was cleared
of 1st degree assault of a Seattle police officer, the FBI paid
her a visit telling her she is under investigation for check

For those who subscribe to pol-abuse, you may recall that
Stepens and two of her friends were attacked by the SPD who
responded to a noise complaint. Stephens was charged with 1st
degree assault of a police officer while attempting to shield
herself from repeated blows from the cop's flashlight. After
members of the 5% Nation and the Black Autonomy Collective (both
Black United Front for Revolution memeber organizations) and the
Stephens family, along with King County coucilman Larry Gossett
came out in force in the courtroom, all charges were dropped. The
story was front page news in the Black-owned Seattle Medium and
was aired on local Black radio. Stephens herself granted an
interview with the radio station one day after being released.

In addition, BUFR members appeared on KOMO-TV's "Town
Meeting" (which will air on 8/18/96 at 6:00pm (PDT) on channel 4)
and told SPD chief Stamper and a live audience about the
incidences of police harrassment and brutality going on around

We suspect that there is some kind of connection. I
personally have recieved strange messages on my pager from
unknown callers and I caught someone taking notes about me on
sunday near my home (the man left when he saw me looking at him).
We also found out today that the SPD is trying once again to
build a precinct in the 'hood. This was defeated almost 10 years
ago by an organized community, but they've returned with new
tactics and strategies aimed at keeping more occupation forces
(police) in the community.

From what we know the FBI's case against Stephens is very

Here's why:

1.) The FBI claims that Stephens had an account at the Boeing
credit union and used that as a base for her alleged fraud last
fall. Stephens was 17 at the time, in WA state minors can only
get an account with a parental co-signer. Not only did she not
have an account, but didn't work for Boeing either and still
doesn't. Only Boeing employees can get a credit union account.

2.) The FBI claims to have pictures taken by Boeing credit union
security of the suspects. Stephens is NOT one of those pictured.

3.) Why would anyone give out their identification for a check
fraud scheme?

Stay tuned to this and other internet lists or look for the next
issue of Black Autonomy for more on this developing struggle.

Feel free to copy and distribute widely...

G. Jackson.

323 Broadway Ave. E #914
Seattle,WA 98102 USA
206-680-8916 (voice mail)

** End of text from cdp:misc.activism. **


Date: Wed, 14 Aug 96 15:57:13 PDT
From: LAWE <>
Subject: West Bank: House Demolition and Settlement Expansion



LAWE - The Palestinian Society for the Protection of Human Rights
and the Environment
PO Box 20873
Tel: (972) (2) 6824559/6812364
Fax: (972) (2) 6811072

14 August 1996


In Jerusalem and in the West Bank, nine Palestinian homes
have been destroyed in the past week.

On 6 August, Israeli bulldozers destroyed the home of Idris
Pasmool al Mutour, displacing his 14 member family, in Beit Anoon
village near Hebron. Four neighboring homes in the area are also
in danger of demolition to make way for a Jewish-only by-pass

On 12 August, six homes were demolished. One house in Hizma
was demolished, in the Jerusalem municipality, for not having an
(extremely difficult to obtain) building permit. Two homes in
Anata and Jaba' villages (near northern Jerusalem and in Area C
of the West Bank) were destroyed to make way for the Jewish-only
by-pass road that will go from Ramallah to the northern
Jerusalem settlement of Pisgat Ze'ev. And three homes were
destroyed in Kufur Aqab, near Ramallah in Area C of the West

On 13 August, Israeli bulldozers destroyed two houses in al
Issawiyeh village, in the Jerusalem municipality, on the pretext
that they were built without a building permit.


Following on the heels of this renewed aggression on
Palestinian homes and against Palestinian residents of Area C of
the West Bank and Jerusalem, the Israeli government has announced
a series of measures designed to reinforce, strengthen and expand
existing Jewish settlements in Jerusalem and the West Bank.

On 13 August, Israeli Interior Minister Eli Suissa announced
the transfer of $4.8 million to the settlements for
"Oslo-related" expenses. He also pledged at the same time to
speed up [Jewish] planning and construction in the West Bank and
Gaza Strip.

