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CONTENTS: Supplement 68

"Terror Summit" Against Our Peoples

Update, July 1996

3. (AA-M) AUTONOME ANTIFA (M): Press Release --
Concentration Camp Survivors Will Receive 51,000

4. (AFIB) David Irving's 1996 North American Tour

5. (AFIB) Antiaborts' Advocate Reign Of Terror

6. (AP) Neo-Nazi Skirts Charges

7. (LT) Alarm Over French Order To Round Up Immigrants

8. (LT) National Front Outlaws Handbills

9. (AP) Teen Links Supremacist To Crime Ring

10. (AP) Argentine Cops Prevent Plaza De Mayo Mothers
From Holding Weekly March

11. (LAT) Immigration Protest Ends In Scuffle Again

12. (NYT) Mexican Group Displays Rebel Credentials


From: "DHKC informationbureau Amsterdam" <>
Date: Fri, 9 Aug 1996 17:47:56 +0000
Subject: G-7 Terror Summit



The ministers of Foreign Affairs, the ministers of Interior
Affairs and the directors of the secret services of the USA,
Germany, Japan, France, England, Canada, Italy and Russia
participated in this summit of the seven most wealthy countries
of the world and Russia. On the agenda were the precautionary
measures against the national and social struggles against
imperialism and its fascist collaborators. The names of the PKK,
DHKP-C, IRA and ETA were on top in the "Terror" report of
imperialism, next to the Islamic organisations who defend armed
struggle. It is known that imperialism denounces states which
resist it and which refuse to accept its pressure, as well as the
organisations which fight imperialism as "terrorist states" and
"terrorist organisations". Each and everyone who opposes
imperialism fall into this category. And that's the way
imperialism tries to hide repression, threats, provocations,
plots and open attacks under the demogogy of "the fight against

The history of imperialism is the history of guilt and

The imperialists wage war against the states which insist on
socialism and independence, which do not bow for the imperialist
attacks, which refuse to agree with imperialism and its fascist
collaborating regimes. They wage war against the national
liberation movements. This war is planned and waged in the whole
world on all levels, military, ideologically, economically,
politically and culturally. It is imperialism with its regular
armies, its secret services, its police organisations and all its
organised terror that wages war against the peoples and the
people's liberation movements, it's imperialism and no one else.
The source of terror is found by those who prepare this "World
Terror Summit", the enemies of all people: imperialism. Every
minute of the policy of the imperialists against the peoples
constitutes terror, war and massacres. They constitute a crime.
To oppress the struggle of the people, imperialism - which
doesn't recognise any international decision - deploys unlimited
violence. Hypocrisy is a characteristic of imperialism as well,
and it can not give it up. The demagogy of imperialism of
phrases like "terrorist state" and "terrorist organisations"
everywhere where people fight against imperialism, has become
null and void.

The "Terror Summit" cannot stop the struggle of our people.

Of course, we do not expect praise from imperialism. We as
the Party-Front, and in the name of Turkey, consider it an honour
that the liberation struggle of the DHKP-C is classified as
"dangerous" in the reports of imperialism because it resolutely
defends socialism and does not accept co-operation with
imperialism. The DHKP-C is a people's movement. It's a movement
of the Turks, the Kurds, Laz, Cherkessians, Georgians, Arabs,
Syrians... It's the liberation front of the people, of the
different people who live on our soil. It represents hope for a
independent and democratic future. We invite all those who can
not recognise this truth to visit our country. Everywhere where
there is exploitation and cruelty, everywhere where imperialism
rules, we do not conceive the struggle for independence and
freedom as terrorism. On the contrary, we consider this struggle
as justified and as a most natural duty. The "Terror Summits" of
imperialism can not controle the people who are prepared for
explosions everywhere in the world. The "Terror Reports" of
imperialism cannot prevent that we will shock the world, also
from Turkey and Kurdistan.


Visit HTTP://
For regular news and information
about the classwar in Turkey and Kurdistan


** Topic: germany update july 96 **
** Written 5:50 PM Aug 4, 1996 by in cdp:gen.racism **


Germany Update July 1996


The trial against the police officer accused of shooting an
unarmed 16-year old Kurdish youth in the back whilst putting up
posters for the forbidden PKK was postponed after one week early
in July due to the judge suffering a heart attack. No new date
for a restart has so far been given.

