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CONTENTS: Supplement 66

1. (MOVE) Solidarity With The MOVE 9!; Mumia Abu-Jamal:
"Prisoners Of Resistance"

2. (LAT) Key Witness Against Ex-Panther Listed Among
D.A. Informants

3. (LAWE) Israeli Government Clears Way For Settlement

Turkish Press On Prisoners

5. (NEX) NAZISM EXPOSED: Nazi Provocation Outside
Norwegian Court

6. (REUTER) Nazi Claims Jews Play `Dirty Game' Against Him

7. (REUTER) French Far Right In Spotlight Over Cemetary

8. (AP) Germans Confiscate Nazi Dummy

9. (AP) Neo-Nazis Attack Officer

10. (LAT) Hate Crimes Against Asians In Southland Rose In

11. (REUTER) Crowd Burns Homosexual Literature At Zimbabwe
Book Fair

12. (REUTER) Punks Riot In Bremen After Hanover Bans "Chaos
Days" Anarchy


Date: Tue, 30 Jul 96 04:29:50 -0701
From: Arm The Spirit <>
Subject: Solidarity With The MOVE 9


! ! R A L L Y ! !










Column Written 7/17/96
Copyright 1996 Mumia Abu-Jamal

"Where justice is denied, where poverty is enforced, where
ignorance prevails, and where any one class is made to feel that
society is in an organized conspiracy to oppress rob, and degrade
them, neither persons nor property will be sate."
- Frederick Douglass (April 1886)

August 8th, 1978 is a date that resonates in Philadelphia,

The very mention of the date, "August 8th", evokes smoke,
blood, fire and rage in loyal breasts, and as if in answer, "MOVE
1" comes to mind, the first MOVE confrontation.

In Philadelphia, the first MOVE confrontation isn't over,
because as a result of the conflict, nine MOVE men and women are
still in state prisons, doing a total of 900 years.

They are imprisoned today - for refusing to renounce their
faith in the revolutionary teachings of John Africa.

Consider the following;

On August 8th, 1978, former Philadelphia Police Commissioner
Joseph O'Neill told a mid-day press conference that the cop that
was killed on that day was shot in his back during a shoot-out.

Within an hour of the news conference, an employee of the
Police Department passed out a press release to city reporters
from the Office of the Commissioner, making a startling
"correction" (corruption?) stating the cop wasn't shot in his
back, but in his front, and the rear wound was from an internal

Was this done because it dawned on cops that a bullet in the
back meant (if their claim of MOVE shooting was right) that
either the cop had his back to the MOVE house in the middle of a
shoot-out (a nutty idea) or, that cops shot one of their own?

Nine men and women were sentenced jointly for killing one
cop, despite the fact that, in the words of the trial judge,
Edwin MaImed, uttered just days after pronouncing the sentence,
he hadn't "the faintest idea" who did the deed. "They were tried
as a family, and sentenced as a family," the judge boasted. He
made these statements to this writer on a Philadelphia radio talk

Although nine adults were convicted and sentenced for one
murder, at least twelve adults were in the house during the MOVE
shoot-in. Two were released and never charged nor convicted after
renouncing their allegiance to MOVE. A third, Consuewella Africa,
was tried separately, and spent fifteen and a half years in

How can a judge admit, after trial, that he hadn't "the
faintest idea" if any of them committed the crime, days after
sentencing nine people to an aggregate of 900 years?

Further, how can this same judge sentence the MOVE women,
who faced no weapons charges, to identical sentences as the men?

Those nine: Delbert Africa, Merle Africa, Debbie Africa,
Mike Africa, Phil Africa, Janine Africa, Janet Africa1 Chuck
Africa and Eddie Africa - have been encaged in state hellholes
for over eighteen years now.

The crime? Certainly not murder, for if the trial judge
admits he didn't know who did, how can you say otherwise? They
were guilty only of adhering to a teaching of resistance: of John

18 years! And innocent.

