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The text of our summer bulletin follows........

Road Alert! SUMMER BULLETIN - july =9196

Road Alert! PO Box 5544 Newbury RG14 5FB e-mail <roadalert@gn.apc.org>

This update is a summary of news from the direct action fight against
roadbuilding (and similar eco-destruction) this summer. It=92s=20
main purpose is to encourage and help YOU to get involved. First-hand
experience is invaluable - get out and do it!


A34 NEWBURY : The big trees are down and the site "cleared", but the
campaign is far from over! Thousands of new four inch=20
oak trees are now threatened by the main contract, due to start in late
July. Activists are needed for another BIG PUSH. There are=20
loads of camps, and, soon, a new visitors camp, with room for YOU. Network
locally, and GET ON THE PHONE TREE NOW! =20
Office actions are now a-go-go....contractors COSTAIN (who are in deep
financial shit - ha ha!) and security PINKERTONS are=20
also being targeted nationwide - contact the campaign for their addresses,
and hit them hard! INFO : Third Battle of Newbury, PO=20
Box 5520, Newbury, RG14 5FB. Tel 01635 45544 or 01635 550552 (24 hr info
line). E-mail <info@battle3.demon.co.uk>

A30, HONITON-EXETER, DEVON : The private finance DBFO (Design, Build,
Finance, Operate) contract hasn=92t yet been=20
awarded, but will go to "CONNECT" (Balfour Beatty / Holzmann) - or possibly
"N.R.O." (Bovis / Costain). There=92s loads going=20
on at the three camps, with tunnels, tree-houses and lock-ons multiplying.
Extra workers are always needed, with big work days=20
every Saturday. Gifts of equipment and materials (esp. scaffold) are also
sought. Preliminary legal notices to quit have been posted=20
at camps, and there are rumours of eviction in Autumn. If you want to be
there you should JOIN THE PHONE TREE. This=20
campaign has supported loads of other campaigns, and now needs you! INFO :
A30 Action!, PO Box 6, Ottery St. Mary, Devon,=20
EX11 1YL. Tel 01404 815729

M66, MANCHESTER : Both Daisy Nook and Audenshaw camps were evicted on 5
June by sheriff Andrew Wilson plus=20
associated slimeballs. Miles of building site now provide a great practice
ground for crane-climbing and digger-diving. (UK crane-
sit record: 6 days, 6 hours & 38 minutes!) Local campaigns against
M66-related developments, such as spoil dumping in Beal=20
Valley, are also growing. INFO : 0161 344 0225 / 0161 620 2118 / 0161 627=

VAL D=92ASPE, SOUTH FRANCE : A euroroute is raping this beautiful valley, h=
to the last nine brown bears in Europe (with a=20
baby bear born recently!). Campaign base "La Goutte d=92Eau" is threatened=
eviction this summer. Activists from all over Europe=20
are invited to come on holiday in the French Pyrennees URGENTLY! INFO :
01603 502796 (UK); +31 20 665 0166 (Europe)

=D6RESUNDBRIDGE, SWEDEN : Another action holiday option! INFO +46 7021 623=
0 /
+46 3151 8341=20

M77, POLLOK PARK, GLASGOW : Protests are now rare, but the camp likes
visitors. INFO : 0141 226 5066

A46, SOLSBURY HILL, BATH : This infamous road was "officially" opened on 11
July, amid energetic and noisy protests! =20
INFO : 01225 448556

M74, GLASGOW : Local opposition to the road is rocketing, catalyzed by
public meetings. Schools blighted and shut by the M74=20
have been occupied. INFO : 0141 424 1797

WALES OPENCAST : "Reclaim the Valleys" was a successful week of actions i=
May (see Undercurrents 5) targeting the=20
"Celtic Enemy" (Celtic Energy) in their offices and setting up a new site a=
Nanthelen and three at Selar. There is still a HUGE=20
area to defend and loads of actions to do. Local support is strong (locals
have already experienced state oppression during the=20
Miners Strike). INFO : 01685 873993 / 0385 711364

Cothrom (anti-CJA) : 0141 226 5066
DELTA (anti-Shell) : 0116 255 3223
EF! Action Update : 0171 561 9146
Friends of MOVE : 0171 272 5368
Reclaim The Streets: 0171 281 4621
The Land is Ours : 01865 722016
Toxics Alert : 0151 339 5473


