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CONTENTS: Supplement 65

Action Alert! Phone Zap For Indiana 6

2. (LAWE) Prisoner Declared Brain Dead After Beating By
Palestinian Coastal Police

3. (CAG) COMMUNIST ACTION GROUP: Government Backs Down
After 12 Die On Hunger Strike

4. (AP) Anarchist Charged With Advocating Overthrow Of

5. (UPDATE) Neo-Nazis Accused of Incitement To Genocide In

6. (PI) Aryan Republican Army Trial: Northeast Man To
Admit To Midwest Heists

7. (LAT) Argentine Police Held In '94 Blast

8. (REUTER) German Court Rejects Bonn Bid To Punish Neo-

9. (REUTER) Italian Court Begins Deliberating War Crimes

10. (AP) German Neo-Nazis Sentenced


Date: Tue, 30 Jul 1996 22:38:30 -0500 (CDT)
From: William Todd Leech <blast@csd.uwm.edu>
Subject: Phone Zap for Indiana 6




AGAINST THE INDIANA SIX (names listed at bottom of post)

PHONE: 219-874-7258
FAX: 219-874-9001



In a kangaroo court inside Indiana State Prison during the
week of July 21, 1996, six prisoners were convicted of conspiring
to riot and threatening staff with bodily harm. The prisoners
were given sentences of up to five years. This time will likely
be lock-down, isolation time in a control unit (23 hours
lock-down, sensory deprivation, non-contact visits, mental
torture). This is a frame-up with no evidence and no victims.
The planned execution of Ziyon Yisrayah (s/n Tommie Smith) threw
the Indiana Department of Corrections into a panic-ridden purge
of progressive prisoners who might have dared to SPEAK out
against the vicious plan of premeditated murder. On Thursday,
June 6, ten prisoners were transferred from the Indiana State
Prison (ISP) in Michigan City to Westville Maximum Control
Complex (MCC). They were transferred to "keep the peace" in
advance of the execution of Ziyon Yisrayah .


The state's main "evidence" is a letter addressed to one of
the prisoners, Shaka Shakur, from a private citizen in
Indianapolis, Mmoja Ajabu. Mr. Shakur never saw the letter,
which was intercepted by the ISP administration weeks before the
charges were filed against the prisoners.

The only other "evidence" the prison administration has is
statements from "confidential informants" and a "letter" found on
a prisoner at ISP addressed to "Shaka" (first name only -- There
are at least 5 other Shakas at ISP) which mentions a response to
the execution of Ziyon. This letter contains no violent intent
whatsoever, and the prisoner who wrote it says that it refers to
wearing black armbands. None of the prisoners has access to any
statements from "confidential informants." There is question as
to whether these informants even exist.


At the hearing they were allowed no outside legal
representation, nor will they be allowed a lawyer at any appeals
within the institution. After they have exhausted all their
Department of Corrections appeals, they may hire legal counsel
and may appeal to the District Court. This last appeal is
extremely difficult to win and usually takes years to complete.
So even if a prisoner does win on this level, he has often
already done his time in the Supermax.

A Memorial Day protest showed the solidarity of 150
prisoners at ISP who went to a meal and ate in complete silence
to show solidarity with Ziyon and protest the poor conditions in
D-Cell House. This was the peaceful demonstration that sparked
an institution-wide investigation in which the administration put
out a call to each housing unit to identify prisoners "who might
be involved in this `conspiracy'...".

This is not about a plan to riot. This is about the
D.O.C.'s paranoia over losing control of the prison in the face
of the 2nd wrongful execution there in the last 18 months (the
first being of Ziyon's co-defendant Ajamu Nassor (s/n Resnover)).
This is about the panic of a prison system which experienced the
murder of a guard after they murdered Ajamu in 1994. This is
about the fears of men who know they are about to do evil. And
it's about racist fears.