The battle to free MOVE political and spiritual prisoners is
heating up. If you want to join that battle, contact: MOVE, PO
Box 19709, Philadelphia, PA 19143, phone (215) 387-9955. Let's
join together to Free MOVE Now!

Mumia Abu-Jamal


Submitted by: Sis. Marpessa

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Arm The Spirit is an autonomist/anti-imperialist information
collective based in Toronto, Canada. Our focus includes a wide
variety of material, including political prisoners, national
liberation struggles, armed communist resistance, anti-fascism,
the fight against patriarchy, and more. We regularly publish our
writings, research, and translation materials in our magazine and
bulletins called Arm The Spirit. For more information, contact:

Arm The Spirit
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Courts: If it is proved that man worked for prosecutors, it
could help Elmer "Geronimo" Pratt win a new murder trial.

By EDWARD J. BOYER, Times Staff Writer

Friday, August 2, 1996

A key prosecution witness against imprisoned former Black
Panther Party leader Elmer "Geronimo" Pratt has turned up in a
confidential informant file kept by the Los Angeles County
district attorney's office.

The revelation that Julius "Julio" Butler was an informant for
Pratt's prosecutors could bolster Pratt's efforts to have his
murder conviction overturned, his lawyers say. Other legal
experts agreed that the new information gives Pratt at least more

In a series of memos turned over to Pratt's attorneys, the
district attorney's office said its own investigation discovered
that three confidential informant cards had been kept on Butler
in the district attorney's Bureau of Investigation.

The cards were dated Jan. 27, 1972 -- six months before Pratt
stood trial on charges of murdering a teacher and critically
wounding her husband during a 1968 robbery on a Santa Monica
tennis court that netted $18.

A captain in the district attorney's Bureau of Investigation
Intelligence Section said a card does not necessarily mean that
an informant provided information. But if a card was prepared,
that individual was probably used on an ongoing basis, the
captain said.

Pratt is seeking to have his murder conviction overturned,
arguing in court papers that there should be a hearing on new
evidence that his lawyers say points to his innocence.

Butler is a former Los Angeles County sheriff's deputy and a
onetime Panther whom Pratt had expelled from the Black Panther
Party. He denied during the trial that he was an informant.

The revelation that informant cards were kept on Butler is
significant, but not necessarily enough to get Pratt a new trial,
said Loyola Law School professor Laurie L. Levenson, a former
federal prosecutor.

"The bottom line is that the more evidence the defense gets
from the government supporting the claim that Butler was an
informant, the more likely they will get an evidentiary hearing
-- unless the government can show that this material had no
effect on the outcome of the trial," Levenson said.

Suzanne Childs, a spokeswoman for Dist. Atty. Gil Garcetti,
said her office has "painstakingly reviewed every potential issue
in this matter and provided [Pratt's] attorneys all information
no matter how remote or speculative its possible relevance."

Beyond that, Childs said, the district attorney's office will
not comment. "Because the matter is before the court, it is
inappropriate for us to make public statements," she said.

San Francisco attorney Stuart Hanlon, one of Pratt's lawyers,
calls the informant card on Butler a "smoking gun," saying the
district attorney's office knew during Pratt's trial 24 years ago
that Butler was an informant.

"The fact is that he was an actual informant, and no one said
anything about it in court," Hanlon said. "The informant status
of a main prosecution witness is always reversible error."

Pratt has maintained since his arrest that he was in Oakland
when the murders occurred, and that he was framed by the FBI and
Los Angeles police as part of their war against what they saw as
black extremist groups.

Butler testified during Pratt's trial that Pratt had confessed
committing the crime to him in a private conversation.

During the trial, Pratt's prosecutor, Deputy Dist. Atty.
Richard P. Kalustian -- now a Superior Court judge -- saw
Butler's testimony as critical.

"Julio Butler has testified in this court under oath and to
the jury to a confession that Mr. Pratt made to him that admits
all of the elements of the offense," Kalustian said during
Pratt's trial. "If the jury believes Julio Butler . . . Mr. Pratt
is guilty. The case is over if they believe that."