A650 BINGLEY RELIEF ROAD, YORKSHIRE : This is part of a DBFO scheme which
will turn 66 miles of road between=20
Bradford and Cumbria over to the private finance profiteers. Tree-houses ar=
spreading through Yorkshire. Please support this new=20
campaign. INFO : 0973 479483

A354 WEYMOUTH RELIEF ROAD: The 7-mile "Brown Route" would trash an old
stone circle site, an AONB, the edges of 2=20
SSSIs, and pass within 100m of a primary school. The road is planned on to=
of the Lorton Valley toxic landfill site which is=20
already leaking 11 out of the 23 most toxic substances known! Bring a
bicycle and your parents to the protest camp in Teddy Bear=20
Woods and help stop clearance work. INFO : c/o 01404 815729

LUTON NORTHERN RING ROAD : This 15-mile plan threatens a SSSI and loads of
ancient monuments. Direct action is=20
planned, and help needed to build a local campaign. Find out more at a
route walk in the autumn. INFO : 01582 405137
A1(M), CAMBS : Yet another dreaded DBFO....there have already been two
work-stopping days, and more are planned, including=20
a national day of action and protest picnic. INFO : 01767 692326

A5, NORTH WALES : 150 letters and 5 petitions against the road and only
thirteen letters in favour were received by the public=20
inquiry - yet it has been scheduled to start next Spring. Parc-y-Coed wood=
are threatened by a large cutting through the land, and=20
wetland SSSI=92s are also at risk; go and see for yourself. INFO : 01248 60=
0286 =20

A36, SALISBURY : Campaigners still await a Public Inquiry "decision", and
have produced an excellent critique of the=20
implications of DBFO for Salisbury. INFO : 0171 388 8386

MADRID-VALENCIA MOTORWAY : An action camp in August will fight this
euroroute - no pasaran! INFO : +34 6721 4463 /=20
+34 6759 6100

PRESSMENNAN (Wood on the Hill) : a 10 Ha, 6000 year old Oak wood, is at ris=
after Aug 1 when the Forestry Commission,=20
under the orders of Aussie forest murderer David Bills, gets new legal
powers to cut ancient woodland without needing Scottish=20
Office permission. If in Scotland, get in touch with the Woodland Awarenes=
& Network of Defence (WAND): 01368 850630

LYMINGE FOREST, KENT : Rank Leisure want to destroy hundreds of acres of
woods for a "holiday village" (ie. virtual reality=20
countryside - so handy for the M20!). Local opposition is growing. INFO :
01227 463368

GENETIC ENGINEERING : If we destroy biodiversity, we destroy life itself.
The current trend towards biodiversity as a globally-
traded commodity is frightening. The replacement of naturally evolved
ecosystems with genetically engineered monocultures must=20
be challenged. INFO : 0171 638 0606 (Splice of Life Newsletter)


...new camp in Naburn Woods, York, to oppose shopping centre: 0831
586938......an Earth First! roadshow visits Ireland in=20
Autumn: 01273 330485...trial of 4 women for smashing up a Hawk Jet set for
22 July: 0171 923 9511...see "Building" 5/7/96 for=20
an interesting insight into contractors=92 thoughts on
protests!.."Undercurrents 5" video now out - well worth a look: 01865=20
203662....new edition of Squatters Handbook was published in May -
indispensable and practical: 0171 359 8814 (also the first=20
number to call for good squatting advice)....JUST DO IT!....


1-21st - Ecotopia camp, Czech Republic. Tel +31 20 665 7743

3rd - Brighton Beach Street Party! Tel 01273 685913

8th - MOVE demo, US Embassy, London. Tel 0171 272 5368

11th - Smokey Bears Picnic (against the CJA and for =09marijuana use!) 2pm=
Southsea Common, Portsmouth

17th- Reclaim The Streets, Bath. Tel 01225 448556

31st - Tame the Traffic demos everywhere! Tel 0171 490 1555

2nd - Farnborough Arms Fair blockade. Tel 0171 281 0297

7th - Anti-CJA Freedom March, London. Tel 0181 450 6929

12th - Picket McDonalds Day. Tel 0171 713 1269

5th - COPEX arms fair blockade, Surrey. Tel 0171 281 0297

23rd - Direct action conference, Brighton. Tel 01273 685913

remember - every day is a day of action; every night is earth night!