Al Parke, in a conversation with Professor Hal Pepinsky
centered around maintaining control at ISP, stated that he is
focusing on what he identifies as "black gangs" and is "operating
on the basis of who is who". That is, Parke is more concerned
with the history, leadership and culture of the prisoners than he
is with any actual evidence against them. The "gang" boogeyman
language is an all-too-common tactic used to refer to Black
political prison leaders. Those of us who have worked with
prisoners at ISP know that Supt. Parke is focused on progressive
political leadership at the prison. These prisoners have
dedicated themselves to destroying the criminal mentality
identified with gangs and to developing proud, constructive men
able to give back to their communities. Destructive gang leaders
in the prison do not face the same scrutiny and censoring of
their mail as political leaders do, nor do they face the same
repression of activity and attention to their movements. We must
also ask why, if Parke is concerned about gangs, he does not
focus any attention on white supremacist gangs, which have a long
history in Indiana prisons and which everyone, including Parke,
knows have freedom to operate at ISP. Every single prisoner
charged in this case is Black.

The Indiana D.O.C. violated these prisoners' due process
rights and continues to do so. We can't let the D.O.C. operate
outside of the law. It could be your son or daughter, your
husband or wife in prison next.


Call, write and fax Acting Department of Corrections
Commissioner Ed Cohen. Demand that the charges against the six
prisoners be dropped and that no further disciplinary action be
taken against them.

Commissioner Ed Cohen
E 334 Indiana Governement Center South
302 W. Washington St.
Indianapolis, IN 46204
Phone: 317-232-5715
FAX: 317-232-6798

Contact members of the Indiana Congressional Black Caucus
and urge them to call for an investigation into the racial nature
of the charges against these prisoners and the executions of
Ziyon Yisrayah and Ajamu Nassor.

Write to the charged prisoners to show your support and offer
what help you can:

Kopano Muhammad (s/n V. Hatchett) #25800
Shaka Shakur #28443
Sekou Majekodunmi (s/n M. Ford) #855831
Akono G. Olatunji (s/n David Bellemy) #862113
Idrix Malik (s/n Kevin Holifield) #22275
Anane Baye (s/n Armen sylvester) #16091
all are at:

ISP P.O. Box 41, Michigan City, IN 46360


We the undersigned demand that all charges be dropped
against those targeted by the Indiana Department of Corrections
on frame-up charges of conspiracy to riot and threatening. These
charges stem from the panic and paranoia of the Indiana
Department of Corrections officials preparing to execute Ziyon
Yisrayah and are not based on any factual evidence.

Brew City Anti-Authoritarian Collective, Shaka Shakur Defense
Committee, Gary Peoples Justice Committee, National Prisoners
Legal Front, A Job is a Right Campaign, Workers World Party,
Antifa Info-Bulletin, RASH Indiana, Bob Witanek - New Jersey
Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty*, The HIV/AIDS in Prison
Project of Catholic Charities, Wisconsin CURE, Let Mumia Live
Coalition - Madison, Campaign to End the Death Penalty - Madison,
Human Rights Coalition of Indiana, New York Anarchist Black
Cross, Sisters By Choice

* - organization for ID purpose

For More Information Contact:

BCAC P.O. Box 93312
Milwaukee, WI 53203


Date: Tue, 30 Jul 96 16:31:42 PDT
From: LAWE <lawe@netvision.net.il>
Subject: Prisoner Beaten to Death by Palestinian Police



30 July 1996

Today, Mahmoud Jamal Jumyal, a political prisoner detained
by the Palestinian Coastal Police in al Juneid prison, was
pronounced clinically brain dead following a savage beating by
Coastal Police at the prison. The beating caused massive
bleeding in the brain from a fractured skull, and instigated a
cardiac arrest. Nassir Juma'a was also attacked at the same time.
His condition is known to be grave, and his remains under the
custody of the Coastal police and in solitary confinement in al

Mahmoud Jumyal, 26 years old, worked as an inspector for the
al-Mahraq Insurance Company. In mid-December 1995, he and Nassir
Juma'a were ordered by the Mukhabarat (secret police) to report
to the Jericho detention facility for questioning. The two went,
and never came back. They were held without charge and never
tried, and questioned about supposed involvement with the Fatah
Eagles. On several occasions Mahmoud instigated hunger strikes
to demand his release. His family visited him regularly in
Jericho, the last of which was on 26 July.