As part of the district attorney office's investigation of the
Pratt case, two deputy district attorneys and an investigator
interviewed Butler in May, asking him if he had ever been paid as
an informant by any law enforcement agency.

Butler answered "yes," explaining that he was either given a
gun or money to buy a gun by someone in the district attorney's
office. He refused to identify that person, saying he didn't want
to get a friend in trouble.

Butler said he could not recall if the assistance he received
in obtaining a gun was provided before, during or after the Pratt
trial, the investigation showed.

Talking to the same investigators three weeks later, however,
Butler denied being an informant for law enforcement, describing
his role as a "liaison" between the Panthers and law enforcement.

In the summary, Kalustian is quoted as saying he was unaware
of anyone providing Butler with assistance to get a gun, and
found it inconceivable that anyone in the district attorney's
office would do so.

Copyright Los Angeles Times


Date: Sat, 3 Aug 96 13:57:27 PDT
From: LAWE <>
Subject: Israeli Government OKs Settlement Expansion



Saturday 3 August, 1996

LAWE - the Palestinian Society for the Protection of Human Rights
and the Environment
PO Box 20873
Tel: (972) (2) 812364/824559
Fax: (972) (2) 811072

On Friday the government of Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin
Netanyahu announced its intention to pursue officially the
expansion of Jewish settlements in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.
The government decided to repeal a supposed freeze on settlement
expansion undertaken by the previous Labor-led government in
1992. The settlement freeze was initially put in place in
response to United States financial pressure, as the US believed
that settlements represented the most significant impediment to a
peaceful solution to the conflict in the area. The "freeze",
however, was in reality only a slow-down from the rapid building
that had previously taken place.

This decision to cancel the government order clears another
obstacle to the rapid increase of the illegal Jewish settler
population in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, which despite the
freeze and declared intent of the Labor government increased by
40% in the last four years.

The fact that the Israeli government has embraced the
strengthening of Jewish settlements and the increase of the
Jewish population in the Occupied Palestinian Territories
reflects an official total departure from the understandings come
to during the current peace process. The implementation of this
decision will solidify Israeli claims of sovereignty over the
West Bank and Gaza Strip, claims which were actively pursued by
the previous Labor administration.

Over 294,964 dunums of land (73,741 acres), or 5% of the
total land area of the West Bank, were confiscated by the
Labor-led government since the first Oslo accord was signed. In
addition to this massive loss of land, since Oslo 1 Israeli
bulldozers have demolished 109 homes and destroyed 32,495 olive
trees. These policies have served to make into concrete reality,
with facts on the ground, the distribution of land as agreed to
in the second phase of the Oslo accord, or the Taba agreement.

Under Oslo 2, the 144,000 Jewish settlers of the West Bank
will live on some 3,850 sq. kilometers of land, a ratio of
approximately 1000 settlers per 27.5 sq. kilometers. But the
native 1.1 million Palestinian population is relegated to only
1,950 sq. kilometers of their own already truncated territory,
for a ratio of 1000 native residents per 1.77 sq. kilometers.
The decision to re-energize the settlement drive in the Occupied
Territories, along with the inequitable division of land under
the Oslo accords, again clarifies the Israeli intention to
maintain permanent control over all of the West Bank.

LAWE - the Palestinian Society for the Protection of Human
Rights and the Environment believes that, with the implementation
of this new decision, the Likud-led government has de facto
announced its intention to end the current peace process. The
practical results of the agreements come to in the second phase
of the Oslo Accords have resulted in the foundations of a classic
South-African style apartheid system, in which the native
population is crowded into small reservations. In contravention
of UN resolutions and international law, the Israeli government
will be able to continue its illegal occupation and maintain its
total control over the territories it currently occupies. The
Israeli government has taken an aggressive step forward to end
the chances for a peaceful settlement in this region.


LAWE - The Palestinian Society for the Protection of Human Rights
and the Environment is a non-governmental organization, dedicated
to preserving human rights through legal advocacy. LAWE is also
an affiliate member of the Paris-based International Federation
for Human Rights.