The trial of the thirty-year old officer Klaus T. comes
almost exactly two years after the killing of Halim Dener in the
Lower Saxony city of Hannover in the early hours of July 1st
1994. According to the officer, a member of a Special Duties Unit
(SEK) the fatal shot occured after a "struggle" with the youth. A
Kurdish witness to the event however reports that the officer had
approached the youth with pistol already drawn.

A previous decision to transfer the trial from Hannover to a
high-security courthouse in the town of Celle supposedly from
fear of revenge actions by militant Kurdish groups was criticized
by an independant "Trial Observation Group Halim Dener". The move
"creates the impression of a danger posed by Kurdish people
living in Germany, which is completely unfounded", according to a
group spokesperson. "In this atmosphere it will be impossible
from the very beginning to have a trial in which there is an
objective clarification of the events of that night".

The Trial Observation Group has also decided to found an
international investigative commission with politicians, legal
experts and human rights activists from Germany and other
European countries in order to monitor the trial as closely as
possible. Signatories to an initial "call for international trial
monitoring" include Silke Stokar, a member of the Lower Saxony
State Parliament for Coalition 90/The Greens, the Federation of
Democratic Scientists, The National Association of Young Social
Democrats and Lord Eric Avebury, chairperson of the British
Parliament's Human Rights Commission.

In a related development Hannover police demonstrated a
remarkable degree of insensitivity towards the local Kurdish
community by banning a memorial demonstration for Halim Dener on
the second anniversary of his death. The demonstration was
registered in the name of the local branch of the Party of
Democratic Socialism (PDS). A police spokesperson claimed that
they had reason to believe that the "PDS was acting as a front
for the forbidden PKK" and that they therefore had to assume that
"forbidden symbols and flags would be shown on the
demonstration". Acting on these diverse assumptions the police
thus decided to ban the demonstration.



Two Algerian prisoners died in a fire on the night of 13th
to 14th July in the hospital section of the JVA Wehlheiden in the
town of Kassel. The prison authorities immediately gave the cause
of death as suicide, stating that the prisoners had barricaded
themselves in their cell and subsequently set it alight.

In an article in the local Kassel newspaper "Brueche" the
"`Elwe' Trial Monitoring Group" cast doubt on this version of
events, by claiming that the following facts were known about the
circumstances leading up to the death of the two prisoners:

"- The two men who died had both been under heavy sedation for
days, they were very apathetic and are reported to have slept
throughout the previous nights.

- One day before the fire they had not been in possession of
matches or a lighter.

- Other prisoners had heard calls for help for 35 minutes without
anything in the way of help happening in the hospital section.

- Cell doors open outwards, making it impossible to "barricade"
them effectively.

- The whole hallway area is heavily damaged, pointing to the fire
burning for a long time.

- Prisoners accomodated in the hospital section on the night of
the fire have started legal proceedings (against the prison
authorities) because they were not let out of their cells in
spite of calls for help.

- There were not enough members of staff over the public holiday
period (during which the fire occurred). This situation had been
going on for years.

- There were no fire alarms and no sprinkler system in the
hospital section. There was however a fire hose, situated 1.5
metres away from the cell door of the two inmates.

- The emergency telephone is said to have been out of operation
for 6 weeks previously.

- The fire services could not enter by one of the main gates and
hence had to extinguish the fire through one of the cell windows.

- Witnesses to the fire have been transferred to other prisons or
subjected to massive intimidation, in order that nothing should
get through to the outside world apart from the official

The Kassel-based "Antiracist Initiatives Bureau (BARI)" also
reported that a Kurdish prisoner was found hanged in his cell in
the same prison on the night 15th-16th July. The "Junge Welt"
newspaper of July 18th also reported that a Nigerian prisoner had
been found hanged in the same prison just a few weeks previously.

Kassel prisons attained notoriety in July 1994, when a
prison revolt by Algerian prisoners in the "Elwe" prison in
Kassel was violently ended by police Special Duties Units and
detachments of prison officers from other prisons, including

According to the Elwe Trial Monitoring Group "everyday life
in this completely overcrowded prison is characterized by
"cooler" cells, beatings, racist comments, the most miserable of
conditions in the workshops, refusal of weekend release schemes,
etc. Prison Director Geissler says that he is "unfortunately no
longer able to guarantee the standard cubic metres of air per
prisoner"- but nothing changes. This is not in Chile or Turkey,
this is reality in the middle of the city of Kassel, in a state
with a "green" Minister of Justice".

