Cardiff Anarchists (
Thu, 1 Aug 1996 14:22:43 GMT

(here is the text of a London ABC flyer)


Holloway Prison to Pentonville Prison
meet outside HMP Holloway, Parkhurst Rd, London N17
*3.00 PM*
Speakers from the Anarchist Black Cross, Class War and
ex-prisoners/prisoners relatives.
** ** ** ** ** **
Tousands of working class people are rotting in jails all over the
world, many for the crime of being born into a life of work, poverty,
frustration. We are forced to struggle, legally or illegally, to
survive. If we break the laws laid down for us or fight back against
the rich and powerful who try to exploit our whole life, we face
prison. We can be framed to jack up the cops clear-up rate, jailed
for being unable to pay their endless taxes and fines, for trying to
take back a little of the vast wealth made by us, and people like us,
but just out of our reach...
Prison is for the workers - not the rich. Prison means isolation,
depression, brutality, un-ending boredom, beatings. In Britain a
prisoner kills themself on average every week. Prison numbers are
rising to an all time high, and repression against inmates is getting
tougher all the time. But you can't lock people up in sub-human
conditions without them fighting back. Resistance through work and
hunger strikes, dirty protests and sit-downs is on the increase.
Prisoners are refusing to lie down and die in the cages they are
building for us.
On the outside we are determined to fight against the system that
locks so many of us up and support the struggles of prisoners against
their jailers. Prisoners Justice Day has traditionally been a day of
remembering people who have died, been killed or committed suicide in
prisons. In the past we have picketted some of Britain's most brutal
and murderous jails. this year we are stepping up the action. We are
marching from Holloway to Pentonville Prisons, to support and
encourage resistance to prisons, inside and out.
Come along: bring banners, musical instruments, anger. Ex-prisoners
and relatives/friends of prisoners are especially welcome and invited
to speak.
London Anarchist Black Cross: 121 Railton Rd, London SE24 0LR
Class War: PO Box 467, London E8