From: "DHKC informationbureau Amsterdam" <>
Date: Fri, 2 Aug 1996 21:10:22 +0000
Subject: Turkish press on prisoners


TURKISH PRESS, August 2, 1996


According to the Human Rights Association (IHD) and the
Torture Inquiry Commission 1238 people have been tortured in
Istanbul in the last 6 months. Six people died during torture in
the beginning of the year. Torture increased further this year.
It started this year at the funeral of Riza Boybas and Orhan Ozen
who were massacred in Umraniye-prison when 1.400 people were
locked up and tortured in a gymnasium. Istanbul is the city where
torture most frequently occurs. During this torture, also a 1,5
month old unborn child was killed.

Yeni Yuezgil


A delegation of members of the PDS, the Gruenen and
students from Darmstadt made a press statement after they
observed the situation in Turkey for four days: "Although Tansu
Ciller declared that delegations from abroad would have access to
the hospitals at all times, this was obstructed by Sevket Kazan."
And they added: "Sevket Kazan and Mehmet Agar are responsible for
the death of 12 people. The minister of Justice should be put on
trial before the European Court of Human Rights."



The health situation of the prisoners after the
transportation to the University hospital in Istanbul remains
problematic. 9 prisoners are in a very critical condition. The
other prisoners, who participated in the hunger strike for 2
months, are in hospital as well. It became obvious that the
ministry of Health did not take the necessary preparations for
their treatment. 10 prisoners in the Haydarpasa hospital were
chained to their beds, that's why they refuse medical treatment.
Clothes and food are not allowed in by the gendarmes.



After the death of 4 prisoners in the Bayrampasa prison, the
chief-prosecutor of Eyuep wrote a letter to the prison board,
asking for the names of all prisoners so he could look for who
was responsible for the death of the prisoners. He noted: "I will
summon the prisoners in groups of 3 or 4. When they don't show
up, this will be recorded in the protocols."


Visit HTTP://
For regular news and information
about the classwar in Turkey and Kurdistan


Subject: Norwegian News...
Date: Fri, 2 Aug 96 1:53:28 METDST
From: (The Last Viking)


(Source: Dagbladet 1. August 1996)

A youth wearing Nazi-symbols was stopped by the police
inside the Toensberg city-court. He had told the police that he
wanted to tell, "better luck with your next attempt," to his
friends, who was in court waiting to be put into custody for

The shocked police officer asked the boy if he was aware of
the fact that there had been children inside the house, and that
his friends had put human life into deadly peril. The officer
considered arresting the 17 year old boy for breaking Norwegian
law against racism, but instead they just brought him out and
increased the security in the court.

The 16 and 17 year old boys who were brought into Toensberg
city-court explained to the court that they sympathize with Nazi
and racist groups. They also admitted that they at 04:00 night to
the 27'th of July, threw a bottle containing a flammable liquid,
at the house where the Kurd Mohammed live. They'd been at a
party, drinking beer before they decided to strike at the house
where a Kurd family was living.

The police claimed that the statement show that the arson
was motivated by racism. While the boys claimed that the purpose
of the attack was not to set the house on fire. The attitude and
support of racist groups, and the surprise visit by one of their
friends, support the claim made by the police.

If they boys get convicted for arson with the intent to
murder someone, then they're facing a sentence of up to 21 years
of prison. Ole Petter Drevland, the lawyer of the kids, said to
Dagbladet that it's unfortunate to keep them into prison, and
that the court should consider just keeping the kids away from
the district for a while. The kids are currently put into a 4
week custody, awaiting trial.


Visit the Nazism Exposed at:

Subject: nazi_7.html



Saturday August 3 4:55 PM EDT

ROME (Reuter) - Former SS captain Erich Priebke was quoted on
Saturday as saying Jews were playing a ``dirty game'' to keep him
behind bars after a military court ordered him freed without
punishment for Italy's worst wartime atrocity.

