Urgent Alert For Activists In Indonesia

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Subject:Urgent Alert For Activists In Indonesia

Urgent Alert For Activists in Indonesia

Note from ASIET: An appeal for you to add your name to is at the
end of this message. We will publish an expanding list as more
people add their name to the list.

The Situation In Indonesia: A Special Appeal

The international media has been reported widely on the
current political crackdown and resistance in Indonesia. Key
developments to date have been:

* On July 8, the President of the Indonesian Centre for Labour
Struggles (PPBI), Dita Indah Sari, arrested during an assembly of
20,000 striking workers in the East Java city of Surabaya. Also
arrested Coen Hussein Pontoh from the National Peasants Union and
Mohammed Shaleh from Students in Solidarity with Democracy in
Indonesia (SMID). They are still imprisoned and are likely to be
formally charged at any moment.

* On July 27, members and supporters of the Indonesian Democratic
Party (PDI) violently ejected from their offices in Jakarta by
the Indonesian military. Between 47 and 100 people have been
reported killed. The PDI says at least 158 people still
unaccounted for.

* Over 200 people reported arrested during rioting that followed
the army attack on the PDI headquarters.

* The Surabaya and Jakarta offices of the Peoples Democratic
Party (PRD) occupied by military and police. The Armed Forces
have threatened to arrest all PRD personnel.

* On August 1, Chairperson of the Workers for Prosperity Trade
Union (SBSI), Mr. Mokhtar Pakpahan, arrested and charged with
subversion, apparently for giving speeches inside the PDI offices
in recent weeks.

* On August 2, 5 members of the Yogyakarta branch and two from
the Tangerang-Jakarta branch of the PRD arrested.

* Suharto approves a summons for interrogation against Megawati
Sukarnoputri and other PDI members of parliament.

We urge you to:

- to sign and send back the attached letter;
- send on the attached letter to other people, by mail, fax or
- send a donation of money to ASIET that we can use to help
ongoing campaigns;
- if you are in Australia make sure you attend the August 24-25
National Day of Solidarity with East Timor in your city and hand
out leaflets regarding these developments. Contact local groups
to get details;
- attend any other demonstrations or events organised in
solidarity with the Indonesian democracy movement.

Action In Solidarity With Indonesia And East Timor (ASIET)
P.O.Box 458
Broadway 2007
Fax: 02-6901381
Email: asiet@peg.apc.org


Message from Max Lane,
National Coordinator of ASIET,
lecturer and researcher at the Institute for International
Studies, University of Technology, Sydney and translator of works
of WS Rendra and Pramoedya Ananta Toer.

I am signing the enclosed statement and helping circulate in
widely in Australia and around the world. I would appreciate it
if you would copy any of your responses to me and let me know of
other news you hear. The situation is critical and many people in
Indonesia need our support and sustenance. At the same time the
situation is full of hope for change. Not to help at this moment
would be a failure in solidarity. We will publish an expanding
list of signatures. Please consider the following actions:
Sincerely yours, Max Lane (Action in Solidarity with Indonesia
and East Timor, PO Box 458, Broadway, NSW 2007, Australia, email
adddress: asiet@peg.apc.org)


An Emergency Call

Having seen reports and television coverage of the events of the
past weeks in Jakarta, we call on the Indonesian government to:

- release all people detained following the military assault on
the headquarters of the Partai Demokrasi Indonesia (PDI) on 27
July, including those like Mokhtar Pakpahan, later taken into

- release the leaders of the Partai Demokrasi Rakyat (PDR)
arrested in Surabaya on 8 July (Dita Sari, Hussein Pontoh and
Mohamed Soleh);

- end all intervention into the internal affairs of the PDI and
restore recognition of the elected leadership:

- end all repression against the PDI and PRD and permit freedom
of assembly and association.

Please provide your name, address and any affiliation or


Free Dita Sari - Campaign For International Solidarity

Free Dita Sari!
Free All Political Prisoners In Indonesia!

On July 8, 1996 20,000 factory workers in Indonesia's second
biggest city, Surabaya, East Java, assembled in two groups of
10,000, ready for a protest march. The workers, from ten
factories in Surabaya's factory belt, were on strike demanding a
wage increase from the current $3 per day to $4 per day and other
improvements in conditions. The protest was lead by the
Indonesian Centre for Labour Struggles (Pusat Perjuangan Buruh
Indonesia - PPBI) and the Peoples Democratic Party (Partai Rakyat
Demokratik - PRD). Before the workers could move off on their
protest march, the two assemblies were attacked by the military,
police and marines. Scores of workers and supporting students
were injured. The clash with the military lasted 2-3 hours.
Almost 30 workers and students were arrested. Most of these were
released within 48 hours. More protests were organised the next
day and more clashes and arrests took place.