The "Junge Welt" newspaper from July 30th also reported that
2 prison officers from the Elwe prison had been found not guilty
of mistreating prisoners during the 1994 prison revolt. Although
a number of prisoners were quickly sentenced to terms of between
18 months and five and a half years, the trials against a total
of 12 prison officers accused of violence against prisoners are
still going on or have yet to start two years after the event. Up
till now no prison officers have been convicted and local
antiracist groups have said that they assume all the officers
will be acquitted: "As long as they (the prison officers) keep
covering each other and the refugees have to practically remember
details which they weren't able to think about in the situation
at the time, the prison officers will have an easy time of it".
The "Junge Welt" article also quoted a prison psychologist who
was present during the Elwe revolt and the subsequent prison
authorities' action as saying that the prison staff beatings of
the prisoners which she witnessed reminded her "of pictures of
concentration camps, with naked prisoners begging for help".


** End of text from cdp:gen.racism **


Date: Thu, 8 Aug 96 03:24:02 -0700
From: Arm The Spirit <>



One month ago, charges against 17 people in the case against
Autonome Antifa (M) for "building a criminal organization"
(Paragraph 129) were suspended after defense lawyers "informed
their clients about German assembly laws". Part of the deal which
allowed the case to be closed was that 51,000 DM in fines would
be paid to the Mittelbau-Dora Concentration Camp Memorial near

On August 2, 1996, the defense filed a motion to request
that the money not be paid to a state-sponsored institution, but
rather that it be given directly to survivors of the
Buchenwald-Dora concentration camp. Over the past few years,
concetration camp memorials in Germany have been restructured and
much of the money they now receive is utilized for historical
revisionist projects. For this reason, Autonome Antifa (M) would
like the money to go directly to the formers camp detainees. It
is expected that the state prosecutor will accept this proposal.

(Translated by Arm The Spirit from an Autonome Antifa (M) press
release, August 3, 1996)

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++++ see ++++

Arm The Spirit is an autonomist/anti-imperialist information
collective based in Toronto, Canada. Our focus includes a wide
variety of material, including political prisoners, national
liberation struggles, armed communist resistance, anti-fascism,
the fight against patriarchy, and more. We regularly publish our
writings, research, and translation materials in our magazine and
bulletins called Arm The Spirit. For more information, contact:

Arm The Spirit
P.O. Box 6326, Stn. A
Toronto, Ontario
M5W 1P7 Canada

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ATS-L Archives:




David "nazi-in-a-suit" Irving will grace the shores of North
America this September. As a "public service," AFIB is posting
his "engagement calendar" and list of sponsors. Why not add
yourself or your organization to the "welcoming committee"! In
October 1994, several hundred Bay Area antifascists gave Irving
and his entourage of stormtrooper wannabes' a "warm" Berkeley
welcome! (We've got a pack of NSDAP/AO stickers to prove it!)
Call the following numbers below for details. Just tell 'em
"Gary Lauck" sent ya!

September 7: Los Angeles -- Mark Weber, (714) 631-1490
September 9-10: Sacramento -- "Mike," (916) 967-9826
San Francisco -- Max Kerston, (415) 591-0404
September 13: Washington, D.C. -- "Andrew," (202) 986-6628
September 26: Cleveland -- Eric Gliebe, (216) 888-4598
September 27-29: Monroeville: -- MAX Show at the Expomart for
(Pittsburgh) an Irving book signing

(Source: The Northwest Update, August 1, 1996, Coalition for
Human Dignity, Seattle, WA)






Antiabortion terror in North America has taken the form of
arson, stalking, kidnapping, bombing, chemical attacks, assault
and murder. Women seeking health care, clinic workers and
doctors are harassed every day; day in, day out. Although
proponents of "defensive action," i.e. _terrorism_ have been
relatively "quiet," the current "lull" will inevitably be
followed by a new campaign of arson, mayhem, and -- if the piece
below can be believed -- truck bombs and poison gas attacks.

The tactical similarities among violent antiabortionists'
and the neo-Nazi underground are striking. On July 12, a Planned
Parenthood clinic in Spokane, WA was bombed by a neo-Nazi cell,
the Phineas Priesthood. More than $100,000 damage was inflicted
as a result of the attack. 12 minutes later, a branch of the
U.S. Bank was robbed of more than $50,000 by the Nazis. On April
1, the gang exploded a pipe bomb at the office of The Spokesman-
Review, a Spokane newspaper, prior to their first daylight heist
of the same bank branch.