Priebke was re-arrested early on Friday following notice that
German prosecutors intend to seek his extradition.

His return to jail on a temporary detention order, upheld by a
Rome appeals court on Saturday, ended an angry siege by young
protesters which had kept the 83-year-old German blocked inside
the court after Italy exploded in fury at the verdict.

``I understand their pain, which endures despite the years,
but it seemed to me there were some fanatics there,'' Priebke
told La Stampa in an interview at Regina Coeli jail, where he has
been held since early on Friday.

``The people who staged that demonstration were a minority. I
don't want to accuse the Jews, but they're the ones who are
playing a dirty game, who are trying to get me,'' he said.

The interview was conducted by member of parliament Jas
Gawronksi, one of Italy's most respected journalists. He was able
to visit Priebke as a parliamentarian.

``I think they've got it in for me because I have become a
symbol...I'm like the last of the Mohicans,'' Priebke said.

Priebke has admitted taking part in the SS reprisal massacre
of 335 civilian men and boys, including 75 Jews, at the Ardeatine
Caves outside Rome on March 24, 1944.

He had pleaded that he was following orders and would have
been killed himself had he disobeyed.

That argument was rejected by the military court but it cited
mitigating circumstances and a 30-year statute of limitations to
declare in a 2-1 verdict that while he was guilty of multiple
murder he could no longer be punished.

``When they said I could go free I thought of going out and
strolling through Rome on my own two legs,'' Priebke said.

``But with what happened afterwards...I think I'd have some
doubts about that now,'' he added.

Near unanimous outrage at the verdict, which has raised
pressure to scrap military courts in Italy, continued to echo on

``To grant Erich Priebke mitigating circumstances is really a
colossal insult to Italy,'' said Luciano Violante, Speaker of the
lower house of parliament and a former magistrate.

``I do not think the decision was correct either in form or in
substance,'' he told Italian radio.

Priebke's re-arrest put the German's immediate fate in the
hands of civilian rather than military authorities.

A court of appeals in Rome upheld the order on Saturday and
must also decide on the German extradition petition, which Bonn
has 40 days to submit.

Germany has no statute of limitation on war crimes but it is
unclear whether Priebke could be tried there for the same
offenses. Argentina, where Priebke lived from 1948 until his
extradition to Italy in November 1995, must consent to Italy
handing him over.

The extradition could not take place as long as appeals are
pending against Thursday's bitterly contested verdict.

Prosecutor Antonino Intelisano plans an appeal. The
prosecution and civil plaintiffs also intend to challenge a
higher court's decision during the trial to reject motions they
had submitted questioning the impartiality of the bench.

If those challenges are upheld, this week's verdict would be
scrapped and Priebke would have to be tried again in military




Copyright &copy 1996
Copyright &copy 1996 Reuter Information Service

CARPENTRAS, France (Aug 1, 1996 12:41 p.m. EDT) - France's
far-right National Front claimed Thursday it was the real victim
in the desecration of a Jewish cemetery in Carpentras, for which
four neo-Nazi skinheads have been arrested after a six-year

But Henri Hajdenberg, head of the Jewish community in France,
said he believed one of the skinheads was a member of the party
and its credibility had been destroyed.

"Just one thing is certain today: the National Front has been
-- and remains -- the principal victim, along with the families
of the dead who were desecrated," the party said.

It had no immediate comment on whether any of those in custody
were among its members.

The four skinheads were being questioned Thursday morning in
preparation for their arraignment later in the day. They were
taken into custody after one of them turned himself in and
confessed, plagued by a guilty conscience, justice sources said.

The 1990 attack on the Carpentras cemetery, in which a Jewish
man's body was disinterred and 34 graves wrecked, caused outrage
in France and drew widespread condemnation of Front leader
Jean-Marie Le Pen, who denied his movement was involved.

Le Pen, who has belittled and made puns about Nazi gas
chambers but denies being anti-Semitic, last year demanded the
state apologize for ministers blaming the Front.

At party headquarters in Carpentras, loyalists quietly
grumbled that their group remained the target of a plot.