On the same day, it was confirmed by the Prime Minister's
Office that settlements had received permission to install 300
new caravans in various settlements in the West Bank (the
installation of new caravans is a common method for expanding and
taking over new Palestinian lands for settlements and represents
government endorsement for settlement expansion).

The Prime Minister's office also confirmed that it will
permit the 3000 recently completed apartment units throughout the
West Bank to be inhabited.

At a time when confidence has sunk to a low in the ongoing
Oslo process, the double-standard of Israeli policy in the
Occupied West Bank and in Jerusalem further destabilizes the
situation in the area. The Israeli policy of the destruction of
Palestinian homes and clearing areas of an Arab presence, while
at the same time funding and strengthening the illegal Jewish
presence in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, highlights more
clearly than anything else the aim of the current Israeli
administration to limit the Palestinian population to tiny
reservation-style areas and to maintain control over the 70% of
the West Bank in and around settlements.

LAWE - The Palestinian Society for the Protection of Human
Rights and the Environment calls on all interested parties in a
just solution in this area to fax your condemnations of these
Israeli policies to: Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu
(972) (2) 566 4838, Interior Minister Eli Suissa (972) (2)
709628, and the General Commander of the Occupied Territories Uzi
Dayan (972) (2) 530 533.


LAWE - The Palestinian Society for the Protection of Human Rights
and the Environment is a non-governmental organization, dedicated
to preserving human rights through legal advocacy. LAWE is also
an affiliate member of the Paris-based International Federation
for Human Rights.


Date: Tue, 13 Aug 96 15:11:12 -0700
From: Arm The Spirit <>
Subject: NYC Squatters Face Imminent Eviction



August 12, 1996


The tension is so thick can be cut with a knife on East 13th
street in NYC's Lower East Side. It's possible that in the early
morning hours of Monday an evicition could take place of dozens
of squatters who've lived in a row of five buildings on the block
for the past 12 years.

Last years hundreds of cops armed with machine guns and
supported by an armored personnel carrier (that looked more like
a tank) evicted two of the buildings and part of a third.

On Friday the appellate division of the NY State Supreme
Court overturned justice Elliot Wilks' order staying the eviction
of the remaining buildings. While all is not hopeless this is a
very dangerous time for the people of the Lower East Side since
the cops are more than capable of violating their own laws and
court procedures.

At this hour people are moving their more important
belongings out of the buildings in preperation for a seige that
may begin as early as dawn tomorrow or later tis week. In past
eviciton belongings have been seized by the police and trashed or
"lost" in the system.

The court's decision left an out for the squatters. One of
the five judges dissented from the majority leaving open the
possibility of an other stay pending the next level of appeals
with the State Court of Appeals in Albany. Also the decision was
made based on the facts (the court says the squatter didn't prove
they had lived in the buildings for an uninterrupted ten years,
the minimum time limit to gain "adverse possesion") and not on
the law. Leaving open the possibility that other squats can use
the "adverse possession" argument in court. That could be a major
squatters victory.

"Adverse possession" is an age old common law provision
goving title to squatters who "openly and notoriously" live in
abandoned property while making significant improvements to that
property. All the squats have been protected and significantly
upgraded by the squatters, a fact admitted in court by the city.

You can support the squatters with phone calls in support of
the squatters to the Mayor's Action Center at 212-788-7585.

For more information call Blackout books at 212-777-1967.

The squatter's underground radio station, Steal This Radio,
is on the air 24 hours a day with updates. Their frequency is
88.7 FM.

