International meeting aginst neoliberalism in Chiapas

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Thu, 8 Aug 1996 12:57:13 +0000 (GMT)

Representatives of the international left for
a network against neoliberalism

From Prensa Latina
Translated for NY Transfer News
by Michael Pearlman (

La Realidad, Mexico, August 4 (Prensa Latina)

Over 1,000 delegates from 43 countries, called together
here by the insurgent Zapatista National Liberation Army
(EZLN), expressed their determination to establish a world
network against neoliberal policies.

The final declaration of the meeting, which took place in
different villages in southeastern Mexico where the EZLN
has been active since 1994, also decided to have a
similar forum in 1997 in a European country still to be
determined, to continue developing the proposed
international front of resistance.

Subcommandante Marcos, recognized as the main leader
of the Chiapas rebels, said at the closing meeting that the
objective of the network will be to unite all the planet's
opponents of neoliberalism and create a mechanism for
alternative communication.

Marcos said this intercontinental network will not be an
organizing structure, leading center, central command or
hierarchy, and suggested that its formation be preceded
by an international consultation in December.

The Declaration of La Realidad, as the final document is
called, also includes the position of some 300 academics
and social activists who met in the economics working
group and asked the world's governments to
renegotiate the foreign debt and use resources now
invested in armaments to fight poverty.

In this regard, Marcos said that the further neoliberalism
advances, the greater the growth of arms, the military and
police, forces that were supposedly created to protect
borders but have become units of an armed force "armed
and directed by neoliberalism."

In a concluding press conference, the insurgent leader
repeated the aim of the armed group to become legal, and
announced that the new Zapatista National Liberation
Front (FZLN). made up of both sympathizing civilians and
rebels, has already been created in 31 of Mexico's 32

He also accused the federal government of slowing down
the possibility that the EZLN would choose a legal route
for expressing its demands with what he considers a two-
faced position of talking about a peaceful settlement while
increasing their military pressure.

The government, claimed Marcos, is preparing for war and
said he did not rule out a military attack against the
General Command of the EZLN.