"The National Front had a stake in developing this theory of a
plot, which today has been completely destroyed," Hajdenberg told
reporters. "This investigation has taught us something about the
National Front, which I believe has accepted one of these
skinheads as a member."

All four in custody were members or sympathizers of the tiny
Nationalist French and European Party (PNFE), which became known
in the late 1980s in connection with a series of attacks on Arab
immigrants and with links to a hard-right police trade union.

Justice sources said two of the suspects had confessed. Two
young women were being sought as witnesses.

The first skinhead to confess turned himself in after the
leader of the group died in a motorcycle accident, they said.

"His secret weighed heavily on him and he felt freed by the
death of the group's head," a source told Reuters.

The group planned the cemetery rampage to mark the May 8,
1945, German surrender, the source said. "They initially
considered an attack on immigrants, but one of them suggested an
attack on Jews, to do something more forceful than usual."

Madeleine Germon, the widow of Felix Germon whose body was dug
up in the rampage six years ago, said she would not forget what
had happened to the body of her dead husband.

"I do not forgive," she said.




08-02-96 1307EDT

FUERSTENFELDBRUCK, Germany (AP) German police confiscated a
life-size dummy dressed in a Nazi uniform, after it was spotted
through the window of a 37-year-old man's home.

The man, a known neo-Nazi, dressed the figure in full regalia
including a swastika armband, and placed it in front of a window
where pedestrians could see it, police said Friday.

Other rooms in his house were decorated like a ``private
museum,'' with swastikas and parts of old Nazi uniforms. There
were numerous photographs of Adolf Hitler and members of the
National Socialist regime, police said.

The man was cited for public display of symbols of a banned
organization and could face charges of inciting the public.




08-03-96 1700EDT

BAD HARZBURG, Germany (AP) Neo-Nazis knocked a police officer
from his motorcycle Saturday during their march to commemorate
the death of Adolf Hitler's deputy Rudolf Hess.

Police said the injured officer was riding beside the group of
about 60 right-wing extremists when he was knocked off the
motorcycle with a pole.

The extremists kicked the fallen officer and tried to pull off
his helmet, injuring his neck, police said.

Officers at the scene called in reinforcements, who broke up
the march and arrested 23 extremists.

Hess died Aug. 17, 1987 in West Berlin's Spandau prison, where
he had been jailed since 1946 for war crimes. Officials ruled the
death a suicide but supporters claimed he was murdered.




Friday, August 2, 1996

By K. CONNIE KANG, Times Staff Writer

Hate crimes against Asians increased sharply in Southern
California last year, more than in any other region in the
country, according to a new study scheduled for release Tuesday.

Reported cases of anti-Asian violence in 1995 in Southern
California increased nearly 80%, to 113 from 63 the previous
year, according to the Washington-based civil rights group
National Asian Pacific American Legal Consortium.

"This is an alarming trend," said Stewart Kwoh, president of
the Asian Pacific American Legal Center of Southern California.
"We're not just seeing graffiti of racial epithets; we're seeing
people killed for being Asian."

Kwoh noted that in January, Vietnamese American Thien Minh Ly,
24, was stabbed to death at a high school tennis court in Tustin.
Investigators found a letter in which a suspect, Gunner J.
Lindberg, 21, bragged to a friend: "Oh, I killed a Jap a while

A quarter of the 458 anti-Asian incidents reported nationwide
occurred in Southern California, according to the study, which
compiled statistics by regions rather than states, counties or
cities, utilizing federal, state and local statistics from law
enforcement and community agencies.

Among the most serious incidents, there were two racially
motivated slayings, 93 assaults, 35 aggravated assaults, 25
robberies, 31 harassment cases, 13 police abuse incidents and 76
acts of vandalism.

Los Angeles County, with 53 incidents, had the most anti-Asian
crimes in the nation, according to Ron Wakabayashi, executive
director of the county Human Relations Commission.