The Rev. Donald Spitz and Mike Walker are long-time
proponents of "defensive action." Both fascists signed Rev. Paul
Hill's "justifiable homicide" manifesto. Spitz organized a
demonstration in support of assassin, John Salvi, after Salvi's
arrest in Virginia for the murder of 2 clinic workers and the
wounding of 5 others in December 1994.

Women, clinic personnel, physicians and clinic defenders
have the right to defend themselves against attack from armed
thugs _by any means necessary_.


Organization Pro-Life Virginia
Date 29 Jul 1996 17:10:38 GMT
Newsgroups talk.politics.guns
Message-ID <4tirae$>

Because America will not protect innocent unborn children
who are murdered at over 5000 a day in this country, God's hand
of protection is being taken away from America. The same justice
America has provided for unborn children, which is none, is the
justice America will receive on herself.

God will use evil people and nations to bring destruction
onto this country. (Just as He did in Bible days.) God is a
just God and will not let the innocent blood of children, made in
His image, have no retribution.

America has gone to far and has shed to much innocent blood
to not receive God's judgment.

America will reap what she has sowed. Nations, (unlike
people) cannot be cast into hell-fire, so God's justice will be
meeted on this country in real time.

This is only the beginning.


** Topic: Justifiable Homicide Fellowship **
** Written 1:14 PM Aug 5, 1996 by {address deleted, Ed.}
in cdp:{conference deleted, Ed.} **

For Immediate Release


Birmingham, AL Information: Mike Walker
August 1, 1996 Ph/Fax: 205 979 8699

"JHF Declaration"
Backs Use of Truck Bombs Against Abortion Clinics

A new organization calling itself the "justifiable homicide
fellowship (JHF) has given moral approval to the use of truck
bombs, poison gas and other weapons of mass destruction. While
not suggesting that it is calling for such attacks, the JHF
states that abortionists are mass murdering babies at abortion
clinics and it is right for abortion fighters to utilize even
such weapons in order to save children from baby killers. On
June 1, 1995, a `Nashville statement' with the same ethical
position was issued in Tennessee by the Evangelical Mission




08-07-96 1511EDT

HAMBURG, Germany (AP) Judges trying an American neo-Nazi
dropped charges Wednesday involving the distribution of a banned
propaganda video because the statute of limitations had expired.

Prosecutors say Gary Lauck peddled the video ``Der Ewige
Jude'' (The Eternal Jew) in the early 1990s, but Hamburg state
law has a six-month statute of limitations for the offense.

The video was distributed by the organization Lauck heads, the
National Socialist German Workers' Party-Overseas Organization,
which Germany banned in 1974.

Lauck, a 43-year-old resident of Lincoln, Neb., is charged
with inciting racial hatred and distributing anti-Semitic
material that lauds Hitler, defames Jews and denies the Holocaust
took place. He faces a maximum 14 years in prison if convicted.

The court is expected to hear closing arguments at the next
two sessions of the trial, scheduled for Aug. 14-15. The verdict
is expected Aug. 22.

Lauck was arrested when he attended a convention of neo-Nazis
in Denmark in March 1995. In September, he was extradited to
Germany, where he has been held in investigative custody. The
trial began in May.


Subject: wfre07.html


International News Electronic Telegraph
Wednesday, August 7, 1996
Issue 444


By Julian Nundy in Paris

A FRENCH police memorandum telling officers to round up
illegal immigrants to fill a charter flight leaving for Tunisia
and Mali tomorrow has stirred controversy over French government
attitudes to immigration.

The Left-wing daily Liberation yesterday published a copy of a
two-sentence instruction sent to all gendarmerie posts in the Val
de Marne department bordering Paris. The unsigned computer
printout, giving details of the charter flight from Orly, carried
codes indicating that it was sent from the local gendarmerie
headquarters in the eastern Paris suburb of Creteil.

"In consequence," it said, "we ask all units to pay particular
attention to seeking out immigrants without legal residence
papers . . . of Tunisian or Malian nationality."

Under French law, it is illegal for police officers to check
identity papers on the basis of race. Police are technically
allowed to check the papers only of people resembling a suspected

However, checks of people of immigrant appearance are common,
particularly in the Paris Metro. When challenged, officers
usually justify their behaviour by saying they have received
complaints about pick-pockets or other perpetrators of minor
crime who are of immigrant appearance.

