(E) Rebel Worker Magazine June and July 96

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Rebel Worker Magazine June; and July 1996

It's horribly late, as will be the August edition. (July available now)

Web edition:

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------- June 96 Contents -----
Miss Bosnia rw06962
Debate on the Bolsheviks & the Vanguard Party
The Case For rw06961
The Case Against rw06966

Australian News
Public Transport
S.T.A. Privatisation Threat rw06968
Rail News rw06969
Interviews with Sydney Bus Workers rw06963
MELB. Tram News rw069612
Conference: Union is Strength labc5
A.S.F. News and Notes rw06967
Tightening the Screws on the Unemployed rw069613
Metal Industry News rw06964

Book Reviews
The Confession of Jack Straw rw069615
After The Revolution: Economic Reconstruction in Spain Today rw06960
The Struggle Against the State and other Essays rw069611

International News
Social Center in Greece rw06965
Sri Lanka's struggles rw069610
USA: Factories Scrap 5-Day Week in Quest for Efficiency rw069614


July 96 Contents

A Critique of Leninism rw07964
Lessons of the Spanish Revolution rw079611
Letters to the Editor rw07968

Australian News
Solidarity for ACI Workers rw07960
ASF News & Notes rw079615
Australia Wide Anarchist Congress rw07969
Metal Industry
Toyota Shop Steward's Story rw079614
GM/H Auto Worker's Letter rw07967
ALCAN Granville News rw07961
Public Transport
Transport News rw079612
Sydney Terminal Station News rw079613

Book Reviews
Book Publishing Appeal rw079616
Anarchism In Latin America rw079617

International News
"Oficios Varios" Union Report Santiago rw07963
News from Greece rw07966
France: Solidarity for Comatec Workers rw07965
CANADA: Boeing Workers' Strike rw07962
USA: Borders Bookshop rw079610

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