General Strike: Argentina

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Tue, 13 Aug 1996 17:16:55 +0000 (GMT)

Latest News Flashes:

Stuctural Adjustment policies imposed by the IMF are once again
spurring large-scale protests.

On Thursday August 8, the biggest labor union in Argentina, which is
usually aligned with the government, called a general strike. Reuters
reported the union's estimate of 90% of Argentine workers honoring the
strike without any counter-estimate from authorities. This strike
occurred despite President Menem's acceptance of the resignation of the
Finance Minister last week after his latest plans to soak the middle
and lower classes were unveiled and caused popular indignation. Police
were reported to have used truncheons and water cannons against the
Madres de la Plaza de Mayo human rights group in Buenos Aires, but no
injuries were alleged.

In Pakistan, a coalition of parties in opposition to Benazhir Bhutto's
government has called for a mass action (work stoppage and
demonstrations) on Tuesday, August 13, in response to new austerity
measures announced by the government. Analysts seems to think Bhutto's
hold on power is threatened.

Soren Ambrose
Nicaragua Network