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>>Subject: TWA 800 and Atlanta
>>By L. Neil Smith <>
>>Special to _The Libertarian Enterprise_
>> I've been sitting around all week, watching the Olympics whether I
>>like it or not, because my wife and daughter want to watch them, and I
>>can deny them nothing.
>> In between undeniably dramatic moments -- astonishingly courageous
>>little girls "playing hurt", as if they were major-league football
>>players -- I've been treated to story after story of how, due to the
>>efforts of thousands of uniformed professional paranoids, Georgia, USA
>>is coming to resemble _Soviet_ Georgia. The sight of _hundreds_ of
>>trailers moved in to house these security "troops" is demoralizing in
>>and of itself to anyone with a regard for a free society.
>> At the same time, I've been a TV witness to the tragedy of TWA
>>Flight 800 and an ignoble struggle by network fear-vampires to wring
>>the story of its last delectable drop -- "It was a bomb!" "It was a
>>missile!" "It was a bomb!" "It was a missile!" -- the whole thing
>>beginning to sound like a macabre Certs commercial.
>> Over it all hung the spectre of international terrorism, and the
>>swollen, corrupt, bulbous-nosed, droopy-jowled visage of a politician
>>(no "New Democrat" as it turns out, but just another damned fascist)
>>grimly determined -- exactly like Richard Milhous "Guns are an
>>Abomination" Nixon before him -- to be the last democratically elected
>>President of the United States: William Jefferson Blythe Clinton.
>> Clinton -- aided by his vile minions, the national "news" media --
>>went into raptures of ecstasy, listing all the ways that the freedom
>>of Americans would have to be curtailed (Clinton has spoken of this
>>before; it's a favorite theme of his) due to the heinous act he
>>transparently hoped had been committed against TWA 800.
>> Afterward, the round-heeled sprayheads obligingly searched out the
>>usual street-cretins to rubberstamp Our Glorious Leader's latest Five
>>Minute Plan, and add that they wouldn't mind at all paying extra for
>>the "service" of having their inalienable rights violated even worse
>>-- within the increasingly Bulgarian-style compounds American airports
>>have become -- than they're being violated now.
>> But there's a simpler, more effective way to prevent the criminal
>>acts generally labelled "terrorism" that Clinton and his idiot-box
>>doxies don't want anyone to know about. Behind virtually every
>>terrorist attack we've ever seen or suffered, it's relatively easy to
>>discover vicious and repeated acts of aggression against innocent
>>individuals by the state.
>> Preceeding the highly-publicized excesses of the Irish Republican
>>Army, for example, we find 850 years of violent occupation by an
>>exceptionally brutal foreign power that's managed to con the world
>>into believing that it's civilized.
>> Half a hundred years of Middle Eastern terror arise directly from
>>the fact that, instead of coming to America -- the appropriate refuge
>>for "huddled masses yearning to breathe free" -- either before or
>>after World War II, European Jews decided to take somebody else's land
>>away, and treat their victims the same way they themselves were
>>treated by the Nazis. (In fairness, at least before the war, would-be
>>refugees from Hitler's terroristic state weren't given much choice, at
>>least not by the American Medical Association, the American Bar
>>Association, and the Roosevelt Administration, all of whom worked
>>overtime, keeping out imported professional competition.)
>> Similarly, there would never have been an Oklahoma City had there
>>never been a Ruby Ridge or Waco. If Clinton had any real interest in
>>reducing the threat of "domestic terrorism" (he most assuredly does
>>not: terrorism, like war before it, has become "the health of the
>>state") instead of ratcheting government controls tighter around the
>>necks of 250 million Americans who've done nothing wrong, he'd
>>immediately arrest, try, convict, and punish all of those responsible
>>for Ruby Ridge and Waco, abolish the outlaw agencies in whose names
>>they were perpetrated, and repeal or nullify the unconstitutional laws
>>which provided them their justification.
>> The trouble is, he'd have to arrest, try, convict, and punish
>> Oh, yeah, the plan: the best-kept "secret" of our overly-
>>governmentalized age is that terrorism almost invariably
>>_reactionary_; simply stop doing things -- things you shouldn't be
>>doing anyway -- that cause terrorists to attack you and the attacks
>>will stop.
>> Terrorism is the price that governments -- and their hostage
>>subjects -- pay for exercising illegitimate power. Despite pundits
>>whose ignorance is exceeded only by their presumption (_Wall Street
>>Journal_'s Paul Gigot leaps immediately to mind) 20th century history
>>demonstrates beyond a shadow of a doubt that no further expansion of
>>that power will do anything but make make the problem worse.
>> Benjamin Franklin warned us, more or less, that anyone who trades
>>liberty for safety is a fool, in part, because there ain't no such
>>_thing_ as safety.
>> We're reminded by Amnesty International that more individuals have
>>been murdered by governments in this century -- well over 100 million
>>-- than have died in its wars (war itself being a government
>>enterprise, as well), proving that government is a worse threat than
>>anything it claims to protect us from. Tragedies like TWA 800 is
>>presumed to be, represent a failure of the _state_ -- of the very
>>_idea_ of the state -- and it is the state, not individuals, that must
>>be penalized, by reducing its income, and especially the power it
>>wields over individual lives.
>> Americans are famous the world over for doing what was never done
>>before. It's time we did something historically unprecedented again.
>>We flew the first airplane; we sent the first men to the Moon. Both of
>>those were possible _only_ because we were the first people ever to
>>tell a King to go to hell.
>> Now it's time to tell a President to go to hell. It's time to be
>>the first people ever to _refuse_ to be steam-rollered out of our
>>liberties by jackbooted thugs claiming to protect us from people and
>>events that don't threaten any of us nearly as much as the thugs
>>L. Neil Smith's award-winning first novel, _The Probability Broach_,
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>Jim Bell