On the day of 26 July, his family was informed that he and
Nassir had been transferred to the Coastal Police section of al
Juneid Prison in Nablus. On the same day, LAWE - The Palestinian
Society for the Protection of Human Rights and the Environment
was informed that Mahmoud had been sent to the Rafidiyye hospital
in Nablus. Khader Shkirat, director of LAWE, went to the
hospital on that day, where he was informed that the prisoner had
been transferred to the hospital in Ramallah. Mr. Shkirat went
to Ramallah, where he was denied permission to see the patient.
On 28 July, Mahmoud's family was informed by the Palestinian
police, at 11:00 at night, that their son had been admitted to an
unspecified hospital. The distraught family went first to
Rafidiyye hospital in Nablus, where they were informed that their
son had been admitted under a false name, that of Ahmed Said
Sabbah. Then the family went to the hospital in Ramallah, where
they finally saw him late at night on 29 July. The family was
not informed as to his true medical condition.

At 1:30 pm today, Khader Shkirat again visited Mahmoud. Mr.
Shkirat reports that multiple lacerations are visible all over
his body, and his chest is deeply bruised. He appears to have
been branded with a hot iron instrument, leaving two centimeter
burns on his chest. Both hands and his ankles have been wounded,
apparently by wire. Mr. Shkirat was informed that he had
initially been admitted to the hospital in Nablus after having
sustained a massive cardiac arrest. While at the hospital, they
discovered a fractured skull and extensive bleeding in the brain.

After resuscitation, Mahmoud was transferred to the facility
in Ramallah. At this moment, the hospital is providing
supportive treatment in an effort to keep Mahmoud's body alive.

Nassir Juma'a is reported to be in critical condition, both
physically and psychologically. His family is deeply concerned
about his health and current safety.

LAWE - The Palestinian Society for the Protection of Human
Rights and the Environment cannot find words adequate to describe
how horrific it sees this crime. LAWE extends its most heartfelt
condolences to the family of Mahmoud Jumyal, and expresses its
gravest concern over the whereabouts and well-being of Nassir
Juma'a. LAWE promises to pursue this case, and every other
violation of the most basic human rights, to the fullest extent.
The armed forces of the Palestinian Authority have proven
themselves completely outside normal standards of conduct, and
capable of the grossest brutality. They must be made
accountable. LAWE will help pursue this goal, and calls for the
establishment of a Committee of Inquiry.

Please fax immediately your condemnation of this brutal act,
and your demand that all political prisoners held without charge,
be released without delay. Send your faxed letters of
intervention to: President Arafat: (972) (7) 822365/6, Minister
of Justice Frieh abu Medein: (972) (7) 822236, and Attorney
General Khaled al Qidra: (972) (7) 824503.


LAWE - The Palestinian Society for the Protection of Human Rights
and the Environment is a non-governmental organization which
seeks to defend human rights through legal advocacy. LAWE is
also an affiliate member of the Paris-based International
Federation for Human Rights.

LAWE, PO Box 20873, Jerusalem, Tel: (972) (2) 812364, 824559,
fax: (972) (2) 811072, email: lawe@netvision.net.il.


Date: Thu, 1 Aug 1996 04:11:43 +0200
From: DHKC Informationbureau Amsterdam <tabe@ozgurluk.xs4all.nl>
Subject: CA on hungerstrike POW's in Turkey


BM Box 4473
London WC1N 3XX


By Jim Kane, Communist Action Group

On Saturday July 27th, the 69 day old Hunger Strike in
Turkish prisons ended in complete victory. Just one day after he
had threatened to send in troops to end the Hunger Strike by
force, the Minister for Justice Kazan announced that the
government would meet all the demands put forward by the

The Hunger Strike started in May in response to the
announcement of a new policy on political prisoners by the then
Minister for Justice Mehmet Agar. On May 6th, Agar, who is linked
to the death squads in Turkey, said that all political prisoners
were to be transferred to the notorious Eskisehir prison, known
in Turkey as The Coffin. Unlike most of the country's other
jails, where prisoners are kept in large "wards" where they can
freely associate, prisoners in Eskisehir are kept in solitary
confinement in individual cells. In the first month after the
announcement, over 100 political prisoners were placed in The

