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Nr. 2/8 1996



- Preliminary note
- Official ceremony to celebrate construction-start in Garching
- Arrests in Garching
- Witnesses about arrests in Garching

Preliminary note

The reports below document the symbolic spadecut to celebrate the
construction-start of the atomic research reactor in Garching and the events and
arrests following it. The imminent proceedings against the people affected by
repression from police and justice will cost a lot of money. Therefore we want
to ask you to support them. Donations can be transferred to the following
bank-account from where they will be forwarded to those affected: Account-owner:
R.Wogatzke / With: Postbank Essen, Germany / Account Number (=Kto. Nr.): 5709
91-432 / Sorting Code (=Blz.): 360 100 43 / Reference: Garching (please do not
forget the reference - otherwise the money may not be forwarded correctly). All
translations to English by A-Infos (D).

Official ceremony to celebrate construction-start in Garching
A-Infos (D)

On Thursday, the 1st of August, the Technical University of Munich celebrated
the begin of construction-works for the atomic research reactor FRM II in
Garching near Munich with a symbolic spadecut in front of 400 invited guests.
The gathered politic and economic representatives welcomed the contentious
project, among them representatives of the federal research ministry, the
bavarian regional government and the major company Siemens. In his speech the
bavarian prime minister Stoiber declared that the 720-Million Mark project would
be necessary for Germany, so as not to "for ever loose connection" to "central
areas of high technology". According to Stoiber the reactor will supply neutrons
for fundamental scientific research, material testing and cancer therapy. He
described protests against the construction as specific German animosity towards
technology. He did not comment on protests from abroad.

The constructions of the reactor had mainly led to especially harsh critique
from foreign countries - especially the USA- since it is to be run with HEU
(Highly Enriched Uranium): Uranium which is suitable for weapons technology.
This will be the first breech of a world-wide moratorium on the construction of
HEU-plants in 16 years, which had been initiated by the USA to ban the dangerous
substance from civilian reactors and prevent new nuclear powers from emerging.
While supporters of the reactor explain the alleged necessity of using HEU by
arguing that it is indispensable for certain scientific experiments, critics say
this line of argumentation is untenable and point to the 50 research reactors
worldwide that work with low enriched uranium. At the moment it is unclear, how
the reactor, which is to start operating in 2001, is to be supplied with HEU:
The US-government has imposed a delivery-halt against Germany and talks with the
Russian government, which also has HEU-supplies, do not seem to be developing
either. Currently negotiations with the Scottish reprocessing plant Dounreay
have been picked up; if the talks are successful, highly radioactive used fuel
rods would be transported to the plant for reprocessing and HEU as well as
nuclear waste returned. The bavarian regional government invests an annual sum
of half a million Marks into advertising the reactor to boost its acceptance
among their own population.

Outside of the development area between 150 and 200 people took part in a rally
against the construction of the reactor. A blockade of the access road was
evicted by the police. Later some of the demonstrators walked to the hoarding
from where they voiced their protest with slogans and whistling during the
official speeches. A protest march to the hoarding had been prohibited by a
court but not a walk along the public road which leads to the hoarding. The
police later claimed that masked people amongst the demonstrators had thrown
stones. These claims where denied by witnesses. After the event six
demonstrators where arrested and others threatened with arrests by the police.
Witnesses reported that uniformed police and police in plain clothes acted with
extreme violence during these arrests and speculated that this was due to the
press being absent. Most press organs later emphasized the non-violent police
behavior during the main event and made no mention of the arrests. Those
arrested were brought to the police records department and temporarily kept
under arrest while their registered addresses were searched on grounds of
"looming danger", which enables police to do house searches without a court
order. The arrested demonstrators were accused of "violations of the
assembly-laws", in one case also of "breach of peace".