Still In Jail

Among those still in jail are Dita Sari, 26, the President
of the Indonesian Centre for Labour Studies (PPBI); Coen Hussein
Ponto, a leader of the National Peasants Union (Serikat Tani
Nasional - STN) Sholeh, a student activist from Students in
Solidarity with Democracy in Indonesia (Solidaritas Mahasiswa
Indonesia untuk Demokrasi - SMID).
The Surabaya Legal Aid Institute is acting as their legal
representation. Dita Sari has undergone overnight detentions
several times. She was detained on January 10, 1995 during a
strike of 1500 process workers in Jakarta; during the historic
May 1 workers demonstration in Jakarta; on July 18, 1995 at the
strike of 12,000 garment workers at the Great River Industries
factory near Jakarta; and on the 11th and then again on December
14, 1995 at the 14,000-strong strike of garment workers in Solo
city. She was arrested on June 19, 1996 at a sit-in protest by
5000 process workers in the national parliament.
Dita Sari played a leading role when PRD organised the joint
Indonesian and East Timorese protest occupations of the Dutch and
Russian Embassies last December 7th in support of the East
Timorese people's demand that Indonesia withdraw its military
from East Timor and allow a referendum on self-determination.
The Suharto dictatorship cannot accept that workers,
students and others should organise to demand improvements in
their conditions and an end to the system that exploits and
represses them.
They have consistently harassed, jailed and even killed any
political leaders who have defended the right of workers,
students and farmers to organise. In 1994 they detained, "tried",
sentenced and jailed for nine years, the leader of the previously
active independent trade union, the Indonesia Prosperity Workers
Union (Serikat Buruh Sejahtera Indonesia - SBSI), Mokhtar
Pakpahan. Pakpahan was released after nine months following an
international campaign for his release. Many student leaders have
also been jailed over the last several years.

Kangaroo Court Being Readied

Now with the PRD and PPBI actively and regularly organising
tens of thousands of workers and students to protest, the regime
has decided to move against their leaders as well. Generals from
Armed Forces headquarters have announced that Dita Sari and her
colleagues will be formally charged under the same law that saw
Mokhtar Pakpahan sentenced to nine years in jail. Every single
person, without exception, ever bought before one of Suharto's
courts on serious political charges has been found "guilty".

Democracy In Indonesia And Freedom In East Timor!

The dictatorship is especially angry with the PRD and PPBI
protests, because these organisations have also raised demands
for political reforms. PRD is also the only political party to
formally include in its programme support for the struggle of the
East Timorese people for self-determination and a referendum in
East Timor. PRD and PPBI's political demands include:

- repeal of the five 1985 political laws that allow the state to
control political parties and organisations and appoint 60% of
the "parliamentary" body that elects the President;

- the ending of the military's role in political and labour

- a genuine referendum on self-determination in East Timor;

- the nomination of Megawati Soekarnoputri as a Presidential

Background: The People Democratic Party (PRD) Defies Threats From

The Indonesian military has increased its propaganda attacks
against jailed union leader Dita Sari and her political party,
the People's Democratic Party (PRD). Dita Sari (26) was detained
on July 8 following the PRD's 20,000-worker demonstration for
wage increases and democratic reform.
The chief of the East Java military security command, Major
General Imam Utomo, was quoted in newspapers later as accusing
the PRD of being "the descendants of people with a socialist
ideology". Utomo also stated, "We have discovered that there are
those indeed who are trying to revive the socialist movement.
They do not accept that the two million people of the Indonesian
Communist Party should have been massacred by the New Order
This is the first time that a prominent opposition figure
under arrest has been accused of being communist or socialist
since the smashing of the Communist Party during 1965-8.
Despite these attacks and Dita Sari's continuing detention,
the PRD has not let up on its offensive for democratic reform.
On July 22, the PRD issued a new political manifesto during
a ceremony attended by 300 people, including Indonesian and
foreign media, at the Jakarta Legal Aid Centre. The PRD also
issued human rights awards to: Xanana Gusmao; West Papuan hero
Thomas Wanggai; Indonesian Democratic Party (PDI) president
Megawati Sukarnoputri; liberal Islamic leader Abdurrahman Wahid;
rebel ex-parliamentarian Sri Bintang Pamungkas, currently
appealing a seven-year sentence handed out by Suharto's political
courts; Tempo magazine; Indonesia's outstanding writer, Pramoedya
Ananta Toer; progressive publishing house Hasta Mitra; and
dissident academic Dr George Aditjondro.
An East Timorese youth leader attended on behalf of Xanana
Gusmao and the National Council of Maubere Resistance, and
students from the Irian Jaya Student-Youth Forum received the
award for Thomas Wanggai.
PRD's president, Budiman Sujatmiko, introduced the new PRD
manifesto, summing up the PRD's immediate campaign demands. These
are: repeal of the five basic political laws controlling
political parties and mass organisations and allowing appointed
members of parliament; the end of any role for the military in
political affairs; free elections; the nomination of Megawati
Sukarnoputri as a presidential candidate; and a referendum for
the people of East Timor. The PRD also reaffirmed its commitment
to the struggle for a minimum wage of Rp7000 ($4.60) per day for
factory workers.
On the same day, the Yogyakarta PRD branch, the local PDI,
PDI Youth and NGOs held a demonstration at the Gajah Mada
University under the banner of the Megawati Support Movement.
Several hundred people assembled outside the campus entrance,
which was blocked by four truckloads of anti-riot military. Other
entrances were also blocked by the military.
Following speeches by local PRD leader, Ojie, the crowd
attempted to enter the campus. As the crowd approached the main
entrance, a leader of the New Nationalist Union also spoke,
encouraging the masses to move forward. Activists circulated the
Yogyakarta PRD bulletin, People's Spirit, which resulted in many
bystanders joining the march down the boulevard towards the main
entrance. The crowd grew from several hundred to over 1500.
When the marchers reached the entrance, they surged forward
against the three rows of military blocking the road. Several
protesters received minor injuries, while some soldiers lost
their batons to the protesters. The protesters eventually
retreated and, after resolving to continue the actions, dispersed
in an orderly fashion.
PRD'S and the mass organisations offices in different places
has gone underground after the military's incursions.

Urgent Funding Is Very Important To Support The Continuing Of The
PRD's Struggle And The Mass Organization:

Name Of The Bank: BCA Kantor Cabang Pembantu JL. M.T. Haryono
Address Of The Bank: JL. M.T. Haryono
Account Holder: Ari Trishmana
Account Number: Tabungan Tahapan BCA No. 2520061544


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