The prisoners demands were simple: the withdrawal of the May
6th decision, and the closure of Eskisehir and all other
isolation prisons in the country. In addition, they demanded an
end to attacks on prisoners, proper medical treatment to
prisoners wounded in attacks, and the right for all prisoners to
attend their own trials without being subjected to torture and

Turkey has a terrible reputation for prison conditions and
for torture of suspects. The government is carrying on a brutal
war against the Kurdish people, who are fighting for national
liberation. In addition, many left groups are armed, and are
carrying out a guerrilla war to overthrow the fascist government.
There are some 9,000 political prisoners in Turkey, only one in
four of which has actually been tried. It is not unusual for the
accused to have to wait for years before they appear in court.
And when they do appear, justice is not on the agenda.

As well as the widespread use of torture, Turkey has a
higher level of political "disappearances" than Latin America -
the government simply bumps opponents off and either dumps their
bodies where they cannot be found. Family and friends of
prisoners are subjected to every form of harassment, including
being arrested and tortured themselves. Many female relatives and
friends have been raped when they go on visits.

In addition to all this, the authorities have staged a
number of armed raids on prisons where political prisoners are
held. On 13 December last year, one prisoner was killed and 40
injured when special police units and soldiers attacked prisoners
at Umraniye prison. On 21 December, three prisoners were killed
and 39 wounded in a similar attack on Buca prison. On 4 January
of this year, another attack at Umraniye left three dead and many
more wounded. A number of the prisoners wounded in this attack
were on the verge of death, but refused medical treatment, which
resulted in a fourth death a short while after. Two others
remained in a critical condition for a long period, but were
denied access to the medical treatment they needed. Conditions in
the jails was so bad that even before the May 6th decisions on
political prisoners, a group of prisoners at Diyarbakir prisoner
had begun an indefinite Hunger Strike against the increased
torture and mistreatment of inmates. On May 16th, they were
joined by a large number of inmates from different groups, mostly
from the Kurdish liberation movement (PKK), who went on an
alternating Hunger Strike with two groups of prisoners refusing
food for five days at a time. On May 19th, a further 1500
prisoners went on protest from Communist groups, this time on a
permanent, indefinite Hunger Strike. On July 3, a group - to
begin with 161 - turned this into a Hunger Strike to the death.

Right from the start, there were solidarity Hunger Strikes
all over Europe, as well as inside Turkey and Kurdistan. These
included people going on Hunger Strike for fixed periods,
alternating with others, as well as a smaller number who were on
indefinite Hunger Strike. In Brussels and London. six members of
the biggest Communist group involved in the Hunger Strike, the
Revolutionary People's Liberation Front (DHKC), stepped up the
struggle in mid-July and themselves went on Hunger Strike to the
death. More and more prisoners joined in with them, including
some 4,000 Kurdish prisoners from the PKK who joined in the last

The Hunger Strikers were well aware of the Irish Hunger
Strike of 1981. In fact, the heroic stand of Bobby Sands and his
comrades was a direct inspiration for the Hunger Strikers of
1996, just as it had been for earlier Hunger Strikes in Turkish
jails. This was borne out when Aygun Ugur became the first Hunger
Striker to die, on Sunday June 21st: the same day, a slogan
appeared in a part of East London where there is a large Turkish
and Kurdish population, which read: "1981 Bobby Sands, 1996 Aygun

Twelve Hunger Strikers died on the protest. 100 more are in
a critical condition, and will only recover, if at all, as a
result of very intensive medical care. One veteran Hunger
Striker, Zeynel Polat, who survived after being on Hunger Strike
for 70 days in 1984 and who joined in this struggle in solidarity
15 days ago, knew fully what was involved: "A Hunger Strike is
the hardest method of protest. Every day, every hour, every
second, you are conscious of going to death. After 60 days,
irreparable damage appears in certain organs."