Gendarmerie officers said yesterday that the document
published by Liberation was genuine and that the instruction was
cancelled when the memorandum fell into the hands of the media.

It was Edith Cresson, the Socialist prime minister from May
1991 to March 1992, who first mooted the concept of charter
flights to repatriate illegal immigrants. Her words provoked
protests from anti-racist and human rights groups.

Since then, however, conservative governments have made
charters an institution, using as many as two a month to return
immigrants to Africa and Romania.

Just over 1,000 immigrants have been expelled each month since
Jean-Louis Debre, a Gaullist, was apointed Interior Minister
after President Chirac's election in May last year.

Estimates of the number of illegal immigrants vary from 30,000
to 500,000. The government says its goal is to expel 20,000 a
year, arguing that they are often involved in crime such as drug
trafficking and, at best, aggravate unemployment.

One justification for using charters is that the previous
methods were visible and distressing. It was not uncommon to see
police leading immigrants in handcuffs through airport departure

On board the flights there were occasional scenes of hysteria,
even violence, as the migrants tried to resist their enforced
return. Now, the charters are loaded far from the usual passenger
terminals. The legal procedure for deciding how to fill the
charter flights is for the Interior Ministry to draw up lists of
prisoners who have already had time to complete all the legal
appeal procedures to stay in France. Then the ministry charters a
plane and fixes its destination.

On occasion, French charters have also carried illegal
immigrants arrested in other countries. Fode Sylla, president of
France's SOS-Racisme organisation, said he was "indignant and
disappointed" to hear of the gendarmerie note.

Gerard Tcholakian, a lawyer for an immigrants' rights
association, said that the authors of the instruction to the
police risked prosecution for abusing their authority and


Subject: wchir08.html


International News Electronic Telegraph
Thursday, August 8, 1996
Issue 445


By Julian Nundy in Paris

PRESIDENT CHIRAC has been asked to intervene to guarantee free
speech in the town of Orange, where the extreme-Right National
Front mayor has banned the distribution of handbills.

Thierry Mariani, the local MP for the Gaullist Rally for the
Republic, who signed most of the handbills, challenged the ban as
unconstitutional and said he would personally resume distributing
them in front of the town hall.

Jacques Bompard, one of the first three National Front mayors
elected to run French towns in June last year, decided last month
to ban the distribution of handbills until the end of August.

He said tourists and visitors to a local cultural festival
were throwing them on the ground, causing a litter problem.
France's national public libraries' inspectorate said in a report
last month that Orange libraries were being forced to withdraw
Left-wing literature from their shelves.

The town hall responded that it was withdrawing only books
that "offended good morals". One book listed was a collection of
African short stories for children.

The conflict between the National Front mayor and a local
Gaullist politician comes as some political sources say they
expect the extreme-Right party, led by Jean-Marie Le Pen, to take
as much as 20 per cent of the vote in the next National Assembly
elections in March 1998.

They blame its rise on the fact that the conservative
coalition of Mr Chirac's Gaullists and members of the
centre-Right Union for French Democracy has disappointed public
opinion by failing to bring the rapid reforms promised before the
election in May last year.

They also blame a continuing French disillusionment with the
Left. In the presidential election, Mr Le Pen obtained 15 per
cent, the National Front's highest ever national score. A local
court is expected to make a preliminary ruling within a fortnight
on Mr Mariani's appeal that Orange is being denied a "basic
liberty - freedom of expression".

The other two towns run by the National Front are Marignane,
just outside Marseilles, and, far more important, the
Mediterranean port of Toulon. In the latter, the city council is
headed by Jean-Marie Le Chevallier, a member of the party's

Anti-racist organisations have joined together in a grouping
called "Toulon is us too" to monitor and fight racism. In Orange,
Mr Mariani runs a similar organisation. These associations say
that racism has become more open since the municipal elections.

"Since the National Front arrived, people think they can now
say things that were taboo before," said a Toulon teacher. North
African Arabs in Toulon complain of young men on motorcyles
riding round blocks of municipal flats in the evenings shouting
"Dirty rats, go home" through megaphones.

The National Front blames immigration for almost all of
France's problems, particularly unemployment, drugs and both
minor and serious crime.

Subject: RING08.htm


The Philadelphia Inquirer
City & Region

Thursday, August 8, 1996


Says The White Supremacist Knew Of The Gang's Bank Robberies


ALLENTOWN, Pa. -- The Philadelphia teenager convicted for his
role in six Midwestern bank robberies says that a Berks County
white supremacist was present while the holdups were discussed.

