Here is a mcdonalds article which was forwarded to me. (fwd)

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Subject: Here is a mcdonalds article which was forwarded to me.

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Subject: McLibel


McSpotlight has passed your message to us for a reply.....

There is no need to worry about libel. Lots of info about McD's (that's
come out of the courtcase etc) has been reported in lots of publications big
and small (from Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, Guardian, etc to Squall,
environmental newsletters, and fanzines) and there's been no problems from
McD's. You can be sued for libel over anything which criticises someone
(whether or not it's true) and then have to defend yourself in court - this
is what Helen and Dave are doing. However, McD's certainly do not want to
become involved in another McLibel case and so you will be safe from any
libel writs from McD's whatever you say.

The best thing is to go by what you believe to be true. There's no point
publishing anything otherwise, and there's every reason to publish it if
it's true.

Best wishes

McLibel Support Campaign
c/o 5 Caledonian Road
London N1 9DX
Tel/Fax 0171 713 1269

A 2 1/2 pg article follows

Exposing Mc Donald's Lies

Mc Donald's misleading advertising and ' environmentally friendly '
public image disguise the truth about their immoral practices. Englands
longest standing libel courtcase ( 2 English people being sued and sueing
Mc Donalds over the content of a anti-McDonalds pamplet) is uncovering
the truth about their degredation of the planet, product content, poor
treatment of workers, misleading adveritising and inhumane treatment of

Ruining your Health

Despite Mc Donalds claims about the healthiness of their food, according
to Mc Donalds nutrition consultant Verner Wheelock, Mc Donalds products
are " high in salt, saturated fat and sodium " The damaging effects of
making Mc Donalds part of your diet are left out of their nutrition
guides and misleading advertising. When asked to comment on the
statement " A diet high in fat, sugar, animal products and salt and low
in fibre, vitamins and minerals is linked with cancer of the breast and
bowel and heart disease " Mc Donalds expert witness on cancer, Dr Sidney
Arnott, said " it was a very reasonable thing to say. " This statement
had been made in the original Mc Libel pamphlett. ( ) In countries where Mc
Donalds is now becoming part of the diet these medical problems are

Killing the Environment and Starving the 3rd World

Methane emitted from cattle reared from the beef industry and
deforestation are a major cause of the ' global warming ' crisis.
( Every year Mc
Donald's produce thousands of tonnes of unnneccessary packaging much of
which ends up littering our streets or dumped in ever growing landfills.

Mc Donalds are greatly contributing to a major ecological catastrophe.
Over the years they have forced the tribal rainforest people off their
ancestoral territories and contributed to the hunger of 3rd world
people. Half of Brazil's people suffer from hunger because " soya beans
have not been sold or distributed to the people. But ... (sic )used for
export where it will be fed to Mc Donalds cattle, " In the process
thousands of people are resettled into the amazonas and the rainforest
land is destroyed. ( Siegfried Pater, 3rd World Environmental Expert )

Mc Donalds are still obtaining some of their grazing land from the lush
forest of Brazil. According to Robert Morganti, the director of Mc
Donalds Brazilian hamburger manufacturers, Braso Ltd, they are still
obtaining their beef from along the River Araguaia and its tributaries.
Mc Donalds have been clearing the amazon for more than 20 years.

Mc Donalds have said that their beef comes from the countries were it is
bought, not the rainforest. However, " North America imports one-third
of all of the beef in the world according to Howard Lyman, Animal and
Grain Farmer 1963 - 1983 ) He said " after it ( beef ) clears any border
inspection it is treated with the samelabel as domestic production and in
most cases, even the beef handlers couldn't identify where the product
was produced. "

According to Ann Link, paper bleaching expert, dioxins and
organochlorides, in the 14, 000 tonnes of bleached wood pulp used by Mc
Donalds, toxins and long lasting organochlorides are produced. These
chemicals have been found in people and animals world wide, from the
Antartic to the Arctic. The paper bleaching produces know carcinegens
and mutagens and chemicals which help deplete the ozone layer. ( Green
Peace Guide to Paper & Sanitary Protection scandal ) Mc Donalds, will
only improve their packaging with increased consumer pressure. " If
reusable packaging becomes an issue in a community, it would have a major
impact on the way we do business. " ( Mc Donalds Europe vs. Disposable
meeting 21st Jan 1991 )

Animal Abuse

Intensively raised chickens, like those used at Mc Donalds, grow so fast
that they can not support their own weight. According to the Agriculture
and Food Research Council, more than half have developed serious bone
defects at 6 weeks of age.

According to Journalist James Erlichman ( Consumer Affairs for the
Guardian ), Mc Donalds London HQ " finally elicited an admission that
growth promoting antiobiotics are fed to young cattle. "

According to Clare Druce, Poultry Welfare Researcher, many of Mc Donalds
broiler sheds do not fulfill levels required by the law in the Welfare of
Livestock ( Intensive Units ) Regulation Act 1978. She refers to them as
being " dimmly lit, inadequately ventilated, filthy litter (sic)
overcrowded and impossible to be able to properly inspect. "

Howard Lyman, Animal and Grain Farmer 1963 - 1983, said " Animal
husbandry today is only concerned with economics. The comfort and
welfare of the animals is only important if there is the chance that the
animals will fail to achieve marketibility...I have seen cases where
large numbers of animals have died from drowning, suffocation, freezing,
disease and starvation because the ewre restricted the freedom to move to
shelter... These occurences are never reported to the general public
becasue they would cause a tremendous backlash against the current
system. "

Innapropriate treatment of Workers

Mc Donalds workers recieve low wages. Mc Donald's do not pay overtime
reates even when employees work very long hours. Pressure to keep profit
high and wage costs lowresults in understaffing, so that staff have to
work harder and faster and as a consiquence accidents particularly burns
are common. Staff turnover at Mc Donalds is high, therefore forming
unions to fight for better conditions is difficult.

Advertising Lies

Mc Donalds advertising targets children. All the gimmicks, routines and
parties are used to seduce children into eating, unhealthy and overpriced
food and put pressure on parents. A Food Commission Survey asked
eighty-seven eight year olds in 1990, " Who would you like to have take
you out for a treat ? " ' Tony Tiger and Ronalds McDonald were more
popular than the childrens fathers, teachers or grandparents, according
to Sue Gibbs of the Food Commission an independent non-profit consumer

Mc Donalds advertising in the past has been in breach of the Texas
Deceptive Trade Practices Act. Mc Donalds advertising which present the
food as nutritious were labelled deceptive and illegal both as a whole
and in certain specifics, According to Stephen Gardner, Assistant
Attorney General, Texas 1984 - Dec 1991. A Food Commision study found
that Mc Donalds were the second most highly advertised food product in 1992.

We can make Change

Our consumer society of which Mc Donalds are a key figure keeps millions
of people living in poverty. The worlds richest fifth consume 83 % of the
wealth, the poorest fifth die on 1.5%. Ironically the media show poverty
in 3rd World Countries, and follow with Mc Donalds advertisements. The
Mc Donalds lifestyle encourages greed and selfishness and keeps the 3rd
world poor. Big Bussiness kills variety and puts money in the hands of
the rich and away from small traders.

Change comes from individuals joinig one by one. We dont have to
eat Mc Donalds, or from other chains, who have similiar ethics. Ethical
choices prolong the quality of our world. More information can be found
on the net, The McLibel 2, have
insipered many people to think about their choices. A lifetime of
disscussion is likely to change the lives of millions.

This was forwarded to me by a Canadian friend, please pass it on,
publish, bill post it , etc.

I didn't write it but wish I had. I therefore to not deserve any credit
for it and would like anonymity.