The Hunger Strike unleashed a wave of protest and rebellion
throughout the state of Turkey. In much the same way as the 1981
Hunger Strike in Ireland, the protest strengthened the resolve of
the people to struggle against repression and injustice. The
Turkish state has been shaken to its foundations. The people are
on the rise, and they are not in a mood to give in.

The twelve Hunger Strikers who gave their lives are listed
below, together with their organisations initials and full names
in English:

Aygun Ugur TKP(ML) [Communist Party of Turkey (Marxist-Leninist)]
Altan Berdan Kerimgiller DHKC [Revolutionary People's Liberation
Olginc Ozkeskin DHKC
Huseyin Demircioglu MLKP [Marxist-Leninist Communist Party]
Ali Ayata TKP(ML)
Mujdat Yanat DHKC
Tahsin Yilmaz TIKB [Revolutionary Communist League of Turkey]
Ayse Idil Erkman DHKC
Hicabi Kucuk TIKB
Yemliha Kaya DHKC
Osman Akgun TIKB
Hayati Can TKP(ML)


For more information, write to the DHKC Information Bureau,
BM Box 8253, London WC1N 3XX. Tel/fax: 0171-272-2621

Visit http://www.xs4all.nl/~ozgurluk
For news and information
about the classwar in Turkey and Kurdistan


Subject: nation1_18202.html



Copyright &copy 1996 Nando.net
Copyright &copy 1996 The Associated Press

JONESBORO, Ga. (Jul 31, 1996 4:41 p.m. EDT) -- An 18-year-old
self-styled anarchist who allegedly wrote and distributed a
homemade, anti-government pamphlet has been charged with
advocating the overthrow of the U.S. government.

Jason Paul Moreland from suburban Atlanta remained in Clayton
County's jail Wednesday in lieu of $50,000 bond.

Moreland turned himself in Sunday. Authorities obtained a
warrant for his arrest Saturday after the pipe bombing at
Centennial Olympic Park, although police say they don't think he
played any role in the crime. Moreland had been under
investigation since July 8.

"He told us he was only interested in destroying property, and
I don't think he fully understands the ramifications," Police Lt.
Larry Gibson said. "Whatever he was up to, we wanted to nip it in
the bud."

Others allegedly made copies of the pamphlet and distributed
it, but police expect to make no further arrests, police
spokesman Doug Jewett said Wednesday.

The pamphlet was laced with anti-police cartoons, obscenities
and anarchist slogans. The one overt reference to violence was an
illustration of a Molotov cocktail.

The charge carries a sentence of one to 20 years in prison and
up to a $20,000 fine, Jewett said.


From: Luis Miguel <a.amaral@mail.telepac.pt>
Subject: Neo-Nazis Accused of Genocide in Portugal
Date: Mon, 29 Jul 1996 23:57:49 +-200



The 10th of July is the day when Portuguese celebrate the
"Day of Portugal"; during the period of the fascist state the
celebration was called "Race Day". In 1995, this day was marked
by a rally of neo-nazis in "Bairro Alto", Lisbon. There were
dozens of neo-nazis present and they destroyed everything in
their path. When a group of black people appeared, they were
brutally kicked by neo-nazis and one of them was killed; his name
was Alcino Dias and was an immigrant from "Cabo Verde".

This death caused widespread indignation of public opinion
and all manifested against racism. There were many marchs
against racism in the country, from the people to the Republic
President and parties all showed their indignation for acts like

Now the tribunal acused neo-nazis of genocide, and it is the
first time in Portugal that someone is accused of that.

From Luis Miguel ( a.amaral@mail.telepac.pt )


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++++ see: http://www.xs4all.nl/~tank/spg-l/sigaction.htm ++++


Subject: PLEA31.htm


The Philadelphia Inquirer
City & Region

Wednesday, July 31, 1996


By Mark Fazlollah

A Northeast Philadelphia man who helped rob banks across the
Midwest, allegedly to finance right-wing groups, has agreed to
plead guilty to federal robbery charges and testify against his

Kevin McCarthy, 19, a member of the self-styled Aryan
Republican Army, testified Monday in federal court in Columbus,
Ohio, that he had participated in a series of heists with Scott
A. Stedeford, an Ardmore native, and Peter Langan of Columbus.

