Chinese Goods Boycott Nov 96

Southern Women's Group Inc. (
Wed, 24 Jul 1996 11:24:24 -0700

There has been fantastic response to this campaign especially since it
was just from one message. Some messages need a personal response, which
we will get around to shortly. But we thought we could answer some
general questions with the following:

Chinese Goods Boycott Nov 96

This boycott has been initiated by a group of women in Australia, in
support of people in Tibet. We intend specially to show disapproval of
cruel and coercive elements in the family planning and population
policies that are currently imposed in Tibet by the Chinese government.

We understand that the people of Tibet and the people of China have
gained many benefits from decades of work by the communist government,
including the end of feudalism, and the end of repressive rule by a
ruling class of landlords and priests.

Sadly however the communist government ruling Tibet and China today has
not yet allowed the people they serve to enjoy the benefits of democracy
and self-determination. Repressive rule by a =93peoples=94 government is =
much painful and unjust as repressive rule by a religious or land-owning

In Australia, we must acknowledge that our democratically elected
governments have still not guaranteed the human rights and
self-determination of the Indigenous peoples of this country. The
Indigenous peoples of Australia, like the Indigenous people of Tibet,
also suffer from human rights abuses affecting families at every level,
and having destructive effects on their culture, customs, and society. We
must protest against such abuses wherever they happen, because they shame
the government and the whole people.

The use of military force and coercion by any government against its
citizens to try and stop them making use of their human rights is
absolutely unacceptable and we protest against all such abuse, injustice
and cruelty. A mature and stable government is one that promotes union
with diversity, embracing differences, and supporting the human rights of
every one of its citizens.

The November 1996 boycott on Goods Made In China aims to let the Chinese
government know that citizens in other countries support the peoples of
Tibet and China in their desire and demand for democracy. We are
supporting the peoples efforts to protect their rights to maintain their
culture, their family life, and their freedom from repression. We protest
against the Chinese Government=92s cruel and inhuman practices against th=
people it is empowered to serve and protect.

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