Donations to the following account will be forwarded to those affected to cover
the costs for the juridical proceedings:
R.Wogatzke / With: Postbank Essen, Germany / Account Number (=Kto. Nr.): 5709
91-432 / Sorting Code (=Blz.): 360 100 43 / Reference: Garching (please do not
forget the reference - otherwise the money may not be forwarded correctly)

Arrests in Garching

The following two reports were written by an anarchist comrade and distributed
on the Internet.
Notes on the text: The FAU (Freie ArbeiterInnen Union = Free Workers Union) is
an anarcho-syndicalist union in Germany. The "Debatte" (=Debate) is the internal
circular of the FAU. The Rote Hilfe (=Red Help) is a leftist prisoner-support
organizations. The ABC (Anarchist Black Cross) is an international anarchist
prisoner-support and anti-repression network. The German ABC section dissolved
at the beginning of the year so that it can no longer become active in this
case. (A-Infos (D))

Dear comrades,
following is a short report on the arrests during the anti-nuclear rally on the
1st of August in Munich-Garching.
All in all 6 comrades were arrested by the pigs, amongst them E. from the FAU
Regensburg. The arrests were carried out in a massive and brutal police action,
for example E. was hit on the head several times by a cop in plain clothes. All
those arrested were registered by the police records department. At the same
time their registered addresses were searched by the police with the meaningless
reason of "looming danger". The arrested people were brought to the infamous
Munich Ettstrasse, where E. was denied a call to his lawyer. (For not signing
some paper.) They are now all being accused of "violation of the assembly laws",
E. also of "breach of peace" for allegedly carrying paint bombs with him.
During the demonstration against Stoiber and Co the Cops were relatively
cautious, probably because of media presence. For example they did not carry any
battle dress. However, it is probable that members of the thug-troop USK took
part in the attacks in "normal" pig-uniforms.


After yesterdays house searchings another one in E.'s second place of residence
became known today. The pigs (4 in uniforms and 2 in plain clothes) evidently
had a court order contrary to yesterdays searchings. Among the confiscated
objects were several issues of the "Debatte", other FAU-Material, and
Addressbook and various magazines. A record of confiscated objects was not
handed out !!
At the moment the affected people are debating about further steps. (Lawyers,
Rote Hilfe {sadly no ABC}) We will keep you informed. An account for donations
will be made.

Witnesses about arrests in Garching

This Text was compiled by the magazine Anti Atom Aktuell - Redaktion Sued
(S.Passlack@link-m.zer). (A-Infos (D))

Press-information from 08.02.96
Eye-Witness reports on counter-event
_"1. Spadecut for FRM II" on 1st August 1996_
_*Brutal police-action by plain-clothed-police*_

To enable neutral coverage, eye-witnesses reports from anti-nuclear activists
taking part in the event but not involved in the police actions in any way and
only look on, follow. The witnesses are personally known to the editors and also
known to be reliable. There are also other eye-witness accounts that confirm
their report. See also the press release from the 8.1.96 by the "Association
against the nuclear reactor Garching" (Buendnis gegen Atomreaktor Garching).
Printage of quotes that do not distort the meaning is free.

Berthold Denk (*, 24, dentistry-student):
"The civic action group Garching and the SMV-Association Munich invited to a
counter event during the symbolic first spadecut for the construction of the FRM
II, after the protest-march was prohibited. Many opponents were already
enthusiastically swaying cardboard signs and filling balloons with air at the
entrance of the research area at 10 o'clock. Sadly, the counter-event was quite
a bit away from the area of the official celebration, there was no ear- or
eye-contact. A good connection between the festivities and the counter-rally
then was arrival of the invited guests in their luxury cars - past the event of
the civic action group. (..., see below)"