McCarthy, who was living with his grandmother in the Bustleton
section before his May arrest, said he had signed an agreement to
plead guilty to robbery and related charges in a case involving
about 20 stickups across seven states between November 1993 and
last December.

Prosecutors say McCarthy, Stedeford and Langan all espoused
the overthrow of the U.S. government and planned to use part of
their $200,000 booty to finance white supremacist groups. They
said that McCarthy, as part of his plea agreement, has promised
to testify against the others.

A fourth man, Richard Guthrie, 38, of Iowa, was arrested in
the same case and also had negotiated a plea agreement. Guthrie
was found hanged in his Kentucky jail cell three weeks ago. His
death was ruled a suicide.

Stedeford, 27, a commercial artist, rock musician and
Haverford High School graduate, had been living in Camden before
his arrest in May. He was not at Monday's hearing.

His lawyer declined comment, as did Assistant U.S. Attorney
Robert E. Goldman, who is leading the Philadelphia end of the
investigation. McCarthy testified Monday that he was introduced
to Langan, the alleged leader of the robbers, in 1994 by
right-wing leader Mark Thomas of Berks County at a restaurant
near the Oklahoma-Arkansas state line. During the meeting,
McCarthy testified, Langan boasted that he already had robbed 12

Assistant U.S. Attorney Robyn Jones, who is handling the
government's case in Colombus, said McCarthy, also a rock
musician, did not say whether Thomas was involved in any
discussion about robberies.

An FBI statement submitted early in the court proceedings had
quoted Guthrie as saying that he was introduced to Stedeford by
Thomas, who has been active in organizing Nazi and Aryan Nation
rallies at his farm southwest of Allentown.

In an interview yesterday, Thomas said that any introductions
he may have made were simply social, ``not to engage in any
criminal activity,'' and that he had no knowledge of McCarthy's
criminal activities. He accused the government of trying to
silence opposition.

``That's how the government works, it offers people different
kinds of deals,'' Thomas said. ``The government has long worked
to silence voices that are in opposition to it. In Russia, 20
years ago, it was done directly. Here it's done by proxy.''

Thomas, 44, said McCarthy lived for several months on his
Berks County property about three years ago. According to
McCarthy's grandmother, Thomas helped McCarthy gain entry to a
right-wing Christian community in eastern Oklahoma. Thomas has
denied this.

The hearing Monday focused on a motion by Langan's lawyer to
suppress evidence in the case. Stedeford is not a defendant in
the Columbus case but is scheduled to stand trial in separate
proceedings in Iowa, where he is accused of participating in

During his testimony, McCarthy provided some details on the
operation of the gang. He said it was a mistake by Guthrie --
allowing a used-car dealer to photocopy his phony driver's
license when he tried to buy a getaway car -- that eventually led
the FBI to him.

Then Guthrie, who pleaded guilty to federal bank robbery
charges nine days before his death, gave the FBI the information
it needed to arrest Stedeford, McCarthy and Langan.


Subject: t000066582.html



Thursday, August 1, 1996

By SEBASTIAN ROTELLA, Times Staff Writer

Raising anew the specter of anti-Semitism in Argentina's
security forces, authorities on Wednesday charged three police
officials and a former detective as accomplices in the lethal
bombing of a Jewish community center here in 1994.

A commander of the provincial police of Buenos Aires, two
deputy commanders and a former detective were charged by Juan
Jose Galeano, the judge who is overseeing the prosecution of the
case, with providing the van that was used in the bombing--the
deadliest anti-Semitic attack outside Israel since World War II.

After more than two years of investigation, these were the
first suspects to be formally charged in the bombing case, which
apparently has been obstructed by police corruption.

The explosion on July 18, 1994, destroyed the headquarters of
the Argentine-Jewish Mutual Assn., a social agency in the heart
of the Jewish community here, killing 87 people. Authorities
believe that a suicide bomber also died in the blast, which
Argentine and foreign law enforcement agencies blame on Iranian
spies and the radical Islamic group Hezbollah.