But Wakabayashi said the figure -- up from 29 in 1994 -- also
is high because the county has a population of 9 million, a
16-year-old hate crime record-keeping system and an established
Asian American community going back more than a century.

"Our large number has an aspect of good news," Wakabayashi
said. "It is a reflection that there is more vigorous reporting
and investigation to deal with hate crime."

Even so, he believes that a significant number of racially
motivated crimes against Asians go unreported.

Asian American leaders say the latest statistics reflect a
growing intolerance of immigrants, especially in California.

"When politicians start scapegoating immigrants, it doesn't
take long for the rest of the population to start emulating,"
said Michael F. Yamamoto, president of the Multicultural Bar
Alliance, an organization of minority bar associations in Los

Of the 53 anti-Asian crimes committed in 1995 in Los Angeles,
12 were preceded by anti-immigrant remarks, said Maria Haro,
co-author of the county's 1995 hate crime report.

The nonprofit consortium was established in 1992 by the
nation's three major Asian American legal service centers--Los
Angeles-based Asian Pacific American Legal Center, Asian Law
Caucus in San Francisco and the Asian American Legal Defense and
Education Fund in New York.

Anti-Asian incidents also rose in Northern California and on
the Eastern Seaboard, two other regions with large Asian
populations. Anti-Asian crimes increased to 91 from 83 in
Northern California and to 61 from 56 in New York, the report

Statistics on anti-Asian violence are not precise because
there is no single data collection model.

Kwoh, who represented the family of Vincent Chin, a Chinese
American engineer beaten to death in Detroit 14 years ago by
white unemployed auto workers who mistook him for a Japanese,
says the latest statistics ought to persuade local, state and
federal officials to allocate resources to combat racially
motivated crimes through education of the public and law
enforcement officials.

Violence against Asians has increased every year since the
consortium began the annual audit three years ago.

Yamamoto noted with irony that often, assailants purport to be
angry with one Asian group but mistakenly end up choosing a
victim of another ethnicity.

From coast to coast, xenophobia, economic instability and fear
led the perpetrators to strike out at Asians, according to the

In the San Francisco suburb of Novato last November, Chinese
American Eddy Wu was stabbed repeatedly in a supermarket parking
lot by Robert Page while he was carrying his groceries. In his
confession, Page said he didn't have anything to do when he got
up on Nov. 8. So he decided, "What the f---, I'm gonna kill a
Chinaman," he said. He also admitted that he wanted to kill an
Asian because they "got all the good jobs." Page pleaded guilty
and was sentenced to 11 years in prison.

In New York's Queens section, in May 1995, four masked men
broke into and ransacked a Pakistani home, taking more than
$10,000 in cash and jewelry. One suspect told the family, "You
Indian people come here and take our jobs. We are fighting for
our country."

"Asians are thought of as immigrants and foreigners who don't
belong here," said Angela Ancheta, executive director of the
Asian Law Caucus. "Sometimes they are viewed as inferior,
sometimes as superior -- and in competition for jobs."

In California and in the nation, people of Chinese descent
were the most frequent victims of hate crimes, followed by
Vietnamese and Koreans.

The study said violence against Asians is grossly
underreported because of language, cultural barriers and
incomplete record-keeping by law enforcement agencies. Law
enforcement officials "too often" fail to classify a hate crime
out of ignorance, personal prejudice, insensitivity or lack of
training, it added.

For example, in New York City, the police classified 18 out of
20 reported incidents as racially motivated crimes in 1995, but
the consortium audit discovered an additional 40 suspected or
proved anti-Asian incidents, the report said.

Eleven states did not collect hate crime statistics in 1995,
the report said, and many others had incomplete records.

Councilwoman Judy Chu of Monterey Park, the only city in the
continental United States with an Asian majority, said education
and vigilance are the only solutions.

"We must make sure that hate crimes are reported as such," she
said. She added that law enforcement officials, too, must be
better educated and trained to recognize the problem.

Ancheta said many Asians, especially the new arrivals, don't
know that there are laws against racially motivated crimes.

