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The following article was taken from the 10th of July issue of the leftist daily
newspaper "Junge Welt" (Translation by A-Infos Germany). Apart from giving an
interesting account of the behavior of the extreme neo-right party Front
National in the towns where it has come to power, it also mentions the French
Anarchist Federation (FAF).

A-Infos Germany.


Fascism Light in France
- Front nationally develops strategy of the creeping normalization to the right

On yesterdays Sunday the commemoration for the victims of the anti-Semitic
followings under the Vichy regime took place in the French town of Toulon with
the participation of the extreme right Front National, which governs the city
since June 1995. The Prefect as representatives of the central state,
Jean-Charles Marchiani, accepted the presence of FN mayor Jean-Marie Le
Chevallier at his side during the ceremony in front of the memorial of the
Deportation and internment.
Creeping " Normality " is the most important thing, which the FN-city government
that has been in office for thirteen months, has had to impart in the three city
halls of Toulon, Orange and Marignane; The FN-general delegate Bruno Megret
told the daily newspaper La Croix: "There was no apocalypse or ethnic cleansing
in the towns in which the FN has come to take responsibility". Since the actual
power of the state is still to be conquered, the objective now is not to attract
unpleasant attention - while at the same time slowly but surely moving the
social coordinate-system.
In spring 1996 the FN-city hall of Orange received some publicity with its
"cleansing" politics of the municipal library. During a control in April books
that were too "mondialistic" (the FN-chiffre for "cosmopolitan") disappeared.
Books from the acquisition lists, such as childrens books with fairytales from
Africa, Southamerica, China and Haiti. "Ideologically incorrect" literature such
as books about the second World War, Racism or Rap-Music also disappeared.
Alarmed by the dispute that broke out between the city-government and those
responsible for the library following the events, the minister of culture,
Philippe Douste-Blazy asked the chief of the Library-general inspection, Denis
Pallier, to make a report. The 14 pages long "Pellier-Report" which was
published last week, caused considerable sensation. After that the FN-city
government retracted its feelers: With the exception of the foreign childrens
fairytales all books were returned to the shelves. Meanwhile, the extreme right
has changed its tactics and acquired ideologically appropriate literature such
as "Fascism viewed from the right" from the Italian Nazi-supporter Julius Evola
or "Death in singing" from Joseph Darnand, founder of the Vichy-Militia. After
this was also criticized in the Pallier-report, the right-wing extremist Mayor
Jacques Bompard cried "censorship" and explained he was only "restoring the
balance" in the face of a discrimination of books from the "determined right".
The newest move: Bompard wrote to the KP, the Socialists, the Greens and the
Federation Anarchiste (FA) in the name of pluralism (including the extreme
right) to offer them the acquisition of titles that would be "most
representative" for their minds. The FA replied immediately, stating that "after
the brutal ethnic cleanings you have put to work" they refused the offer:
"Sorry, Bompard, we wont fall for your trick. (...) No paseran!"
At present, if the right-wing extremist city-hall politics meet more serious
opposition, the FN usually calls for a retreat. Daniel Somonpieri, FN-Mayor of
Marignane, - who, according to former handball colleagues, used to carry a
swastika around his neck - defines himself as "LePenis Light". He had cut the
municipal help for public kitchens for the poor in December. After mobilization
by the opposition, he withdrew his decision.

Bernhard Schmid, Paris


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