Kevin McCarthy, 19, told a federal judge in Ohio last week
that Mark Thomas, of Longswamp Township, knew all about the
activities of the gang of robbers who called themselves the Aryan
Republican Army.

In fact, McCarthy testified that Thomas had introduced him
back in 1994 to the gang's leader, Peter Langan. The three met in
an Oklahoma restaurant, and Langan boasted about some of the
gang's 22 suspected robberies in seven states, McCarthy said.

``Langan just wanted me to know what I was getting myself
involved in,'' he told U.S. District Judge John D. Holschuh
during an evidence hearing for Langan in Columbus, Ohio.

Federal prosecutors believe the robberies netted more than
$250,000 and suspect some of the proceeds were funneled to white

Thomas, who has not been charged, denies any involvement.

``I've done no wrong,'' Thomas told The Morning Call of
Allentown. ``As I've stated before, I have no knowledge of any
criminal activity.''

McCarthy, who told the judge that his gang wanted to ``open
the door to the overthrow of the U.S. government,'' pleaded
guilty last month to six of the robberies and is cooperating with




Copyright &copy 1996
Copyright &copy 1996 The Associated Press

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (Aug 9, 1996 7:11 p.m. EDT) -- Mothers
of Argentina's "disappeared" accused the government Friday of
resorting to tactics used by the 1970s military dictatorship to
prevent them from holding their weekly human rights march.

The Mothers of Plaza de Mayo, whose children were abducted and
murdered during the dictatorship, have marched freely for almost
20 years in a square in front of Government House to demand that
the authors of the repression be jailed.

On Thursday, the elderly women, wearing their trademark white
headscarves bearing the names of their loved ones, were ejected
from the Plaza de Mayo. The square has become a symbol of their

Police said they had been given orders to break up public
rallies to avoid social unrest during a 24-hour general strike by
labor unions.

"And they call this democracy!," one of the Mothers, Evel
Petrini, said in a telephone interview. "The police used water
cannon, pushed us around and threw us out of the square."

"It was a flashback to the dictatorship. How can they throw us
out of our square?" she added.

Petrini said four mothers managed to get into the square after
one of them threw herself to the ground and started screaming.
Shortly after, others were roughed up as they tried to enter.

"So we stood by the police and their barricades and marched
there instead," she added.

The mothers, mostly housewives, began to walk in circles in
the Plaza de Mayo under the dictatorship in 1977 after police
said it was forbidden to sit and hold public meetings.

They still meet daily in a three-story house in downtown
Buenos Aires, compiling press clippings and producing a monthly
newspaper. This year, they celebrated their 1,000th weekly march.

More than 9,000 people disappeared during the so-called "dirty
war" in the 1970s when the military government waged a bloody
campaign against leftists and political dissidents.




Border: No one is injured as officers minimize contact
between 500 backers of Proposition 187 and 150

By BOB POOL, Times Staff Writer

Sunday, August 11, 1996

Insults were hurled and fists flew Saturday as demonstrators
on both sides of the immigration issue clashed once again outside
the Federal Building in Westwood.

But unlike an Independence Day skirmish five weeks ago that
bloodied demonstrators and frightened motorists on busy Wilshire
Boulevard, no one was injured and altercations this time were

A line of Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies -- some on
horseback -- and federal police officers separated some 500
supporters of stiffer immigration policies from a group of about
150 noisy opponents.

As was the case July 4, Saturday's confrontation came during a
pro-Proposition 187 rally organized by members of Voices of
Citizens Together, a group that supports tougher sanctions
against illegal immigrants.

Also returning were pickets organized by the Progressive Labor
Party, a Communist group that opposes implementation of
Proposition 187.

Parading along the Wilshire sidewalk and waving red flags and
placards with such slogans as "Power to the worker" and "Fight
for Communist Equality," the pickets taunted and yelled at those
attending the rally.

The Citizens Together group answered back with their own
taunts and with signs reading "English Only" and "Close the
Border." Many waved American flags.

Deputies and federal officers took two Progressive Labor
pickets into custody when punches were allegedly thrown across
concrete freeway barriers that have lined the front sidewalk of
the Federal Building since last year's Oklahoma City bombing.

But a sheriff's spokeswoman said late Saturday that no one was

The most serious altercation came an hour after the start of
the lunchtime rally. Some participants tried to follow as pickets
moved away from the front of the building.

