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i tried to send this a while ago, before it was so out of date, but at
that time a-infos was only accepting msgs from addresses that were on the
mailing list, this address isn't! anyway, it's a translation of an article
that was on a-infos...


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Counter Information Network

The Ateneo Libertario (anarchist community centre) in Zaragoza is working
on creating a state-wide counter-information network so that the
activities of different collectives, such as news that affects us, can
circulate more rapidly and with the least interference possible, around
the whole state, for use in our newsletters, magazines and papers and also
so that solidarity actions will have greater effect when they happen as
quickly as possible.

To make the network more effective, we suggest a layered form of
distribution (state level, regional, sub-regional etc) and in each level
there will be about eight points for gathering and distributing

At the state level we believe it will be most effective if the points are
those that have the better infrastructure and that would have most
capacity to take on the work. Here are the points of contact.

* Ateneo Libertario in Reus, or El Lokal in Barcelona, for Catalunya,
Jevante, Murcia.

* Ateneo Libertario Estell Negre, for Balearic Islands.

* Ekintza Zuzena (magazine) or Eguzki Irratia, for Basque Country0, Navarra,

* Llar (newsletter), for Asturias, Cantabria, Galicia.

* Molotov (newsletter), for Castilla Leo'n, Castilla-La Mancha,

* cnt (newspaper) or other collective in the zone, for Andalucia

* El B@ifo (magazine), for the Canary Isles

* ElAcratador (newsletter), for Aragon

El Acratador will take on the spanish state section of the
international counter-informative network A-INFOS

We propose AINFOSESTADOESPANOL as a name for this counter-information

To prepare, discuss and put into action this network we are calling a
meeting which will take place in Zaragoza on the 29th and 30th of June 1996.

Please tell us if you are interested as quickly as possible, indicating
the number of people who will come and the exact day they will arrive.

We would like you to give us proposals for this meeting.

Reply to:

Apdo. 3141.
50080 Zaragoza

tel: 976-383673
Fax 976-255298