Paul DeRienzo

++++ stop the execution of Mumia Abu-Jamal ++++
++++ if you agree copy these lines to your sig ++++
++++ see ++++

Arm The Spirit is an autonomist/anti-imperialist information
collective based in Toronto, Canada. Our focus includes a wide
variety of material, including political prisoners, national
liberation struggles, armed communist resistance, anti-fascism,
the fight against patriarchy, and more. We regularly publish our
writings, research, and translation materials in our magazine and
bulletins called Arm The Spirit. For more information, contact:

Arm The Spirit
P.O. Box 6326, Stn. A
Toronto, Ontario
M5W 1P7 Canada

FTP: --> /pub/Politics/Arm.The.Spirit
ATS-L Archives:


Date: Wed, 14 Aug 1996 01:53:48 -0400
Subject: R&R! Web



Refuse & Resist! is now operating a web server at
<> and receives email at
<>. Please make a note of these new addresses,
and tell your friends!

Due to technical difficulties, the R&R web documents at
<> are temporarily unavailable, and
mail sent to <> is not being accepted. We hope
these services can be restored in the near future.

In the meantime, please spread the word about our new
Internet addresses, and keep in touch!


Refuse & Resist!

for further information, call or write the Refuse & Resist!
national office at 212-713-5657; 305 Madison Avenue suite 1166,
New York, NY 10165.




Copyright &copy 1996
Copyright &copy 1996 Reuter Information Service

HAMBURG, Germany (Aug 14, 1996 1:35 p.m. EDT) - German
prosecutors demanded a maximum five-year jail sentence on
Wednesday for U.S. neo-Nazi leader Gary Lauck, accused of
swamping Germany with extremist right-wing propaganda over two

Prosecutors told the Hamburg court that Lauck, 43, dubbed the
"Farm-belt Fuehrer" by U.S. Nazi watchers, had played a key role
in printing rightist propaganda and smuggling it into Germany
through a carefully developed distribution network.

They said Lauck's National Socialist German Workers' Party
Foreign Organisation (NSDAP-AO) -- derived from the full German
title of Adolf Hitler's Nazi party -- had built up a huge
extremist publishing empire from his home in Lincoln, Nebraska.

"His aim had been to create a Nazi state in Germany based on
the principle of racial superiority. With this aim in mind, Lauck
developed Nazi ideological principles and strategies," prosecutor
Bernd Mauruschat told the court in the summation.

"He was driven by his strong anti-Semitism and an almost
devotional worship of Hitler," Mauruschat said. "His publications
incited hatred against Jews and foreigners. He adopted the racial
ideology of the Nazis without reserve."

"Despite the fact that Lauck is an American, he built up his
organisation in Germany. He was not motivated by financial gain,
but he acted out of conviction. He will not give up his political
conviction in future," he told the court.

Lauck, who sports a Hitler-style moustache, sat stiffly in the
dock and was silent throughout the proceedings. The verdict,
culmination of his four-month trial, is due on Wednesday.

His defence team have argued that he had not broken any laws
in the United States and that prosecutors must prove he set out
to import material to Germany.

Eager to nail the man they have had in their sights for years,
prosecutors said every edition of "National Socialist Battle
Cry," Lauck's extreme right-wing party newspaper, reached some
10,000 readers in Germany.

Mauruschat said that the paper's racial hatred "crossed the
threshold of the revolting" and became the "ultimate propaganda
vehicle" for the extreme right-wing scene in Germany despite the
fact that it was printed in the United States.

He said Lauck had been in contact with all the leaders of the
neo-Nazi scene in Germany.

His publications, published in 10 languages, had denied that
the Nazis killed six million Jews in the Holocaust. Known here as
the "Auschwitz Lie," the denial is a crime under German law.

Prosecutors have accused him of taking advantage of the right
to freedom of speech in the United States to spread a racist
message in Germany and the rest of the world.

Lauck is charged with inciting racial hatred by smuggling
neo-Nazi and anti-Semitic stickers, symbols and literature. He
also faces charges of portraying violence and disseminating
insignia and propaganda of anti-constitutional organisations.

He was arrested last year in Denmark, where the authorities
decided his publications also violated laws on inciting racial
hatred there. Denmark extradited him to Germany in September.