At the edge of the Federal Building property -- outside the
police line -- several pro-Proposition 187 rally participants
confronted the pickets.

In a shoving match that followed, rally participant Aubrey
Ford of Los Angeles and several picketers tumbled into Veteran

When other pickets rushed into the intersection, several dozen
LAPD officers who had been standing several blocks away rushed to
the scene in patrol cars with sirens blaring.

Police followed the Progressive Labor members several blocks
to Westwood Boulevard, where their group dispersed.

Back at the Federal Building, the Citizens Together group
finished its rally without incident.





August 10, 1996

MEXICO CITY -- An armed group claiming to be a new leftist
guerrilla army sought to dispel doubts about its authenticity and
goals by meeting with journalists this week in remote mountains
along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, across the country from
where the group first appeared.

At a news conference on Wednesday in a mango grove in the
Sierra Madre Oriental, three masked men and a woman who said they
were top commanders of an organization called the Popular
Revolutionary Army declared they were beginning an armed struggle
against the government, which they accused of being repressive
and anti-democratic.

A small number of reporters were taken to the clandestine
meeting by the self-styled rebels after a three-day march through
the mountains. They did not know exactly where they were and made
an agreement with the guerrillas not to identify anything about
the location except the name of the mountain range, which
stretches for hundreds of miles along the coast of the states of
Veracruz and Tamaulipas.

What apparently was the first appearance of the group took
place when a similarly uniformed, masked, and armed band calling
itself by the same name burst into a political rally on June 28
in a village in the state of Guerrero, in southwestern Mexico.
The intruders read an anti-government diatribe before
disappearing into the hills.

The journalists who attended the news conference, from three
Mexican publications and The Associated Press, published their
accounts and pictures on Friday.

The four commanders were dressed in olive green military
uniforms and used brown bandanas with small eyeholes to conceal
their faces, a video shot by an AP cameraman shows. They wore red
and green arm patches with the letters EPR, the initials of the
group's name in Spanish, and were armed with automatic rifles and
sidearm pistols.

In all, the reporters saw about 50 people in military
uniforms, carrying large army-style backpacks and mainly AK-47

Many here have doubted that the Popular Revolutionary Army
is truly a guerrilla organization opposing the government. It
appears to have virtually no links to established leftist
political parties, grass-roots organizations, or human rights
groups. Some leftist political leaders have raised suspicions
that it could be a gang of paid provocateurs mobilized by
officials in Guerrero state, and government officials suggested
it might be made up of common highway bandits.

The news conference seemed to be the group's answer to these
suspicions. It helped to demonstrate that the group does exist
and is present in more than one state, but shed no additional
light on how big it is, who is backing it, or what kind of
military action it is prepared to carry out.

Three ambushes of army troops in Guerrero have been
attributed to the Popular Revolutionary Army since it emerged
late in June. In the most recent incident, on Wednesday, the same
day as the news conference, one soldier was killed and two were
wounded in an attack by masked and uniformed assailants on a
garrison near Coyuca de Benitez, the village where the guerrillas
first appeared.

No reports of attacks on the army in the Gulf Coast region
have been reported. But the Mexican armed forces increased their
patrols in the region in the last few months in response to
reports of armed groups moving in the highlands.

One commander, who called himself Francisco and said he was
from the national command, said the Popular Revolutionary Army
was founded in May 1994 and is now made up of 14 organizations,
including groups of peasant farmers and Indians. The commanders
read a 45-point list of demands, which included a mixture of
calls to nationalize the holdings of major U.S. corporations and
cancel the foreign debt, along with debt relief for middle-class
Mexicans who cannot pay their bank loans.

"An armed response has once again become necessary to
confront the undeclared war the government is waging on the
Mexican people and to stop its repression," said another masked
commander, who gave his name as Jose Arturo. "We do not consider
the state is invulnerable. We believe we can strike at it and
defeat it."

The rebels said they would not increase their attacks
immediately but would wait to see the government's response to
their manifesto. However, a commander calling herself Victoria
said the EPR would never agree to talks with the government.

There have long been small armed opposition groups calling
themselves guerrillas in some of Mexico's most destitute and
inaccessible areas, especially in Guerrero. The only group to
have a national impact was the Zapatista National Liberation
Army, which seized four towns in a brief war in the southern
state of Chiapas in January 1994. The Zapatistas are now in peace
talks with the government.

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