Autonome Antifa (M) To Pay Concentration Camp Survivors

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Subject:Autonome Antifa (M) To Pay Concentration Camp Survivors

Concentration Camp Survivors Will Receive 51,000 DM

One month ago, charges against 17 people in the case against
Autonome Antifa (M) for "building a criminal organization" (Paragraph 129)
were suspended after defense lawyers "informed their clients about German
assembly laws". Part of the deal which allowed the case to be closed was
that 51,000 DM in fines would be paid to the Mittelbau-Dora Concentration
Camp Memorial near Nordhausen.
On August 2, 1996, the defense filed a motion to request that the
money not be paid to a state-sponsored institution, but rather that it be
given directly to survivors of the Buchenwald-Dora concentration camp. Over
the past few years, concetration camp memorials in Germany have been
restructured and much of the money they now receive is utilized for
historical revisionist projects. For this reason, Autonome Antifa (M) would
like the money to go directly to the formers camp detainees. It is expected
that the state prosecutor will accept this proposal.

(Translated by Arm The Spirit from an Autonome Antifa (M) press release,
August 3, 1996)

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