Subject: nationt_11677.html



Copyright &copy 1996
Copyright &copy 1996 The Associated Press

CHARLESTON, S.C. (Aug 14, 1996 4:23 p.m. EDT) -- Two white men
who said they were card-carrying members of the Ku Klux Klan
pleaded guilty today to civil-rights violations and other federal
charges in connection with the burning of two predominantly black

Gary C. Cox, 22, and Timothy A. Welch, 24, both of Manning,
could face as long as 55 years in prison, U.S. Attorney Rene
Josey said. They will be sentenced later after a presentence
report is completed.

Cox and Welch admitted burning the Mount Zion AME Church in
Greeleyville on June 20, 1995, and the century-old Macedonia
Baptist Church in Bloomville the next day.

They each pleaded guilty to two counts of conspiracy to
violate civil rights and two counts of using fire to commit a
felony in violation of civil rights. They also agreed to plead
guilty to a state charge of assault and battery with intent to
kill in the stabbing of a black Berkeley County man the same

State arson charges will be dropped, Josey said.

Asked by U.S. District Judge David Norton if they were KKK
members at the time of the fires, both responded, "Yes, sir."

Their lawyers said Welch and Cox had since renounced their

"These guys really have a deep sense of guilt about what they
have done," Cox's lawyer, public defender Michael O'Connell, said
after the hearing. "They're going to do everything they can to
make amends."

The pair had little else to say during the hearing except to
answer Norton's questions "Yes, sir" or "No, sir."

Josey said the investigation is continuing and the pair have
promised to testify in other cases, if needed. But he would not
discuss whether others were involved in the alleged conspiracy or
whether the federal investigation was looking into possible Klan
connections to other church burnings.

Both men already have testified before a federal grand jury,
he said.

"It's a victory for justice. These guys are young and they're
impressionable," said the Rev. Terrance G. Mackey Sr., pastor at
Mount Zion. "They should sit in (worship) service with me a
couple of Sundays" as part of their punishment, he said.

It should send a message to others that "you cannot do this
and get away with it," he said.

Macedonia Baptist, with the help of the Southern Poverty Law
Center in Montgomery, Ala., is suing the Christian Knights of the
Ku Klux Klan, charging that it incited the pair to burn black

The lawsuit accuses the Christian Knights of holding rallies
near the churches shortly before the fires and using "disparaging
and inflammatory statements about black churches" to inspire
members to attack black churches and black people.

Arthur Haley, a former Klan leader who helped organize the
rallies, has said "a weak-minded person" who listens to the
speakers "might think they should go out and burn down churches."

Also, literature using biblical passages to justify burning
churches was handed out during at least one recent rally.

But the Klan insists the organization had nothing to do with
the men's actions and has asked that the lawsuit be dismissed as
a violation of its members' freedoms of religion and speech.




Copyright &copy 1996
Copyright &copy 1996 Reuter Information Service

MEXICO CITY (Aug 11, 1996 2:00 p.m. EDT) - Unidentified gunmen
opened fire on two Mexican army patrol vehicles in the troubled
state of Guerrero, injuring two soldiers, the army said on

The attack took place close to the village of Zumpango del
Rio. It was the third attack in the last 10 days against the
military in Guerrero, which is a centre of operations for a
shadowy rebel group calling itself the Popular Revolutionary Army

Hiding in the thick undergrowth close to the village, the
gunmen fired an unspecified number of rounds at the military
vehicles around 4:40 p.m. (2140 GMT) on Saturday.

The Ninth Commander's Office gave no information on the
gunmen, saying only that troops launched a manhunt to try to
track them down. The injured were not named.

Zumpango Del Rio is 11 miles (18 km) north of the state
capital Chilpancingo and straddles the Sun Highway connecting
Mexico City with the Pacific coast at Acapulco.

The EPR, a group of self-styled rebels that was not mentioned
by the army in its statement, first appeared in Guerrero at a
political rally June 28, brandishing high-powered assault rifles
and denouncing the government.

The first attack came on a remote part of the
Chilpancingo-Tlapa road, when rebels wearing ski masks ambushed a
military vehicle, and a civilian died in the crossfire and two
soldiers were injured.