He suggested that the legal definition of hate crimes be
expanded to include crimes motivated by immigrant status. In a
significant portion of the reported cases, victims were
threatened with comments such as "Go back to your country."

There was one area of improvement. In the workplace,
anti-Asian incidents fell by 60% nationwide, according to the

"My guess is that the fallout benefit of being forced to
encounter each other increases exposure and that leads to
increased understanding," said Yamamoto. "At least, I hope that's
what has happened here."




Copyright &copy 1996
Copyright &copy 1996 Reuter Information Service

HARARE (Aug 3, 1996 10:05 a.m. EDT) - An angry crowd on
Saturday burnt literature on homosexuality and trashed a stand
mounted by gays and lesbians at the Zimbabwe International Book
Fair in Harare, witnesses said.

Four members of the Gays and Lesbians Association of Zimbabwe
(GALZ) had left the stand 15 minutes earlier, driven away by the
crowd of about 60 mostly young black Zimbabwean men, some of whom
threatened to beat them up.

Ignoring a book fair staffer, the crowd tore down posters,
burst the pink balloons which adorned the stand and overturned

One assailant set alight to pamphlets on GALZ and
homosexuality. The fire was put out by book fair staff.

This is the second time in two days that an angry crowd has
stopped GALZ from exhibiting at the fair, which ends on Saturday,
after the association won two court battles this week to overturn
a government order barring it from taking part.

GALZ administrator Keith Goddard told reporters his group had
scored a victory in its fight for the right to free expression
because it had managed for the first time to exhibit its material
at the fair, regarded by many local and foreign publishers as the
most prestigious in sub-Saharan Africa.

"Last year, we couldn't do that. So this is a victory for us,"
he said as he and his colleagues beat a hasty retreat from the
fair, which started on Tuesday.

On Friday, the group failed to put up their material, barred
by another crowd.

On Saturday, to deflect public attention from them, fair
organisers moved the GALZ stand away from the centre to a
secluded section guarded by private security officials after some
foreign exhibitors near their stand on Friday complained they had
lost business due to the disruptions.

Several major international exhibitors -- notably the
Frankfurt Book Fair -- said they were considering boycotting the
Zimbabwe fair due to the continuing furore over GALZ.

Last year, the government of President Robert Mugabe -- who
described homosexuals as "worse than dogs and pigs" entitled to
no rights at all -- barred the group from taking part, sparking
international outrage from organisations of gays and lesbians.




Copyright &copy 1996
Copyright &copy 1996 Reuter Information Service

BREMEN, Germany, Aug 3 (Aug 3, 1996 10:17 a.m. EDT) - Hundreds
of anarchist punks, banned from holding their annual "Chaos Days"
gathering in Hanover, went on the rampage through the northern
port city of Bremen instead, German police said on Saturday.

About 200 to 300 punks showered police cars with stones and
fireworks as they drove by and tried to outwit officers by hiding
and then reappearing, a police spokesman said.

Police detained 74 youths during the night, 27 of them
briefly. It was not clear if anyone had been injured.

A German court banned the "Chaos Days" gathering from taking
place in Hanover this year, after last year's rally there turned
into violent clashes with police leaving hundreds injured and
parts of the city looking like a war zone.

The chaotic festival with anarchist overtones has become an
annual event over the last 11 years.

Some 6,000 police in Hanover were braced for the arrival of
hordes of punks in defiance of the court ban. They detained six
men aged between 17 and 23, found carrying baseball bats, wooden
batons and tear-gas spray cans, police said.

But Hanover was quiet on Saturday and it looked as though the
anarchists had shifted the event to Bremen, where police said
many punks had come from other regions.

Police said they were considering sending units to Bremen from
Hanover, where 2,000 punks rampaged last year smashing windows
and pillaging supermarkets.

In three nights of vicious clashes last year beer-swilling
youths -- some skinheads, some rainbow-haired wearing dog collars
and leather cuffs -- lobbed home-made firebombs as police lines
pushed them back with shields and batons.

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