Annette Rechenbach (*, 18 years, high school student):
"While the civic action group performed the cabaret 'Sender freies Garching'
(=station free Garching), the first visitors of the official event came to the
construction area in their black S-class-cars. They were loudly booed at by the
demonstrators and also hindered to drive on. This was solely done by passively
standing in the way. The police, that could not accept this, took action against
the youths with provocative force. Those were pushed from the road and some
grabbed by the head whereby small children in the back rows where also
endangered. Angry about these actions some demonstrators also kicked at the
passing cars with their feet without causing any damage. The violent police
rioting only stopped when some adults joined the youths and the press moved
their cameras on the happenings. When all guests had driven in, about half of
the demonstrators went to the hoarding which they could not prevented from
because it was a public road and the judge in the court decision had recommended
to 'take a walk' to the hoarding because a demonstration had been prohibited. At
the barbed wire they showed their protest to the speeches of our cultural
minister Zehetmair and the bavarian prime minister Stoiber inside the fenced in
area by booing and shouting slogans. There were several policemen in plain
clothes and also people from the Verfassungsschutz (= intelligence service)
present, that made photos and films. There were no clashes and I did not see any
masked people throwing stones like the police claimed later. Amongst the
demonstrators were also members of the civic action group and oppositional
politicians from the state parliament.
With the end of Mr. Stoibers speech the assembly dissolved and the demonstrators
went back to the bus-station unitedly. While the rest was waiting for a bus,
police surprisingly attacked several youth that were leaning against a parked
car without any reason. Amongst others a friend of mine whom I know can not be
violent was violently attacked. Two youth were arrested and lead off with their
hands on their backs. When a bus came and a large part of the youth wanted to
enter it, another arrest was made. Two youth were grabbed and thrown to the
floor by three policemen. Three policemen forced their knees into their backs
until they no longer dared to move. From what I can say there were only violent
actions on the police-side. The arrests could have been made peacefully and
whether they were justified will be clarified when the accusation of damaging
the car is not confirmed, which I think is what will probably happen. I think
the aim here is to intimidate demonstrators, factually restrict the right of
democratic protest, because the protest is unpleasant. Why didn't the arrests
take place red-handedly, during the alleged damaging of the cars? Because the
press would have been there and watched the police action, when the
demonstrators returned they were no longer there to film how youths were hit and
injured. This is an attempt to nip peaceful protest in the bud."

Berthold Denk (*, 24, dentistry-student):
"(..., see above) Probably because of the large media interest the police
truncheons were not yet used at this point. While the civic action group
continued its rally, about 100 demonstrators went to the festival area while the
police did not interfere. Only cut off by the hoarding and 20 meters away from
the ceremony, the celebration-speeches were then be disturbed for two hours by a
massive concert of signal whistles and slogans. Already then a couple of
plain-clothed policemen were noticed around the opponents, while films were
mostly made from a distance. After the official part of the ceremony ended with
the first spadecut, the participants of the demonstration unitedly went in the
direction of the bus-station. Suddenly the place was full of plain-clothed
police, some of them among us. After that, most people walked in blocks with
banners at the side. When the group dissolved a bit at the bus-station, some
attack groups of plain-clothed and uniformed police began arresting some people.
Probably because there was no camera present, they acted very brutally.
Anti-nuclear activist were strangled, hit and kicked. People already lying on
the ground were still kicked. Hits to the head and with the elbow against the
breast were usual. After that the 50 youth fled in to the bus. Many youth did
not have much experience with demonstrations yet and they were surprised when
several police vans at the terminus threatened with the forced eviction of the
bus and mass-arrests. After leaving the bus one woman was picked out, later
police admitted having mistaken her. Uniformed thugs again acted very brutally
during her arrest, threw several opponents into a bush and also hit them with
the short end of the truncheons. Only when we reached the train did we feel safe
from further infringements. As in the Tschernobyl-Demonstration in April it is
becoming more and more difficult to leave a Demonstration in Munich. As soon as
no more camera-teams and the like are present more and more people are picked
out even if the other participants act solidaricly and the plain-clothed but
also the uniformed policemen use unbelievable force in doing so."

* the witnesses are know to the editors, First- and Surnames have been changed.


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