But the indictment filed Wednesday advances a theory that,
Jewish leaders and other critics say, explains the painful pace
of the investigation: High-ranking police officials participated
in the crime and a subsequent cover-up.

This is a disturbing development in a society with a history
of anti-Semitic violence and gangsterism in its security forces.

"This is the first time they have advanced seriously on the
trail of the so-called local connection," said Sergio Widder, the
representative in South America of the Simon Wiesenthal Center.
"Anyone who knows the history of anti-Semitism in Argentina
should not be surprised that police were involved. It is
absolutely credible."

Although Argentina has one of the world's largest Jewish
populations, estimated at 250,000, many fugitive Nazis found
refuge here after World War II.

Decades of intermittent military dictatorships with fascist
and neo-Nazi leanings have also generated institutional

In the 1970s, the military, intelligence services and the
police singled out Jews with special ferocity during a campaign
of murder, torture and kidnapping known here as the "dirty war."
Consequently, relatives of bombing victims and Jewish leaders
have expressed outrage and suspicion about the lack of results in
the 1994 case and the 1992 car-bombing of the Israeli Embassy --
an attack that killed 29 people and is also blamed on Middle
Eastern terrorists and their Argentine accomplices.

Widder, however, was encouraged by the investigators' decision
to focus on the possible role of local police in the community
center bombing.

"For Argentina, it is not paradoxical," he said. "The fact
that police have been charged makes people start to think that
the authorities are doing things seriously."

It is now up to provincial police, who patrol the vast
metropolitan area around the capital, to conduct an aggressive
internal investigation, Galeano told reporters Wednesday.

Despite Wednesday's filing of charges, some Jewish leaders
remained cautious about seeing real progress in the case. Galeano
has rounded up suspects before on charges unrelated to the
bombing in an apparent but unfulfilled hope of a breakthrough.

Most recently, for example, a band of accused right-wing
extremists was charged with arms trafficking but all were
released on bail.

But Wednesday's indictment, in contrast, accuses the officers
of acting as "necessary accomplices" in a multiple homicide.

The four are Juan Jose Ribelli, a commander; deputy commanders
Irineo Leal and Raul Ibarra; and Mario Barreiro, a former
inspector who was fired for corruption.

They have either proclaimed their innocence in interviews or
refused to talk.

The suspects allegedly belonged to a ring of more than a dozen
high- and mid-ranking investigators who were arrested en masse
two weeks ago, federal prosecutor Jose Barbaccia said.

Prosecutors say the officials alternately protected and
extorted money from a network of "chop shops," businesses that
cut up stolen vehicles for greater profit. These illegal
enterprises were allegedly run by Carlos Alberto Telledin, a
reputed petty gangster now jailed on auto theft charges.

He recently started talking to prosecutors, offering what they
term vital evidence.

He testified that Leal and Ibarra took a Renault van from him
as an extorted payment. A caravan of police escorted that vehicle
away from his house in a secretive operation eight days before
the bombing, Telledin testified.

Ribelli -- who was the immediate superior of Leal and Ibarra
-- and Barreiro were also linked to the acquisition of the van,
which was modified to carry a heavy load, authorities said.

Authorities are unsure where the van went for the five days
after Telledin last saw it. But there are indications that it was
left at a garage near the Jewish center, authorities say.

The evidence so far suggests that the jailed police agents
turned the vehicle over to terrorists or their intermediaries,
Barbaccia said in an interview, adding that authorities believe
that police could also have participated directly in the bombing.

This fits with suspicions of Jewish leaders that renegade
police mercenaries carried out the attack at the behest of Middle
Eastern terrorists.

"Galeano has to show how far their responsibility goes,"
Widder said. "We know where this starts, but we do not know where
it ends. The local connection could go higher in the police

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Date: Wed, 31 Jul 96 00:48:08 -0700
From: clyde@burn.ucsd.edu (Neighborhood Queen)
Subject: German court rejects Bonn bid to punish neo-Nazis



KARLSRUHE, Germany, July 30 (Reuter) - Germany's highest
court said on Tuesday it had rejected a government request to
strip two convicted neo-Nazis of their constitutional right to
participate in politics and stand for election.