Three days ago, unidentified gunmen attacked an army camp near
the village of Atoyaquillo, killing an army cook and wounding two
other soldiers.

Other skirmishes between suspected EPR rebels and the army
have also been reported in Guerrero and the group also appears to
be active in eastern Mexico, where armed guerrillas called for
the overthrow of the government in a clandestine news conference
on Aug. 7.

In a videotape of the conference seen by Reuters, masked rebel
leaders said they had formed a "new front" in the Eastern Sierra
mountain chain, known in Mexico as the Huasteca region.

The Mexican government, which is already dealing with a
Zapatista uprising in the southern state of Chiapas, denies the
EPR is a genuine rebel army, saying it is just a band of common




08-14-96 1213EDT

PARIS (AP) A small bomb exploded at the Paris meeting place of
a reportedly racist cult Wednesday morning, partially damaging
the building's ground floor and injuring one person, police said.

The bomb shook the bookstore, temple and meeting hall of The
New Acropolis, a ``very racist cult'' based in South America that
has some 500 members in France, police said.

There was no claim of responsibility for the bombing which
injured the building's superintendent, who was taken to a nearby

The sect had maintained its Paris headquarters there for 10
years, police said. The building is located on the rue Daguerre,
a well-known open-air marketplace in France's residential 14th

Police bomb experts were at the scene to determine the exact
nature of the explosion, authorities said.

The New Acropolis, which police said is named in reference to
ancient Greek mythology, is known to be involved in the theft and
trafficking of stolen artworks and is suspected of setting up a
paramilitary training camp in Belgium.

The New Acropolis issued a statement Wednesday afternoon
calling for the quick apprehension of the bomber and denying any
involvement in illegal activities.

The New Acropolis's ``activities have always respected the law
as it is in France as abroad and it has no paramilitary
structure,'' the statement said.




Copyright &copy 1996
Copyright &copy 1996 Reuter Information Service

MADRID, Spain (Aug 14, 1996 1:17 p.m. EDT) - A judicial noose
around Spain's former Socialist rulers for a 1980s "dirty war" on
Basque rebels tightened Wednesday when court officials announced
that a top general who headed military intelligence would be

A judge probing the 1983 kidnapping, torture and murder of two
presumed separatist guerrillas decided to indict Lt.-Gen. Emilio
Alonso Manglano after he testified in court Wednesday as a
witness, the officials added.

Manglano led Spain's spy agency, CESID, for 14 years from 1981
until June last year, when the disclosure that his service had
bugged the mobile telephones of King Juan Carlos and other
prominent Spaniards cost him his job.

The announcement of his indictment next month came only hours
after the new conservative government, which has decided not to
grant courts' request for access to secret CESID files on the
"dirty war," said judges should be able to do without them.

Former Socialist Prime Minister Felipe Gonzalez and his
associates deny accusations by former security chiefs that they
authorised the campaign of bombings, kidnappings, torture and
murder that killed 27 people between 1983 and 1987 -- one-third
of them by mistake.

But Gonzalez's first interior minister, Jose Barrionuevo, is
on trial in the Supreme Court on charges of creating and funding
the death squads that waged this "dirty war."

ETA (Basque Homeland and Freedom) has killed nearly 800 people
in a violent drive for independence begun in 1968.

A former commander of the paramilitary Civil Guard in the
Basque Country, Gen. Enrique Rodriguez Galindo, has already been
indicted over the same case now facing Manglano -- the 1983
kidnapping, torture and murder of presumed ETA members Jose
Antonio Lasa and Jose Ignacio Zabala.

New Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar successfully used growing
revelations on the "dirty war" and mounting corruption scandals
to force Gonzalez to call elections in March, more than a year
ahead of schedule.

But Aznar, who had ridiculed the Gonzalez administration's
argument that courts could not see the CESID files because this
would jeopardize the security of the state, used this same
reasoning to decide this month that the papers would remain under
lock and key forever.

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