The Federal Constitutional Court ruled that Thomas Dienel and
Heinz Reiss could not be deprived of these rights because the
court that originally convicted them of inciting racial hatred
had given them only suspended prison sentences.

This meant that Dienel, 35, and Reiss, 58, did not constitute
the direct threat to Germany's democratic order that Bonn
claimed, the judges argued.

Dienel once led a neo-Nazi group in eastern Germany while
Reiss was a leading figure in a west German neo-Nazi group.

The ruling came as a blow to the German government which had
applied to the court in December 1992 as part of a government
crackdown on neo-Nazis groups they believed were behind a wave of
racist attacks late that year.

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ROME (Aug 1, 1996 09:00 a.m. EDT) - A military court retired
on Thursday to consider its verdict in the war crimes trial of
former SS captain Erich Priebke, accused of being a key organiser
of Italy's worst wartime atrocity.

The three judges of the panel, who survived two attempts to
oust them over allegations they were biased in favour of the
defendant, were expected to rule after 6 p.m. (1600 GMT).

Priebke, 83, has been on trial for three tumultuous months
charged with complicity in the SS massacre of 335 Italian men and
boys at the Ardeatine Caves near Rome on March 24, 1944.

Priebke, extradited from Argentina last November, has admitted
taking part in the killings but says that he was obliged to
follow orders or face death himself.

The prosecution has called for a life prison sentence and the
defence for Priebke's acquittal.

The Ardeatine Caves massacre was carried out the day after
partisans in Nazi-occupied Rome killed 33 soldiers from a German
army unit in a bomb attack. Priebke's lawyer has portrayed the
massacre as a legitimate reprisal.

Tensions in the courtroom ran high on Thursday as relatives of
some of the victims, who have attended each trial session as
civil plaintiffs, interrupted a final rebuttal by defence
attorney Velio di Rezze.

One person shouted: "Our dead demand justice."

When di Rezze told the court that Priebke was no longer a
Nazi, but a civilian who at the time believed he was following
legitimate orders, someone else yelled "Assassin. You never

Priebke was seated at the defence table, shielded from the
public gallery by two police guards standing behind him.

He has said his duties at the caves included crossing off
names from a list as the victims arrived. He also admits
personally shooting two Italians.

The victims, among them 75 Jews, were rounded up from Gestapo
headquarters in Rome, the city's main jail and from their homes
and taken in trucks to the caves. There, they were led into the
caves in groups of five and shot in the back of the head. Many
were forced to kneel on the corpses of other victims.

"We are trying to bring back the horrors of the past, not only
to delve masochistically into the past but because we don't want
this past to shed a dark light on our present," Tullia Zevi,
president of the association of Italian Jewish communities, said
in an interview outside the courtroom.

She renewed criticism of the trial bench, which both the
prosecution and civil plaintiffs had tried to oust for bias but
which was twice affirmed by a military appeals court.

"I would say this court is not culturally or historically
equipped to handle a case of these proportions," she said, adding
that military courts were used to hearing cases such as fights
between soldiers.

The requests to dismiss the bench were based on a conversation
presiding judge Agustino Quistelli had with a general before
being assigned the case in which he said Priebke should be


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07-31-96 1252EDT

PERLEBERG, Germany (AP) Three neo-Nazis were sentenced
Wednesday after confessing to attacking six campers in the
northern German state of Brandenburg.

The expedited trial came just a day after the three were

A 21-year-old man was sentenced to six months probation and
received a $2,000 fine. The two other attackers, both 18, were
sentenced to four weeks in a reformatory.

The youths physically abused and insulted the campers in July
26 attack, calling them ``leftist blood-sucking pigs.'' One
camper escaped injury after the attackers decided he was
``Aryan.'' Three others were hurt.

An arrest warrant for a 17-year-old, whom investigators
believe to be the ringleader, was denied. His case is expected to
be tried next week.

German campers have recently been hit by a string of violence.
The most serious incident occurred July 13, when six members of a
German youth group were hospitalized.

In another incident Friday, four men and five girls allegedly
damaged campers' property near the northern German town of
Prignitz, investigators said. All nine were arrested Monday.

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